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One-Liner Wednesday — Savage Sausage

Walking into the mall with Bubba, he says, “Every time I see a sign for that cologne with Johnny Depp, I misread it.” “What is it?” “S-A-U-V-A-G-E.” “Sauvage.” “Yeah.” “What do you misread it as?” “Sausage.” (Now you must all … Continue reading

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Knot-Not! Hoot’s There?

Me. Sometimes I feel pressure to create a Friday post that elicits plenty of smiles and I’m just like, oof, not inspired. I’m processing. I think the introverts can agree that during processing, it’s not likely one will draft anything … Continue reading

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Obvs and Wins

If you’d been stalking me throughout this week, you’da been massively entertained. I was nearly massively entertained myself, cept I kept yawning. Every morning this week has been me sitting in bed staring at the trees, my sleep center all, … Continue reading

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Several times a week, I leave on my lunch break and drive to the McDon’ts to get my beloved swate tay. Y’all should treat me like other addicts. Sweet tea is like methadone, okay? Just be like, “Good for Joey, … Continue reading

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We Finally Went

I came home ravenous Friday night. The Mister said I was hangry. I was supposed to make salmon patties and a wedge salad, but honest to goodness, I just wanted to not cook but also not to be hungry. Sassy … Continue reading

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What is Fine?

I’m sucking on a chocolate square, staring at my monitor, wondering what’s fine. Fine is an interesting word. Much usage. Not to put too fine a point on it, but fine is often a lie, an omission at best. Most … Continue reading

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