May Twenty-Three

I clicked in here and received notice of a new WordPress Editor coming in June. Why?



i languish, too, clara

I cannot elucidate anything. It’s likely you think and feel similar things. Being an introvert, I need substantial time to process — relative to input — and I don’t have that. I don’t know about y’all, but I wasn’t given a guidebook on how to cope during a pandemic. If I had one, I’d read it. It would be dog-eared and coffee-stained by now. I merely tune into my attitude of gratitude and plod on. Maybe I can write about it later.


wouldn’t mind to curl up in a hidey-hole, either, catticus

I find work is helpful. I like seeing those people every day. I like being productive. I like being distracted. I come home to my family and I enjoy that. I feel the stress, the fear, the horror, the uncertainty at times that seem insignificant. I suspect it’s when my mind quiets. Hence, ongoing distraction proves to be a healthy coping mechanism. All in favor, Say Aye!

I feel connected when my hands are in the dirt. Thoughts of being tiny me in the garden with my mother. Familiar smells, confident movement, always magical results. This year, volunteer celery.
Also, I missed my tulips. I wasn’t well for most of April and now they’re all gone.

5893F3F2-8956-489E-A77A-48571E838DEDIMG-49062505749B-69BF-4C8C-8050-DD71C2B974DF (1)


I enjoyed every bit of Saturday. The four of us worked in the yard. We were two weeks late, as the weather seemed also to be two weeks late. Because I was sick for so long, my garden is behind schedule and the weeds were well ahead of me. I went out there like a weeding tornado and quickly remembered I am not as young as I once was and although I frequently advise others to drink more water and to pace themselves, it took great self-discipline to drink more water and to pace myself.


It paid off. We were almost done when it started to rain. How perfect is that? We danced in the rain.



I finished Saturday with strawberry ice cream and Sauvignon Blanc. What a magnificent day.

The rest of the weekend was wonderful, just Saturday felt special. I cherish special.

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28 Responses to May Twenty-Three

  1. Dan Antion says:

    I’m glad you had a good weekend and a wonderful Saturday. The weather has caused us to be behind the normal schedule, but like you, we’re catching up. I hope you have a good short week.


  2. eschudel says:

    I don’t know what I am going to do when I permanently lose the Classic WP editor. Boo Block Editor… Hope you have a good week…


  3. I’m glad to see you updated. I miss it when you don’t. You describe the situation so well. I would love a manual and would read it until the dog eared corners fell off. We got handed hardware and software with absolutely no instructions at work. Maybe this is supposed to be an onboard gene of some sort, but I don’t have it. This kind of approach drives me crazy, and we’re still being forced to work from home.


  4. Good to see you again, Joey. Your Saturday sounds just right! I hope the rest of your week goes well, too.



  5. Great to hear from you and sorry you missed the tulips. I’d be disappointed, too.

    Your post could double as an outline for a Survival Guide to a Pandemic
    1. Stay informed
    2. follow a routine
    3. turn to nature
    4. Ice cream


  6. Rivergirl says:

    We worked around the house all weekend as well. Wish we’d had some rain for my thirsty flowers but alas, I had to employ the hose.
    As for the new editor I’m going to hate it and plan on switching back to classic as soon as it appears.


  7. I’m not looking forward to any more change. My psyche can’t take it not matter how much ice cream I have on hand. 🙂 I’ve been in project and planting mode but need to switch today to weeding. I’ve never seen so many weeds. I’m using an ice pack right now because when I go outside I forget how mature I am. 🙂 Have a good week.


  8. markbialczak says:

    It is very good to see here that you are feeling well enough to garden, Joey. And write about it. Also, to wonder about WordPress things such as a new editor platform. I hope my saved url of the very old one continues to function, Joey. Happy Tuesday back to work to you.


  9. loisajay says:

    So good to see you back. Pace yourself, Joey. Classic Editor is not going away….yet. They just want us to get used to Block Editor. I tried it. Do not like. Quickly switched back to Classic. I am nothing if not a classic person. 🙂 Stay well, Joey.


  10. puppy1952 says:

    Ice cream and wine – awesome! Glad you had a special day and got to grips with your beautiful garden. Glad you are better now.


  11. Ally Bean says:

    I like how you are processing your life during these weird times. I’m finding I want to be doing ‘real’ things like gardening more than ‘abstract’ things like writing. While I’ve had SB, I haven’t had any ice cream in months. You inspire me to get some. Strawberry, of course, in honor of you!


  12. orbthefirst says:

    Most glad you are back on your feet!
    My weekend was a flurry of busy too, way more so than I had gotten used to with all the goings on as of late. I too am burned out from all of the peopling & sun & whatnot. But fun! So much fun stuff. Our weather is dreary, as is normal this time of year, but it will get better, or at least clear up. Happy Tuesday!


  13. ghostmmnc says:

    So happy you are doing much better! Sounds like a refreshing weekend, too. 🙂


  14. scr4pl80 says:

    Doing yard work means you have some energy back, Yay you! Cute kitties.


  15. Good to see a post From you again. I was a bit worried since you were sick before. Anyway, be not afraid of the new editor. I used it for the first time yesterday and it worked surprisingly well (at least for my simple text + a few photos posts.


  16. The garden looks so lush and green! I love, love, love those fern curls!! Your tulips looked like they were perfect. I’m sorry you missed them, but I am happy you are well again!

    Yassss! to dancing in the rain. 😀😍


  17. Bill says:

    Not sure about the WP editor thingy. I tried that block deal for a while and reverted. I know I can. I simply would rather not. I tired it. It was like anchovies in ice cream.
    I like not going to work. I had an offer from the Census gang. I accepted. Then I wondered, ‘WTF am I thinking?’ I called them back and took a pass. I liked working until I didn’t, then I retired. Now I like it this way.
    As you said, gots me an attitude of gratitude.
    Tomorrow is our 54th wedding anniversary. Yolonda says we should celebrate with a trip to Costco. Maybe. Masks and all. Glad you’re doin’ stuff. 🙂


  18. Maggie says:

    It is so good to hear your voice. You make me feel at ease, even in difficult times. We are in the midst of two weeks of gloomy, dark, wet and rainy. This, too, shall pass. Wine and ice cream might just be the best pick me up!


  19. Benson says:

    What beautiful pictures you have. I think that if I had tulips that lovely I would live with them. As far as WordPress goes I ignore those “editor” notices. I fumble through with what I got and that is just the way it is. I am so glad to hear from you. I do my best work without a net so too much support can f*** me up. Again good to hear from. Well not actually not hear but you know what I mean. Things will get better and don’t forget our date in July.


  20. Oh you have it down! Look at this garden! Weeded and all. And attitude of gratitude, and the four of you, and the animals, and even a job and Other People! (Which I reeeeallly am missing now after three months. Luckily amore is seven in one. Hahha.) I’m quite sure you can write that book.

    I’ve been using the block editor on this current blog from the start. Not a day passes when I don’t ask Why?? when I encounter a strange thing the editor does but it’s been okay. It’s figure-outable. They even include the captions now when you watch the photos horizontally in the gallery setting, so I have nothing to complain about.

    The big news here is that since last week when amore started to go to work again, they are letting him have the company car and he drives it home every day. Talking about almost THREE hours more home time, including one hour more sleep. Incredible! And another news is that my sister is picking me up early next month and driving me and bestia to Slovenia! Sooo many my people there! Yeah!


  21. JT Twissel says:

    A day can only be improved by time in the garden I think. A bit of wine also helps! Glad you are doing well!


  22. larva225 says:

    That sounds like a pretty perfect Saturday.
    I don’t think I’ve had more than 30 minutes alone since March 12. There’s no end in sight, either. I’m wigging our, man. My introvert is screaming.


  23. JoAnna says:

    Aye! to distraction. When I’m not on a screen or napping, I am out in the backyard. Yard work can be very therapeutic, but I have experienced uncharacteristic mania in the form of not wanting to stop…. then paying for it later. I guess the high is worth it so far. What wonderful photos! The color is a fantastic distraction. I was drawn to the blue in catticus’s ears. So glad you’re feeling better. Take care!


  24. marianallen says:

    What a super day! Me, I’m coping just fine, as long as I don’t have to go out. When I go out, I freak. PEOPLE! MAYBE WITH VIRUSES! I’m doing what Mom used to call Monking out. I’m like, “Natalie! Wipe! Wipe!” and I don’t even know anybody named Natalie. InConJunction was cancelled this year, so I didn’t get to Joey even one little bit, and that makes me sad. But you were spared the sight of me twitching and freaking, so it’s probably just as well.


  25. bikerchick57 says:

    I do not need a new WP Editor. I like the one I have, thankyouverymuch.

    Your fur kitties are so beautiful, Joey. I want to come through the screen and hug them up or coo at them or give them skritches. Maybe you could do that for me.

    Flowers and gardens are so therapeutic. I used to love pulling weeds and digging in the dirt by the former in-laws. It may not have been good for my back, but it was super fantastic for the soul. I am not planting flowers on the patio this year as I’ve not had a desire, but next summer I plan on getting totally carried away with begonias, impatiens and coleus.


  26. Sue says:

    Aye! There is something to be said about having a sense of order. We are living in the upside down! Maybe we should write a manual on how to survive a pandemic. First rule of order, keep a calendar close by so you know what day it is. Check it often as time flies and stands still all at once!
    As for the block editor, I’ve been using it for a few months. You can’t edit on a mobile device! WP needs to fix that. I’ll be chatting with their happiness engineers 🙃 Glad you’re feeling better and getting your hands in the dirt! Gardens and libraries…two of my favorite things!!


  27. Joanne Sisco says:

    I feel like we’re a couple of weeks behind too in getting yard stuff done. The weather has been all kinds of weird this past month … in alignment with all the other world weirdly things going on. In fact, if someone asked me, I would nominate ‘weird’ as the word-of-the-year. It’s all encompassing, and fits rather well.


  28. Amy says:

    I’ve been using the block editor for a while. It has its plusses and its minuses. I suspect part of that depends of what type of writing is done. I love the tulips and all that lush green. We took a hike this weekend on a new trail. It looked like an enchanted forest and the ferns definitely added to the charm. We’ve had so much rain here and it is finally starting to dry out. It sounds like you had a lovely Saturday! I hope your week is starting out well. 🙂


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