#ThursdayDoors — Kitty’s Shed

These doors are brought to you by Moo, who knows good doors when she sees them. She spotted these in Kitty’s snowy yard and sent them to me so that well all may enjoy them.


Thank you, Moo.

#ThursdayDoors is part of an inspired post series run by Norm Frampton. To see other doors of interest, or to share your own, click the link and find the frog.



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17 Responses to #ThursdayDoors — Kitty’s Shed

  1. That is a lovely door

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  2. loisajay says:

    Oh my gosh–how cute is this!? You did good, Moo!

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  3. Bill says:

    Oh my gosh, it’s Thursday. Great doors thanks to Moo, and cool building too. But all the stuff on the roof, and is that a camera? Maybe a CIA hide out?

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  4. Nice doors. But I love the wavy trim boards… so cute!

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  5. Ally Bean says:

    Moo snaps a good pic. I love those colors together. And against the white snow? So pretty.

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  6. Benson says:

    Moo has a good eye. Great doors and wonderful colors.

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  7. Dan Antion says:

    Those are very nice doors. I like the building, too.

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  8. Joanne Sisco says:

    I like the colour scheme. It works. But also the side walls on an angle. VERY different!

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  9. Luanne says:

    Very special!

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  10. marianallen says:

    Thank you, Moo! Good job, Junior Doorista!

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  11. JT Twissel says:

    The snow adds just the right touch!

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  12. Norm 2.0 says:

    Good job Moo!
    *wispering to Joey* Way to go, recruitin’em when their still young’uns 😀

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  13. Yep, yep, she does know a good door. Thank her from all of us.

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