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I Did Mostly Nothing

Okay, so you should know I can’t actually do nothing unless I’m sick, and even then I talk crazy or whine, so it’s still debatable. Also, remember that weekend I did too good of a job relaxing and got a … Continue reading

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When Doing Nothing Is Everything

Is is Friday? This week has kicked my ass and it’s only been two days back at work. I know, you think like, Aw, Joey got into holiday mode and she is struggling to get back into the groove. Um, … Continue reading

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While the Cookies Bake

Laura nominated me to play along in the Christmas Tag thingy. Um, Yule. Potato, potahto, latkes, yum! Thank you, Laura! 1. ¬†Which Christmas carol makes you change the radio station in five seconds or less? Which one makes you turn … Continue reading

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Fings n’ Stuffs v. Merry & Bright

Right, So, I’ve not been blogging. I think I was about five minutes away from recallin y’all like a fond memory, “A long, long time ago, when I was a blogger…” There were so many things I wanted to tell … Continue reading

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All Romantical n Shit

Sassy was goin on about boyfriend texts — texts all sweet and romantic. I said, “Ya know what I like when Daddy texts?” “Hm?” “Coffee’s on.”   Let’s do this thing. Happy Friday Everyone!¬†

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Years ago, I met with a realtor about selling our house. He walked through and made his assessment and then joined me and my notepad at the dining table. What did I need to do to get ready to sell? … Continue reading

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New Lappy is Not Lappy

As they do, retailers have all kinds of cheap gadgets online, check availability at local store, choose three to look at, arrive there only to be told the most expensive one is the only one available at brick n’ mortar … Continue reading

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Circle of Life Shit

Lappy lies on her deathbed, unable to get enough power from life support. Her screen shudders and where there was once a green bar, there is now a white line and a red x, as she tells me, “No more, … Continue reading

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SoCS — Maybe We’re On The Same Team

Maybe I’m amazed at the way I really need you… Maybe not, cause I didn’t write that song and I don’t really need you, but I do so enjoy you and I miss you when we don’t read and write … Continue reading

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