Recappa 3

Over the weekend, The Mister took me out for sushi and new shoes, which afforded me the energy to roast two chickens and make pasta e fagioli, and praise be to puppies, we none of us had to use Moo’s red shorts as a napkin.


Monday was another holiday my employer doesn’t grant us, so I went to work while my family lay snug in their beds. Hard to leave. I had a good day, and my evening was even better because The Mister did the grocery shopping, heated up goat cheese pizza to put in my belly, and then he surprised me with a pint of Culver’s chocolate covered strawberry ice cream. I do so love the way he cares for me.

Also, he makes me laugh. Tuesday morning was like this:

It was a freakish 74 degrees Tuesday. The wind blew warm. Strange. I’ll not say unwelcome, but unseasonable days always weird me out. Tuesday was long. It was the longest day of the week, by far. I worked late and thought i will never get out of the weeds. By 9 I was swimmin with Sassy — the very best part of the day, even though she was all, “Butterfly now!” and I was all, “Mimom is tired!” I kept this same mood when she commented on the ‘old’ people and their ‘special joints’ and I was all, “You can shut the fuck up with that, and then when you’re done, you can shut the fuck up s’more.” I was fifteen once too, that’s when I found out I had special joints, and Bitch, I was born old. Still, we had all the LOLZ and swam all the laps and I slept like a baby after that.


On Wednesday, I struggled with the herfderflooper.


Y’ever had one of those things you learned wrong but didn’t know it was wrong, so you kept doin it wrong, and then when you did do it right, it felt wrong, and your brain sizzled and fizzled and finally you decidedΒ i must write down the herfderflooper because i can’t even trust my own mind? Like that. Kinda killed my Wednesday buzz.
But then, I came home, and Moo, who had been asked to ‘Tidy up’ remove Sassy’s 9271 glasses from the living room, the 238 hairbands the cats chase, recycle the 139 empty cans of diet Pepsi, fold the 490 blankets and fluff the 48 pillows had actually, tidied up, cleaned, and swept, and I was all aglow in the maturity and thoughtfulness of Moos as well as the smell of Mrs. Meyers.
And my Amazon boxes had arrived! Woot!

The Mister and I stayed up way too late watching show. Morning sucks anyway, but I began to fear we would never actually fall asleep and I decided we should just turn it off.

Thursday morning came like this:IMG_5258

Thursday day, my grumpiness was astounding. You know how people don’t know all the things? They shouldn’t know all the things. I don’t expect them to know all the things, but where I work is sometimes downright hysterical of people not knowing things. These same people must want their hand-tailored suit, five-tier wedding cake, re-built transmission, ready when they finish lunch. When I say hysterical, I do mean hysterical. Legit, hysterical.
I refrain from asking, “Oh, do you have a time machine, then?” BUT IT IS ALL I CAN DO TO STOP MYSELF.


By mid-afternoon Thursday, I had to break into a peppermint patty and I had dreams of a hot bath and a martini.


I didn’t actually take a hot bath or drink a martini, but instead, took a bowl of Rice Krispies to my bed. Mmm, bed.

I’m sure today will be sheer madness. Which will make the evening even sweeter. My fate is in the hands of a large group of teens. They think they’re voting on an outing, but really, they’re voting on which day and for how long I’ll have solitude, peace, and quiet.

Happy Friday Everyone!



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41 Responses to Recappa 3

  1. loisajay says:

    Cat looks loaded. Time to cut him off. Happy weekend, Joey.

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  2. Susanne says:

    You make it all sound good, Joey, even Rice Crispies in bed. Thanks for the cuppa recappa. It hit the spot this Friday morn.

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  3. Benson says:

    Another hysterical post my Dear. I like the way you make the ordinary extraordinary. I love the idea of swimming some laps. However since I can’t swim it ain’t gonna happen. But it can’t stop me from yearning. Why are cats SO judgemental. Dogs accept your failings and accept them. Cats are all so holier than thou. Culvers has ice cream? Do they still make that chocolate syrup that hardens when you put it on ice cream? I bought a big pail of Safe Way generic cookies and cream and a bottle of Hershey’s syrup. So good. Happy Friday and I hope it isn’t too bad.

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  4. Wow, sounds like a week that you’re just glad to survive! May the weekend be fabuloso and if not, at least not sucky.


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  5. Laura says:

    Happy Friday, Joey! The texts with Mister are 100% fantastic.

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  6. John Holton says:

    Mmmm, Rice Krispies… Do they still make Cocoa Krispies? Love the thing with the Swedish Chef. And the one with Beaker. And I’m very happy you didn’t have to use Moo’s red shorts as a napkin.

    That’s a nice picture of you.

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    • joey says:

      Thanks! I was also relieved about how the linens found their way back into their rightful drawers πŸ™‚
      Yes, they still sell Cocoa Krispies πŸ™‚


  7. Joey, I must say you are entertaining to say the least. Again another post from you that cracked me up. HAPPY WEEKEND. Make sure you and hubby come up with all kinds of ways to freak your kids out. LOL 😘

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  8. scr4pl80 says:

    Pretty good there, Joey. You keep making me appreciate the fact that my kids are grown and out of the house while reminding me of the “wonderful times” we shared when they were here. Also grateful that I work from home so when my hubs and I are up late watching shows I can just grab a cuppa and start work in the am without worrying about the herfderflooper. Happy Friday to you!

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    • joey says:

      HAH! I’m so glad you don’t have to worry about the herfderflooper! That is nice of you to say about the kids. Pluses and minuses in all columns, gotta love every minute! Thanks!

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  9. JT Twissel says:

    The butterfly will really take it out of you. Peppermint patties sure do sound good right now. Happy Friday and enjoy your peace and quiet when you do get it.

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  10. larva225 says:

    Sounds like we all had a week. I hope you do attain some of this “peace and quiet” of which you speak.

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  11. Dan Antion says:

    I laughed along with your week. I am now looking at some of my coworkers and thinking – what would Joey do – Yes, it works with thos signs some have on their desks – I look and snicker a quiet little snicker.

    Enjoy the weekend – you deserith it, surely you do.

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  12. Ally Bean says:

    I am right there with you regarding the therapeutic value of a peppermint patty, hot bath and a martini. Kind of the trifecta of rejuvenation. I could use all three this weekend, now that I think about it. Have a happy weekend, joey.

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  13. Carrie Rubin says:

    I imagine TGIF has taken on a whole new meaning for you now! Enjoy some respite this weekend.

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  14. reocochran says:

    Your motivation section had me cracking up, girl! I think I had a little “dirty translation” going on in my mind. . . oops! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€
    I had to work on Monday and drove the silent streets to work and clocked in at 6:55 am. Yes, I would rather be in bed, but those days with my children and babysitting kids were Not All That Great! I never really had days off, Joey. I have been excited that for the past three years I get three paid vacations. I cannot tell you how many people think teachers get paid vacations!! What? You never heard their paychecks were just divided up to make even smaller paychecks than if all paid for nine months?

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    • joey says:

      SO TRUE! Get paid all year or be broke all summer. Mmhm.
      I’m glad you get paid vacations. I don’t know yet if my vacation is paid or unpaid, but I know I’ll be takin one πŸ™‚
      6:55 is one of my alarms. Useful mostly on Monday. Blarg. I cannot get down with morning, I don’t care how early I fall asleep!
      Thanks for coming by, Robin ❀


  15. marianallen says:

    Moo was SuperMoo this week! Sassy was Ebil Sassy, for mockin’ your joints. The Mister was Superlative in the texting and the shopping and the pizza heating. And you roasted the chickens! Two of them! I would use my Time And Space Machine to go eat both of them, but I just finished supper, and I’m stuffed, but thanks anyway. Hope your weekend is happy and snuggly and sleeply.

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    • joey says:

      Thank you, Marian. The chicken is a week old now, and so what’s left of it is puppy treat – you don’t want it πŸ˜› My family is a good one. I am lucky.

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  16. bikerchick57 says:

    Props to you for roasting chicken, swimming laps, typing Swedish chef nonsense, including a .gif of Beaker, and at least thinking of a martini with your cat. I hope you’re having a fabulous Saturday, Joey, with time to relax.


  17. JoAnna says:

    If I had a time machine, I’d go back in time (as long as I can come back to now) to when I was still working at the office and ask, “So do you have a time machine?” Your sense of humor makes it all good. Praise be to puppies. But I’m jealous of the swim. Don’t know if I can wait til summer and might have to go to check out the Y.

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  18. darsword says:

    Jealous of swimming. Not butterfly! Glad you made it to the weekend! Have a fun relaxin’ one!

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  19. Prajakta says:

    Your exchanges are just wonderful πŸ˜€ I hope you had a lovely busy weekend!

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  21. Amy says:

    I enjoyed the warmer weather, but it sure did feel strange for it to show up in February. Sorry that motivation went missing. I hate when he does that. And always at such inopportune times. I’m not a swimmer. Strange fact as a Floridian, but I learned late and barely. That’s why I had all 3 of my kids in lessons at 6 months. I don’t know if they any fancy strokes, but they won’t drown!


  22. Anxious Mom says:

    Special joints, lol. Good on Moo for tidying. I asked LM to tidy up the bathroom today…he popped back in later and said, “I’m done tidying up the bathroom….unless by ‘tidy up’ you meant you wanted me to, ya know, clean off the counter and sinks and stuff.” I wanted to ask him wth he did then, but told him that’s what he should’ve done an sent him off.

    I hope you had a restful weekend, sounds like you needed it!


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