#ThursdayDoors — Fairly Odd

You arrive to Joey’s blog and you see her bent over a chest of doors. Not a chest of drawers, but a chest, think for hope, only full of doors.

If you come through the front door, she’s a mess of frizzy hairs over a red face and she looks up and says, “Oh, hi, howdy do?” She’s fair to middlin, but she’s rummaging through the doors lookin for what might work this time. The doors in her chest sorta remind her of Pandora.

If you come through the back door, she’s ass-up, and since her ass is big enough to block her spidey senses, she has no idea you’re there and you scare the ever-lovin-fuck out of her and she jumps up, screams like a banshee, hops sideways like a scaredy cat — but because she does not need all fours to do this, she waves her lil T-Rex arms all around as if you’re a slew of gnats she’ll swat to death before running away to cry.

If you’ve never seen Screaming Banshee on Hallmark’s site, you haven’t lived. You should go down that rabbit hole.
I usta send those cards to my parents all the time, because really, with anxiety disorder, a deployed husband, and a house fulla kids, it was, if you will, a scream for help.

I guess we have Stream of Consciousness Saturday, but I sorta stream of consciousness through my blog, and my life… Whether you’re streaming consciousness or screaming, you’re definitely in the now…
Oh yeah, doors. I get busy and doors day sneaks up on me.

If you thought that was weird, you must be new here.

K, along the same line of oddity, here are some pictures, some of doors even, for this doors day.





not even door-adjacent



prolly her mama makes her do that



state fair bison-tennial is available for petting



so docile



initially assumed the doors were religious, then realized nope, just hardware



nifty, non?



it’s a lego farm, y’all



cellar doors, and yes, a basketball hoop, cause hoosier



piece d’oor resistance

#ThursdayDoors is part of an inspired post series run by Norm Frampton. To see other doors of interest, or to share your own, click the link and find the frog.

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53 Responses to #ThursdayDoors — Fairly Odd

  1. Oh how designers love doors…we’re got an entire Pinterest Page devoted to “What does your door say about you?” Fun!

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  2. Benson says:

    I am torn between your door- esque and your door resistance as being my favorite. Nice Bison. You done a good job using your fair fotos.

    Not a banshee but something I think you would enjoy.

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  3. loisajay says:

    The entire intro to this post–with your little T-Rex arms…..Joey, so funny! I do like the door-esque door. And those little basement windows.

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  4. eschudel says:

    I remember screamin’ banshee – I used to send those all the time too. Are they still around? I need to check her out!!

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  5. Dan Antion says:

    This is such a good post. I’m glad I snuck away from work for a coffee and a dose of Joey. I love the image of you swatting with the t-rex arms (not commenting on other mentioned body parts). I do love the doors, and Lego doors are awesome! I like the hardware on those barn doors. Nicely done!!!

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  6. I’m just sitting here smiling, shaking my head, and saying (in my shaking head), “Ahh, Joey.” 🙂 But door-n it, I like the last one best. Happy Thursday!!


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  7. Those Lego sunflowers rock.
    And I’m not sure what that last door is, but it looks like a medieval torture chamber!

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  8. I love the piece of equipment. I could roast something in that… somehow. It’s fair time here too, and I hope we get to go. Sounds like we’re getting elderly company and they don’t do heat or walking around.

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  9. Susanne says:

    Inimitably you. And now to peruse the Screaming Banshee site.

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  10. ghostmmnc says:

    hah! Fun, fair, flailing arms, ‘fair to middlin’ (yep), and oh…doors! You opened Pandora’s box, and look what came out…a super fun post! 🙂

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  11. We’re entering the chute. If I don’t comment, it’s because the brain won’t be working for the next several weeks, not that I don’t love these weird posts.

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  12. John Holton says:

    That brick archway is quite attractive. And I like the door on the furnace or whatever it is at the end. Furnaces used to scare the hell out of me, as did most normal things, but now I can see the beauty of them, especially the well-aged ones like this.

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  13. Ally Bean says:

    Forget the doors, I lurve the state fair bison-tennial. The pun, the colors, the absurdity…

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  14. marianallen says:

    OMGOMG, the “If you come through the back door” paragraph–I CAN’T BREATHE!!!!! Gurrl … aw … WHEW! ~wipes eyes, wipes nose, go no further~

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  15. prior.. says:

    Odd and delightFul.
    First, I read the first line and then went though the images- not sure I went in that order today. The vibe from the photos had a great feel – seeing a “smile to the moo” and I think seeing the word welcome in color and on a “docile” cow just feels inviting.
    Laughing at the hardware on large white doors – cos telephone poles sometimes get me – esp if there are three lines up and purple in the sunset (kidding)

    And then reading your zany text added a mother element – and at one point I was thinking of those cedar “hope chests” cos my mind was putting words together in new ways – (fun writing sometimes leads the reader to do that)
    Oh and the opening archway doorway was special for me cos it whispered summer – but also my MIL’s new hubs has those color hydrangea on his patio (enormous show pieces) and he is recovering (from stoke) this summer so the soft glow in your image just spoke to me today –
    Happy Thursday

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  16. Norm 2.0 says:

    Odd indeed, but you did redeem yourself with several very nice doors. A lego farm? Dang, they can do anything with legos nowadays, can’t they?
    That boiler door is my fave.

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  17. Bill says:

    I would fer sher knock.

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  18. Funny plus doors = good Thursday with Joey. 🙂 I’ve thought of you over the last two weeks when I got bit by three different yellow jackets. I even used your favorite word when I threw myself on the ground to get away from them.

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  19. JoAnna says:

    Great doors and stuff. I love your SOC style. You made me laugh out loud picturing those lil T-Rex arms waving all around.


  20. LOL! Thought we were entering the Twilight Zone with that intro, but OMG! So, funny!

    I loved the Lego farm with the cellar doors, and basketball, little pasture, and the houses, and barn!

    The brick archedway with the brick wall and staircase was cool.

    That folding door your friend posted was amazing.

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  21. I often keep your Thursday door post for the weekend, since I have more time to go through my Inbox. I also do it because I’m almost 100% sure that your post will make me laugh or at least smile. This one did its job really well.
    The Lego Farm is something. And we are a huge Lego family here.

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  22. Amy says:

    People certainly get quite creative with Legos. There are giant sculptures made from them at the Dowtown Disney World Store. My fave is the piece d’oor resistance! 🙂

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  23. Anxious Mom says:

    (almost) religious doors…I feel like there’s a bad joke to be made there. Loving the LEGO farm.

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  24. I love it how you post what you will, want and desire, Thursday and all. The first and the last one are most ohh-ahhh-able door-wise.

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