Yeah, I’m a Yankee Bitch, but still y’all, YEEEEEHAW!!!

My HME is coming to visit! My HME always makes people ask What’s an HME? and again, I tell you, my HME is a person. Maybe her name’s Hattie Mae Eller, you don’t know. This ain’t her blog, you don’t need to know who she is ferreal, just that she is one of my favorite people in the whole wide world and she has been my friend through thick and thin these last … I am bad at math … since …  MTV played music videos and people thought the internet was a phase.

Oh my goodness, we were so young. So young we got up early to run, but also so young we smoked IN coffee houses WHILE drinking caffeinated coffee in the middle of the night. So young the word ‘calorie’ was merely used academically, no practical application needed. So young we used answering machines, checked them from phone booths, and our brains stored phone numbers. Hell, we were so young we dated Republicans.

Around this time:

Which happens to be a song I listened to on the way home.

And also this:

And this:

Cause my commute is short and Cause MY HME IS COMING!

Tremendous day is tremendous!

Happy Friday Everyone!

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49 Responses to Yeeeeehaw!

  1. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say you will be pleased to see her?
    Have fun!
    (And don’t forget to take embarrassing photos)

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  2. Ally Bean says:

    And our brains stored phone numbers. Them were the days. Have fun!

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  3. scr4pl80 says:

    How fun for you! HoMie Extraordinaire?

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  4. bikerchick57 says:

    Have an extreme amount of laughs and snorts and good times with the HME! Have adult refreshment! Eat cake! Do whatever you feel (that doesn’t require bail money)! Enjoy!

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  5. Benson says:

    I am so glad for you. Old friends are priceless and they become even more precious as you grow. Hope you have a wonderful time.

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  6. Dan Antion says:

    It seems redundant to say “have a good time” but have a good time. I’m happy for you.

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  7. …”and our brains stored phone numbers”! You know I have no phone numbers but mine, He-Man’s and the old number I used to give to guys who asked for my number that I didn’t want to have my number, but gave them a number to make them go away in my head that I can rattle off just like that! That last one didn’t happen often being a plain girl, but every girl/woman needs a number like that!

    It’s a mistake letting that skill go. I’ve been meaning to get right on that and memorize my kids numbers… but, iPhone has it which oh, so, convenient, so my Scarlet O’Hara kicks in and says in a soft, whispery southern drawl, ” I’ll work on that tomorrow y’all.”
    I got that from Mom. 😎😊

    Have the best visit evah with HME!

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    • joey says:

      The phone contacts storage is fabulous! We can’t keep all those numbers in our heads now because we need that space for PASSWORDS!
      I know mine, The Mister’s, my mother’s, my mother-in-law’s, HME’s, and work. That’s all I got. Hadda be 100 numbers in my head back in the 90s! In my defense, cell phone numbers seem to change a lot for people now. All the numbers I know are 5-10 years old.

      We had a WONDERFUL time! 😀 Thanks!


  8. It sounds we were that same young once. 🙂 Lucky us! (And I had to look twice. I thought it said “we voted Republicans”. hihihii)

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  9. markbialczak says:

    You and your HME have great taste in music, Joey. Enjoy the reunion weekend, and sing loud!

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  10. Tara says:

    Geez, Joey, if only you could fully express yourself. Open up! Get out of your shell some!

    And there was something about that time: “…we were so young we dated Republicans…” SAME.

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  11. rachelwhims says:

    I love the soundtrack of this post! Have fun with your…I already forgot the letters. Christ, how did we ever remember phone numbers?! Anyways, have fun!

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  12. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. (There isn’t much I wouldn’t do.)

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  13. marianallen says:

    As my dear old gray-headed grannie used to say, be good; and if you can’t be good, be careful!

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    • joey says:

      Weird, my mother says that, too 😉 Course we know my mother is not your granny 😛 We were not good, but we were careful (and supervised by the designated driver, should need for that have arisen!)

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  14. John Holton says:

    Have a great time!

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  15. JT Twissel says:

    Have fun! Drinking coffee in the middle of the night – oh those were the days.

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  16. JoAnna says:

    “Hell, we were so young we dated Republicans,” made me chuckle. It didn’t matter back then when we were young. You picked some really good songs, though I was sort of grown up when I first listened to them. Have the best time with your HME. 🙂

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  17. Keep it up…it only gets better as we get older, wiser and know how to break the rules with our partners in crime!

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  18. Jewels says:

    Have a wonderful time with your HME Joey! 😊❤

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  19. Laura says:

    HME’s are THE BOMB! So glad you had a blast with yours. There’s nothing like the people who knew us back when coffee at 2am was a given to keep it real.

    ps – I’m loving all of your so-young trademarks. ALL of them so very, very true.

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  20. ghostmmnc says:

    How wonderful to get to see your friend from way back! Sounds like y’all had a great catch-up!
    haha phone booths! Haven’t seen one of those in forever, but I remember late night coffee drinking, and driving around. 🙂

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  21. prior.. says:

    Hope you enjoy (or enjoyed) and the what’s up song is a too song for me – on a special play list!
    I liked all four videos and really for the content and celebration – oh the internet was a phase – LOL

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  22. Great songs! Hope you have fun with your person.

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  23. AmyRose🌹 says:

    K. This is the line that got me barking with laughter ….. “So young we used answering machines, checked them from phone booths, and our brains stored phone numbers.” RELATE! So happy for YOU that your best friend is coming to visit. I’d be excited too! And about calories. Cal who? LOL 😂

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  24. larva225 says:

    Hope y’all have a most excellent time!

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  25. Amy says:

    How awesome to spend time with one of your favorite people in the whole world!! The songs took me back to my time of listening to all of those. 🙂

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