Until the Time of Drill

I kinda wanna nap. I figured I might blog since The Mister is watching Aquaman, which, as far as I can tell, has a run time of eight hours and endless minutes. The war will never end. And while unending war may be realistic, the part where Aquaman stops fighting to kiss the girl with the crimson hair is ridiculous. Men don’t stop to kiss during war. They don’t even stop to kiss during sporting events. Everyone knows men like most to kiss women while we are cooking or all dressed up, ready to walk out the door.

I got up before nine, which is stupid and probably why I wanna nap. We got coffee and my prescription (cause coffee don’t cure everything) and went to hardware store and then to Target to get our Bunneh on and then to get my other prescription (I’m okay, I promise) and then we went home to start the chili and then I seared us up some chicken thighs and mushrooms and made cheesy quinoa and warmed bread. OH, yeah, I might also want a nap because I’m full. Hm.

Anyway, the girls wanted their chicken removed from the bone. I don’t know why this is a thing. Do I seeeeeem like the kinda mom who will remove chicken from the bone for her teenagers? Someone else has raised the chicken, butchered the chicken, cleaned the chicken, delivered the chicken to the store, then I done bought it and cooked it, you would think eating it should be the easy part, but no.

Halfway through linner, Moo got up to get a soda (I already had a soda, Duh) and The Mister asked her for a soda and Sassy asked her for a soda, and verily, Moo came back with three cans of soda. The Mister made a sad face at Moo.

“You have to pour his into a glass with ice. He’s a pussy,” I said.
“Then he’ll have to take my chicken off the bone. We’ll be pussies together,” Moo said.
And thusly, her daddy did take her chicken off the bone.

It’s cold and rainy and windy here today. I like it. It’s doing a bit too much wind for the tender white tulips, but it’s fine for me.


Also, wanna see what my picked tulip’s up to?


Yes, that is a spider up there on the petal. I wasn’t wearing my specs when I took the shot. I bet that spider saw me just fine, what with his six eyes or whatever.

The Mister is doing hardware things. I hear a drill. I have to help. I always help.

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39 Responses to Until the Time of Drill

  1. You could use that indoor tulip photo for a greeting card. Especially with the spider in it.

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  2. Ally Bean says:

    Z-D is watching Thor which, like Aquaman, seems to go on for a decade. I find it boring. I like your tulips, photos of said. Very pretty. Not at all like a comic book made into a movie. Much better.

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  3. Dan Antion says:

    Some interesting negotiation at the dinner table. I have to admire anyone who moves toward the sound of power tools. Most critters here move away from it. MiMi – the smallest critter of all, moves toward it. I hope you got your nap.

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  4. Going to take my nap before dinner.

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  5. Susanne says:

    This post is chock full of great Joeyisms but this line is absolutely bang on, 100% true:
    “Everyone knows men like most to kiss women while we are cooking or all dressed up, ready to walk out the door.”

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  6. Elizabeth says:

    My lil brother wouldn’t eat chicken on the bone. He especially didn’t like the moving parts, like wings flapping, leg and thigh…of course as older sister I took joy in explaining such things, even made the chicken sounds! But as Karma would have it, I’m the one who can’t eat the moving parts as an adult!🐓

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  7. Prior... says:

    The 8 hours and endless minutes – that said it all. Hahah
    And I hate when movies insult our intelligence – or just have stupid writing (the Jack Ryan series was annoying for that reason and was maybe written for 14 year olds – and was just chatting a few times recently about how “good screen writers” get this kind of stuff correct-
    And I can think of a few more times need those kisses – but bad writers don’t get it right!

    And Joey – I had a Freudian slip recently – and told someone not to be a pussy – that is not my
    Normal verbiage in that setting- but there it came out! It had to do with them saying they did not like the taste of life-flo magnesium chloride and could not put a small Piece under their tongue (which kicks ass when we do it cos it goes right into lymph flow and can help certain people with healing – ) I stood there – with two others present – who I GAVE the mag chloride too – and the word pussy was literally the only word ((and it was also because he was projecting his experience on them before they even tasted it )
    – and later I apologized to person if it was rude and they said it was actually Funny and broke the ice (so that was cool – and maybe certain language can be super diffusing at times – which we both know)

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    • joey says:

      Well you know, we have so many words because we need specific choices as the moment presents itself — “Pussy” is definitely basic trash talk around here, we use it joyfully and in play. Sounds like you made the right choice — for pity’s sake, has that person even had a shot of wheatgrass? LOL Or, or, Y — kombucha? LOL Oh, or what about those huge bumblebee antibiotics that taste like DEATH? Good gravy, a week of those and one be all, “These beets fresh from the ground taste so sweet and smooth!” LOL

      You did not like Jack Ryan series?

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      • Prior... says:

        Joey – I have not had a shot of wheat grass – now I am curious.
        == and this “person” loves kombucha and is truly not a pussy – and he drinks salt water sometimes – so why not mag chloride –
        and laughing at how beets will taste good after antibiotics – I have not ever had those –

        and speaking of taste – connecting to those thighs with bone -(( mmmm – made me hungry when I read it ))-
        but it reminded me of the time we heard a health coach talk about knowing on those bones – and he chomped on the grizzle part and noted all the collagen and other helpful stuff.
        and there is so much good stuff in the thighs that I won’t even buy the plain breasts anymore – stripped of all the fats and darker meats – and I like the skin when it gets all crunchy – and so we get all those extra vitamins with thighs – and your daughters can thank you later ha

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  8. Bill says:

    That all sounds like smooth sailing to me, up to the drill time. I did nap today, too late and too long. I may just have to go to be late. Happy Easter weekend.

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  9. darsword says:

    It’s just a nappy rainy day. Even my characters are napping and enjoying the rain. Now I have to go wake them. Maybe I’ll promise boneless thighs and something cheesy. Hehe. Glad you had that kind of day.

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  10. Sounds like a wonderful day, and I love the soda conversation. Sounds like something you’d hear around my house. I still have company, so it’s noisy and busy here.

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  11. Benson says:

    Since it is now Sunday Happy Easter. It is supposed to be sunny and 60 something today. It was fer sure blustery and damp and chilly Saturday. I like sunny and 60 something. I may try and find a patio to sit on and sip Mimosas. Again Happy Easter,

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  12. AmyRose🌹 says:

    Hmmmm….. removing chicken from off a bone for a um teenager? No comment. I’m with you on this one, Joey. (LOL) Your pink tulip is so soft and feminine …. beautifully captured. Your family cracks me up by the way. And oh yesterday I was out in the POURING rain in a forest and was justly rewarded. Tell your teenagers if they expect to survive in this world, they are gonna have to toughen up a bit …. like walking in the pouring rain when it’s barely hitting 40 degrees. Chicken off the bone! Geesh! 😉

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  13. Superhero movies… sigh. I just can’t. Although isn’t Aquaman Jason Momoa from GOT? Maybe I could…
    While pouring a soda into a glass is reasonable, deboning a teenagers chicken is not. Stop that! Their life will be full of bones, best start practicing now.

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  14. kirizar says:

    Funny stuff. I always like your offhandedly quirky, family narration. And deboning chicken is so much easier after it’s cooked! (I debone before because it speeds up cooking [not cooing, spellcheck] and so my son doesn’t choke as he inhales his food.)
    Autism + teenager means chewing doesn’t always happen.
    That doesn’t mean you have to like disrobing the bones. (Hmm, that might make a good/creepy book title—or cookbook for a serial killer/cannibal.) where was I? Or right, love how you describe eating and your family. (The ‘and’ is a very important conjunction in that sentence.)

    I look forward to your next installment. (If you haven’t blocked me due to the very disturbing direction my comments went in.)

    And the overuse of parentheticals. (That is the true crime here.)

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  15. ghostmmnc says:

    Oh, your tulip makes another appearance, and has brought along a friend! Sweet!
    There’s something about spiders…my post tomorrow for letter S will be about spiders, and….last night I woke up to something crawling in my sleeve, so I got up to see, and it was a spider! Not a big one, but medium, I guess. I brushed it off…didn’t see where he went. haha!
    Hope the Easter bunny found it’s way to your house! Happy Easter! ❤

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  16. markbialczak says:

    Cheers to your form of domestic tranquility, my friend Joey.

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  17. marianallen says:

    I love the spider photobomb! And longer than anything: The Auntie Mame with Rosalind Russell. I love it, but you can watch it all day. Talk about value for money.

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  18. Amy says:

    Moo has learned the fine art of negotiation very well! 😉 I haven’t been out to admire too many of the flowers since I returned home. I’m impressed that my rhododendron are blooming and I saw some azaleas and dogwoods, but they are white and I prefer the pink ones. This is the first year that the pollen is actually bothering me though. I haven’t seen Aquaman. I’m not thrilled to hear it’s so long though!

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  19. JT Twissel says:

    It’s hot out here in California. Nice for a change but I’m hoping the rain hasn’t gone for good.

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  20. Prior... says:

    Hi again – I am planning a May post to feature tulips (well because I had a daffodils post I could not leave out the mighty tulip) and of course i thought of you with Tulips and then this post came to mind – that soft pink one – with the spider – would be perfect for the post… (cool?)

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  21. puppy1952 says:

    So right a man does not stop to kiss a girl in the middle of a war, after a scary car chase or when they’ve both just cheated death after a violent scene. As soon as I see that in a movie, I lose interest! So with you on this one.
    Your teens fetishes are so funny – Good for Dad for returning the favor.
    Your tulips are stunning.


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