Near the End of Jotting



Good morning!

Look at me, pretending to be cheerful on a Tuesday. Go, me. Just because there are already good reasons not to like this day doesn’t mean it’s hopeless. There are many more reasons to like this day. It did start with snuggles and coffee. There could be other happy things lingering out there in the Tuesdayness.

I hope they find us.

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30 Responses to Near the End of Jotting

  1. I’ll take snuggles any day, Joey! Happy Tuesday! πŸ’

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  2. Joanne Sisco says:

    I had a good night’s sleep last night, so that’s my start to a good day. I hope your Tuesday is a good one. It started with snuggles, and that’s always a good thing πŸ™‚

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  3. Hey you started out the perfectly.

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  4. Ally Bean says:

    I admire your resolve & optimism in the face of Tuesdayness. Don’t let Tuesdays, like turkeys, get you down.

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  5. kirizar says:

    I snuggled with my tea this morning. It was lovely. Now I’m avoiding work, which is less so. Please point me in the direction of my motivations. Thanks.

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    • joey says:

      I feel that. I really do. It’s the getting out of bed that I can’t find the motivation for. Oh, how I hate to start. I hope you found some motivation. I found my motivation in my cuppa. BUT WE GOTTA DO IT AGAIN AND AGAIN!

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  6. We had a dusting of snow. Not enough to make it get in the way of anything – just pretty. No ice on the roads, etc., just Christmas card lite.

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  7. April says:

    I like Tuesday….when I know what day it is πŸ˜€

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  8. Dan Antion says:

    I hope Tuesday is working hard to convince you to like it.

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  9. jackcollier7 says:

    snuggles and coffee are both good in the morning.

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  10. scr4pl80 says:

    Snuggles AND coffee? I’d call Tuesday a winner and let it go at that. πŸ™‚

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  11. Donnalee says:

    Good start–I’d just focus on the good and say screwit to the rest of it. Yum, coffee!

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  12. Happy Tuesday, Joey! πŸ™‚

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  13. JT Twissel says:

    It will be a strange day for sure – but I’m sure you’ll find something to smile about!

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  14. John Holton says:

    Tuesdayness? I like it! That also opens the door for Mondayness, Wednesdayness, etc. Wonder what each one would look like? And, hey, there’s also Januaryness, Februaryness, Marchness…

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  15. Benson says:

    I say if the good doesn’t find us we go track them down. Happy Tuesday.

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  16. pluviolover says:

    I don’t think I could ever rank the days of the week. I used to like Sundays and pretended to dislike Mondays, but that was a lie. Mondays were fine. Tuesdays do seem kind of vanilla and I think some folks see them as screwing up 3-day weekends.

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  17. Sounds like the perfect start to a Tuesday to me. I hope more goodness finds you today! xx

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  18. Snuggles and coffee are a good start, Joey. I hope the day just gets better and better. I worked last night (VERY slow night but we got lots of cleaning and stocking up done) and work again today from 11-5. I’m a bit tired today, but looking forward to getting two days of work done right in a row. I’ll relax tomorrow. πŸ™‚ Sending you lots of hugs and love to make your Tuesday even better.


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  19. Amy says:

    I thought of you yesterday morning as I was making my coffee. I was hoping that you’d have a good Tuesday. Glad to hear it started with snuggles and coffee. I hope it continued to be a decent day. πŸ™‚

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