The View

I saw this at the fair:


I was all, “Ooh! I wanna! Y’all wanna?”
Yes, me and my girls, doin the thing! We bought our tickets early and decided we’d go as a sorta last hurrah before we left.



I’ve been on a ski lift countless times in my life, what could go wrong?


This could go wrong.

This was a bad idea.

Not even as high as a ski lift. Only about 35 feet.

Anxiety did not care, but I wasn’t expecting it.

So I hopped on the Skyride, Yellow one — Yay! The seating was two per, so my daughters got in the next one. I began my ascent into the beautiful twilit sky, which we all agreed was perfect for Instagram. So nice for Joeys. Ooh, ahh.

Cept, umm, no.  I thought I’d be up there, swingin my feet, smiling into the clouds. I’d smile and wave to fellow travelers, take a few pics…

How it really went:

oh shit. oh shit. oh shit. oh my god. ohhhh fuuuuuuuck. i am a good mom. i will be strong for my babies. i will not scream. i will not cry. i will not let the anxiety control my life. i do what i want. it’s my life. i enjoy floating in the sky. nice pep talk is totally not workin here. deep breaths. are you even breathing? holy shit, can i even go skiing again? bunny hill only? that is the suuuuck. i wish i had an ativan. what kinda bad bitch do i think i am? why the fuck are we stopping? oh my god, it’s moving like a ferris wheel! no vertigo. no no no no no. focal point. oh my god, everything is moving! there are no static points in the sky! i want my mommy! breathe s’more. i’m okay, i’m okay, i’m okay. i’m perfectly safe. look, the other people are okay, you’re okay, too. why are they so calm!? i wanna be calm! oh little boy, please, do not lean forward. lord please don’t let my babies lean forward. oh if i live through this i am goin home and i am havin a shower and a cocktail and why the fuck didn’t i think this shit through? imma die. i have got to make better decisions. 


It stopped three times. I white knuckled it the entire way. I took a few pictures. With one hand. With my phone clutched to my chest. While we were stopped.


Beautiful! Not filtered at all. It looked just like that.
You can’t even feel my fear, huh?
I’m guessin my heart rate was around 180, but my ribs kept my heart from burstin, and the photo is focused and everythin.

I figured out the poles were numbered and I counted down. When I got to 6 I could see the landing area, but I couldn’t feel my hands anymore. It was a long, long journey.


The view from the ground was just fine.

When we got home, we discussed our common thoughts on Skyriders who passed us.

“One lady scrollin on her phone! Like she was on the ground and her life was okay!”
“I know! With the bun?”
“And one lady, layin all on her mans like it was just totally normal and romantic and not the scariest thing she’d ever done!”
“I saw her, legs crossed even!”
“I know!”
“And that one little boy leaned over!”
“And his dad let him!”
“I know!”
“People turned around and waved to their fam!”
“Huh uh, no!”

Not a single person in passing looked terrified. We envied all of them.

I had a shower and a cocktail and I slept like a rock.

Look at me, doin the things. Living. As I am.

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51 Responses to The View

  1. loisajay says:

    Yeah. No. You did great, Joey. They didn’t even notice.

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  2. Benson says:

    Well that truly sucks. My knee jerk reaction was to comment on how you conquered the moment; blah blah etc. But I knew Joey wouldn’t be buying that shit so I will just say enjoy your week with your feet planted firmly on the ground.

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  3. Dan Antion says:

    You did fine. You describe the terror very well. Laughing with you (or maybe with the others, if you’re not laughing yet). anyway, great photos.

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  4. Bill says:

    The picture this left in my head will have me alternating between laughing and remembering when I has such feelings. Mostly laughing. Good ‘un.

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  5. ghostmmnc says:

    Sorry for your anxiety while on the ride, but you took good pictures! I’ve been on those kind of rides quite a few times, and I think the same things, but I’m not really very scared. It’s the little bumps and jiggles, and how slow it goes! The last time was in June at the KC zoo, with all the wild animals below us, and we kept seeing things people had dropped, like hats and shoes. I thought I’d lose my flip flops, and what if we got attacked by the animals! haha but we survived. 🙂

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    • joey says:

      I love how you think the same things but aren’t actually scared 🙂 That’s kinda comforting. Thank you. I worried about my flip flops, too!


  6. Kudos for taking pictures for your post. That’s the true measure of a dedicated blogger, facing death’s door but still thinking about your readers. Bravo! (But next time? Have the cocktail before the ride.)

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    • joey says:

      I had to drive. Also, Indiana means no alcohol at the fair. They did it once and so many people protested, attendance dropped by 20,000 people!
      I really did it for Instagram, but it transitioned well 🙂 Thanks!


  7. scr4pl80 says:

    Great pictures for someone who was in fear for her life! And yet you go on ski lifts? Interesting. We have one of those at the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz. How are you on the rides that look like swings and fly up into the air? I love those.

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  8. They set one of those up at our fair this year. Seemed kind of silly to me.

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  9. larva225 says:

    Oh man, I’m laughing. Y’all could NOT hang with me and Stella!

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  10. Sue says:

    I’ve know such fear, anxiety, but was on the freeway near Seattle. I was driving, alone. Went up a ramp…way way up, suspended in the air, somehow! Couldn’t see where the road was going. Was like a damn roller coaster. I white knuckled it…lots of same kinda self talk you described. I found an alternate route home. Don’t even put me in the passenger seat and drive up the side of a mountain!!! I’m out! I’ll walk it🤣

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  11. reocochran says:

    Aww, Joey. 😦 I feel for you, sweety!
    I think I have decided not to do skyrides anymore! So weird since I worked two summers at Cedar Point and Loved the sky ride! I am not blogging (except two or three pre-scheduled posts) but I promised myself to go and check in with my friends.
    I will hopefully, enjoy my life as Felicia’s “admin asst” and be glad to not work in a hot, dirty auto parts warehouse. It will be an adjustment to my budget since the last year was $17.50 an hour, plus ten hours or more weekly time and a half. . .
    Anyway, it seems the rain is still going to pour, but not fair to choose my grandson, Landen, who is almost 13 to give him a mass that is the size of an avocado pressing on his spine and behind his ear. They took him by ambulance to Columbus Children’s Hospital from our local Ohio Health hospital, Grady Memorial. He has had bone marrow testing, needle removal of liquid/tissue from the mass and of course, MRI’s, CT, PET scans. . . Just asking for some angels like you to send positive thoughts out into the universe to protect him and it would be so very nice, to help him fully recover. . . He was moved to the 12th floor, oncology, today. Big Hugs and thank you, Joey! I will meet you someday, even if it isn’t to take my own photos of doors maybe I will tag along with you. ❤ ❤ Robin

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    • joey says:

      I will totally pray for Landen. I am so sad to hear of this, Robin. ((((HUGS)))) Oh how heavy your heart must be right now. ❤ All the positive jujus for your family.
      I hope the pay cut is everything you want. Maybe business will grow and you'll get some hefty raises along the way. I am glad to know you found something new. Hopefully with more like-minded people.
      I used to love coasters and anything sorta fast or dangerous. It kinda sucks, but I'm glad I did so much when I was young.
      We will meet one day, we're too close, and such kindred spirits not to!
      Thanks for stopping by xx


      • reocochran says:

        I really appreciated​ your tremendous response, Joey. I will keep you informed and it was so sad this happened to Landen or any child, too. Ewing’s Sarcoma is treatable and it is going to be scary for him. Prayers work and I do believe God loves children. Thank you for the positive juju’s, too!
        So far, Landen has been a trooper. For some reason, DIL says she will have to take him to Pennsylvania for chemo. I will try to not “bug” her to find out why?!?
        Thank you also for sharing your wish to meet up as I feel the same way about you, Joey! Our winding roads with different lives will lead us to a crossroad where I will probably run to see you! 😊 Take care! xo

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    • JoAnna says:

      I’m adding my prayers for Landen’s healing and recovery. ❤

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    • Joanne Sisco says:

      I’m so very, very sad to read this, Robin. My thoughts are with you and your grandson. Sending my very best wishes and hopes 💕

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  12. reocochran says:

    Very cool photos and you are appreciated for all the listening you did over the years! xo

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  13. orbthefirst says:

    Any ride that gets me off the ground has always been a big fat NOPE for me. Glad you were able to deal with the terror. I wouldve needed an ambulance.

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  14. Sorry you had an anxiety attack on the skyrider, but the view and sky was very pretty.

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  15. When I saw the first photo, I thought, “Oh, that looks like a nice sedate ride for someone like me.” And, in fact, I’ve been on that ride a number of times. But I’ll never look at it the same way after reading your post! Kudos to you for taking great photos while scared out of your wits. I probably would have dropped the camera on someone’s head.

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  16. markbialczak says:

    Another family that rode the thing was saying to each other back home, that one lady by herself in the yellow car, she was even taking pictures! She looked so calm!
    You made it, Joey. Next year, just the fried dough.

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  17. JT Twissel says:

    Oh boy – I went on a gondola to the top of a mountain in Aspen mostly sitting on the floor with my eyes closed. So I know the feeling. But when I did peek over the side, wow, what a view.

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  18. JoAnna says:

    I had a similar experience the first time I rode a ferris wheel. I must’ve been about 9 and had no idea I had a fear of heights. The intensity is baffling. It’s hard to understand how there can be people who actually enjoy heights and those giant roller coasters where they have their hands in the air. YIKES! I prefer to be close to the earth.

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  19. Laura says:

    YOU ARE THE BOSS OF YOU, JOEY. None of the panicky panics get to control you, NO SIR.
    Excuse me as I boot into the nearest trash can.

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  20. Prior... says:

    ” as I am”

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  21. Amy says:

    The view does look lovely. Perhaps it was the concrete and peoples below instead of fluffy, white snow that induced the panic. But, then again, perhaps not. Anxiety is a fickle bitch. Glad you go to sleep like a rock!

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    • joey says:

      I wondered the same. I think I will definitely attempt the ski lift again some day and if it doesn’t pan out, I suppose the bunny hill will do. I really love to ski. The Mister doesn’t, so it’s rare I go. I’m sure I have a long time to pep talk myself.

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