Full Moon Today

Yesterday, I was rudely awakened before the sun.
My husband’s giant feet in his giant shoes clomp-clomp-clomping around the bedroom.
Then a light.
“What are you doooooing?”
(I’m whiny in the morning, I bet you didn’t guess.)
I don’t know what he said exactly, cause earplugs, but I heard the tone.

He came in again.
He said things again.
“You lost your phone?” I asked. Earplugs.
Then it was just a lot of yelling, probably swearing, and I looked at my phone, blink, blink, distance, blink. I didn’t have glasses on, so I asked, “Does that say it’s 5:49?”
I don’t know what he said, but again with the tone.

Have I ever mentioned what a miserable summbitch The Mister is in the morning? First light, he’s militant and I’m a whiny little bitch and I really don’t know how we’ve made it this far.

There was a bad news text on my phone. It was right there, just waiting for me to wake up. Fabulous. There’s nothing like waking up early to bad news. Why don’t we just turn the heat up to 105 and put some fire ants in my bed, hmm?

The Mister found his phone.

Then we just sat on our bed, maudlin, angsty. Did a lil grooming. Sat on the bed again. We yawned a lot. I chided him for his behavior, he nodded agreeably. Our pets came to greet us. They probably thought it was ‘that one weird dark weekend’ or something.

I made coffee.

I had my blues out, ready to don, but I needed cotton in the worst way. I needed big comfy cotton, so I wore my biggest sweater, a zip-up cardigan thing — kinda creamy colored — oversized collar covers half my shoulders — so roomy it easily adds thirty unflattering pounds to your frame — you’d get one for your granny and she’d love you for it.

I went out into the world and made it through the day but yeah, that was a Tuesday all right.

Wednesday — Let’s shall, shall we?
Bring me the moon. No, I don’t have a lasso.

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41 Responses to Full Moon Today

  1. bikerchick57 says:

    I hope your bad news text wasn’t awful bad news, but only the kind of news that coffee and oversized cotton can make better. Hope your Wednesday is awesome, Joey.

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  2. Sorry about bad news. Find some adult beverages tonight and howl at that moon.

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  3. Dan Antion says:

    Sorry about the bad news. I’m sensing a pattern here. Perhaps you need to remove Tuesday from the game. Monday-break-Wednesday-Friday-break looks like it might work better for you.Thanks goodness for cotton. Once again, I hope Wednesday comes through for Joey.

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    • joey says:

      I don’t even have a time machine, so I don’t know how I could ever escape Tuesdays, but they really are the stupidest days. Wednesday did not suck, thank you πŸ™‚

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  4. Benson says:

    Poor Baby. Rude awakening AND bad news. Now that sucks. I am glad cotton and coffee helped you out and I hope your Wednesday is fabulous.

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  5. Joanne Sisco says:

    Roll with the punches, howl at that moon, and drink a cup of happiness that Tuesday was survived and today is Wednesday πŸ™‚

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  6. loisajay says:

    Bad news on Tuesday…so sorry, Joey. But those last two lines make my heart swell: Bring me the moon. No, I don’t have a lasso. I hope Wednesday is better.

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  7. I guess after that, today is bound to be much better. Drives me nuts when my husband either comes to bed/gets out of bed loudly a/o with lights! However, I’m almost always up first, but I’m very quiet and he can always go back to sleep. Onward and upward!!


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  8. My husband gets up at 4:00am every morning. Even on weekends.. and how we’re still married is a mystery. I’m not a whiner… but I need to come awake gently and slowly, not rocket out of bed like it’s full of fleas. Sorry you had some bad news. Hope the sweater helped.

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  9. John Holton says:

    I hate waking up to the text message chime, because I know nothing good can come from it. Hope things get better for you real soon-like.

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  10. I knew it! It was so bright in this bedroom, which faces north, that I got up and looked out, and saw that the courtyard below was bathed in a ghostly luminescence. But I couldn’t see much of the sky, and it didn’t include the moon.

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  11. JT Twissel says:

    Oh dear. Nothing worse that a bad news text. I’ve noted that traffic has been crazy and thought probably the full moon had something to do with it but it’s too foggy here to see it.

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  12. Luanne says:

    You are a hilarious whiner! Yup. The funniest ever.

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  13. scr4pl80 says:

    I never know if “liking” your posts will offend you because how can I “like” a bad news text and a rude awakening much less your Tuesdays? The only phone notification I don’t mind waking up to is the ka-ching of an Etsy sale.

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  14. Bill says:

    It is almost 6PM. We’re havin’ burgers tonight. The full moon here was at 11:45 am…WTF? How can there be a full moon in the daytime? Now it’s called (techy shit) waning gibbous, but it is a full moon night and it’s called the “hunter’s moon.” What cha hunting, joey? Glad it’s been a good one for ya. Prolly too cloudy and rainy here for me to see it.

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  15. JoAnna says:

    I’m sorry about the bad news and hope it gets softer with time. Granny sweaters are like blankets that hug you better. I have adopted the big marine corps sweatshirt with the bull dog that belonged to my dad. It makes me feel safe or strong whichever I need which is what I hope for you.

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  16. Sue says:

    Hope the bad news wasn’t too bad. I know the morning mood…no speaky to me before coffeeβ˜•οΈ The full moon has just risen over our mountain on the homestead. Hunters moon makes me a bit wackier than usual😜

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  17. Bad news before 6am is no way to start the day. I second the suggestion to break out the adult beverages.

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  18. marianallen says:

    I’m crying from your bad news. No bad news for joeys! Whatever it was, I’m really, really sorry, and I wish I had a time machine and a power machine, so I could go back and make whatever it was not be. HUGS

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  19. I’m so sorry to hear about the bad news, am glad Wednesday was much better, and I hope the rest of the week is great!

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  20. Amy says:

    I’m sorry you had a bad news text. I can’t even remember Tuesday. Maybe by this weekend I can sit down and try to remember what I’ve done this week. lol. I am so not a morning person, but the not hitting the snooze bar has finally become a habit. I don’t want to be talked to, but I do get up. I love a beautiful full moon.

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