JusJoJan — 17



— minutes pass —

After having dragged myself out of bed, I’m sat here staring into the white of my screen, no particularly creative or coherent thought following.

— minutes pass —

I’m just tired. Yes, still. I ate a peanut butter and jelly sammich for dinner last night and I ate it in bed. Frankly, I’m glad I managed to eat it all before the sleep came upon me.

–minutes pass —

Tonight, the girls will bake a frozen lasagna, make a salad, and slice bread. I look forward to that. And also to being home earlier than last night.

No swim meets tonight. I like swim meets, I just don’t like the seating. It’s tile on concrete. Or somethin harder. Basically, ow on top of ow.

It’s gonna get all the way up to 22 today. Maybe the sun will shine.

Sun ain’t awake yet, but he’s tryin.

— minutes pass —

Okay then, I have jotted.

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43 Responses to JusJoJan — 17

  1. Ally Bean says:

    I like your jottings. White screens bring out the random in you. And you know I loves me some random. Happy Wednesday, joey.

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  2. loisajay says:

    Snow on the ground today. Schools are closed. Office closed till 12 noon. I have to leave at 3 for a doctor’s appt. Gonna be a good day. Good morning, Joey. Good night.

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  3. Benson says:

    Such an intrepid soul. No dark too dark, or cold too cold to stay our brave little jotter from her appointed jots. Stay warm and have a Happy Wednesday.

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  4. marianallen says:

    Get you an inflatable pillow to take to them there owwy meets. With a built-in heat source.

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    • joey says:

      It’s super warm on the pool deck, I usually strip down. We’re crammed in there like sardines, no room for pillows — BUT YES, YOU’RE RIGHT! πŸ™‚


  5. eschudel says:

    Happy Wednesday!

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  6. Dan Antion says:

    Came home from Boston in a small bit of snow. Snow on the ground is my white screen for today. No Jot. Well, jot as 1LinerWeds, but no Jot. Lasagna sounds good for (I was gonna say dinner, but lasagna sounds good for anything).

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  7. JT Twissel says:

    Popcorn with hot cocoa is my favorite din-din in cold weather – in bed, even better. I hope you get to see the sun!

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  8. John Holton says:

    Falling asleep while eating a PBJ is almost as dangerous as smoking in bed…

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  9. ghostmmnc says:

    To jot or not, that is the question, and you answered it just right. πŸ™‚

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  10. Carrie Rubin says:

    Coming home to a prepared meal, no matter what it is, is one of the sweetest joys in a mother’s life. Probably because it so rarely happens. Kudos to your girls and enjoy your lasagna!

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  11. This is like falling into a really weird poem. I like it!

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  12. bikerchick57 says:

    It was cold here today, but there was sun!
    I feel for your tiredness, Joey. I hope you get to bed early and get some good Zzzzzzz’s!

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  13. Susanne says:

    Ow on ow. Yeah. Me too. In my head. Minutes pass. Good post. ‘nite.

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  14. darsword says:

    My brain read, jot, jot, jot, SWIM, jot and ow. I think because I went a whole year without swimming. If I went to the meet I would be the weird parent jumping in the water. Gees, the only time ow doesn’t happen is in the water. Some sardines … fish out of water. Hope you are able to get some good rest tonight. Hope the lasagna was wonderful.

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  15. JoAnna says:

    Sleep is like heaven when you don’t get enough. I love the feeling of drifting off. I’m writing this comment at almost midnight and hope you’re having sweet dreams of warm sunshine.

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  16. Amy says:

    The sun created a lovely haze among the clouds yesterday, but never once did it break through. Today the sun is shining. Alas, it came too late and school was cancelled once again.

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  17. pluviolover says:

    Swimmers? Yer a swim parent? Did I know that?

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