Happy Friday Everyone?

I did not have a good day.
I had NOT a good time in traffic, NOT a good time at work, NOT a good time in the stirrups.

This day got my blood pressure up to 130/80 and gave me a splitting headache. We won’t even dabble in the anxiety.


me in the afternoon

I made it home. I hugged my girls and kissed their precious cheeks. I lay in a pile of my furbabies and had all the lubbins. I worked the jigsaw puzzle with one hand and ate some cold pizza with the other. Eventually my husband came home and held me. I took Sassy to a party, picked up dinner, put on my comfies, ate that dinner, and then an amazing thing happened — Bubba and Simon have come to visit!

(It’s okay that I’m writing this — they’ve gone to the liquor store.)

Anyway, if you’re hangin on for a funny, I’m not sure I’ve got it, but, with evidence of restaurant food lingering on paper plates, and what with it bein nine o’clock and all, Bubba asked, “So I guess Simon and I should go get our own dinner tonight?”
We nodded and smiled.
Adult children are so cute.
Then I said, “Orrr, you could go buy all the groceries for the whole week! I’ll cook somethin up for y’all when you get back.”

They declined.

I have super big plans for the weekend, and by big I mean, yeah, I will buy groceries…


The rest of the time, I will be engaged in a serious attempt at what people call relaxing. I’m not good at it, but goddammit, I try!

Have a great weekend!

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49 Responses to Happy Friday Everyone?

  1. mihrank says:

    impressive, incredible presentation…

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  2. loisajay says:

    Yeah….I probably won’t be stopping by to say ‘hello’ this weekend, Joey…. 😀 Hope it gets better for you.

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  3. LOL! I can totally relate to Gollum and that feeling about grocery shopping! I do hope your week-end is way, way better than today!

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  4. Um, my wife is at the grocery store right now. She was afraid to leave the dogs in our son’s care until I got home. Things are a little strange around here right now. Hope you have a great weekend.

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  5. mihrank says:

    this is so powerful complex and words….

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  6. Victo Dolore says:

    Oh, I am so sorry your day sucked! I have the man of the house doing the groceries every week. I won’t tell you what I have to do for that, though… 😉

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  7. Sorry about your day. Hope the weekend is much better! Enjoy your R&R. 🙂

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  8. Luanne says:

    I hate it, too. Horrible waste of time, except I like the food I get. I need to get off this computer and get some fur baby lubbins, too.

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  9. Benson says:

    I must be a freak cuz I like grocery shopping. Shame about your Friday. Fridays should be a happy prelude to The Weekend. Mondays should be the day of suck. I am sure it will get better. The humidity is going to drop so that has to help. Doesn’t it? Well Happy Saturday.

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    • joey says:

      I hadn’t even slept when I read your comment at FOUR AM. Today is wonderful. My life would be infinitely more entertaining if I loved grocery shopping, so I’ll envy you that!
      Happy Saturday to you! 😀

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  10. Its so great to have people around you who love you when you are stressed, and you have that which I’m always glad about.

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  11. There were stirrups? Literal or figurative? Either way, rest up, darlin’.

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  12. meANXIETYme says:

    Oh jeez, I hope the weekend is relaxing and rejuvenating and somehow gives you amnesia for whatever suck happened on Friday. Enjoy your relaxing and your family and your husband and for goodness sake definitely go for ice cream!

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  13. Sorry that you had a bad day. I hope that the weekend is much better!!

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  14. Jewels says:

    Sorry you didn’t have a good day, but it sounds like it improved later on. Ugh I hate grocery shopping, and doing it on the weekend… even worse. I LOL’d at Smeagal hehe! I might have to steal that meme for my own purposes, Precious. 🙂

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  15. ghostmmnc says:

    Cold pizza and puzzles! Glad you found some fun, even if it did come late in the day. Grocery shopping…blah! Same ‘ol, same ‘ol stuff. I think that’s why I throw in a bunch of random this and that, just to keep it interesting. And take a lot of photos there…haha! Mucho hugs and wishes for a fab Saturday! 🙂

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  16. Sure hope your Saturday is turning out better than your Friday did.

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  17. JT Twissel says:

    You too – sounds like you deserve a break!

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  18. Dan Antion says:

    Good luck. I hope the relaxing has begun.

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  19. Joanne Sisco says:

    The weekend is now half over and I’m hoping that things have improved significantly from your less-than-happy Friday. Enjoy what’s left of the weekend and squeeze in lots of lubbins 🙂

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  20. Erika says:

    I hope they got you something at the liquor store 😉

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  21. I hope your weekend improved Joey and you got some rest as well as your groceries!! 🙂

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  22. marianallen says:

    We loves the grocery shopping, precious, because we meets our friends in the aisles. Small town. Staring all All The Things is a form of meditation; very relaxing. But the stirrips! Ugh! Don’t haffa do dem no more. TMI

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  23. larva225 says:

    That Smeagal pic!!!!

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  24. reocochran says:

    Hope this is just a vague memory of a very horrible day washed out with the Joy of Bubba come home and there was humor in the boy’s comment, question about food and what he must go to get it. . . . 😁


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