This Year Has Been About Change. Apparently.

No, I did not die. I did not get divorced. I did not move to a shack in the woods.

I last wrote to you in March, before our family took a trip to The ATL because our youngest daughters thought our 2009 trip to Georgia Aquarium was the highlight of their childhood, and we had always promised we would take them back, and when we realized summer vacation was impossible to schedule, we decided to take a spring vacation and thusly we did plan a trip to The ATL. My mother, upon hearing we would be fewer than 1,000 miles from her, asked if she and Papa could join us and we said YES!

Maybe in another 11 years I’ll share their faces from this last trip, but see how small they were when we went in 2009?

This one is from 2021. It’s still amazing. Five Stars, Would Recommend.

When we returned home, my favorite admin person ever (MB) left the office, and within a month, Mentor left too. Eventually the office took an intern and hired a new admin, but no new person to take on Mentor’s work. Mentor says her absences benefited me professionally. Still, I grew tired of being “all by myself.” She rolled her eyes when I made comments that began with “While I was here ALL BY MYSELF…” which became a pitiless joke between us. Angst and panic aside, her absences did provide additional opportunities for my professional development.

Also in the spring, I got diagnosed with a new autoimmune disorder. Not a big deal, since it runs on my mother’s side. We all start the day with a thyroid pill and are expected to live as long as we would otherwise. I want to make it known that this pill has improved my quality of life substantially. I now wake up alert as other people have always claimed they did but I could not relate. I’m overall less tired. My joints ache less, particularly my right shoulder, elbow, wrist. I no longer itch like a madwoman. My hair is thicker. My face is not as round as a Wall-E people anymore. It’s quite nice.

No magic pill for female flooding fiascos, but eventually I was granted a surgery date to yeet my uterus et al.

There is something to be said for surgical risks. They turned my attention back to Milton’s “When I Consider How My Light Is Spent”. When your doctor says you absolutely cannot return to work for two weeks after and she’d prefer you take a month off because you only get one chance to heal, you start to think about YOURSELF. Particularly how one of your bosses suggested YOURSELF could maybe work from home that second week. More specifically how regardless of working from home, YOURSELF would return to the office to be strangled by labors undone. With that looming end date, on understaffed job, and maybe my life altogether, I decided icannotwiththismuchlonger became icannotwiththis and Fin.

Enjoyed long, lazy days with Moo.

Went to the Indiana State Fair with Bubba and Moo and Kiki.

Moved Sassy in at my alma mater.

Had several of those Women Who Lunch days with MB and Mentor, along with days where the pot sat on simmer, gettin all good.

Baked a fair amount of banana bread.

Visited Sassy at Family Weekend.

And then at the end of September I had surgery. Or so they tell me. The nice man put the mask on my face and I can’t piece together much after that…off and on for a few days. I was comfortable in the surgery center’s recliner. Obviously happenings occurred in the hours between the recovery room and the recliner, I simply don’t remember them. I thought I had a spiritual encounter, some beautiful and kind brown-skinned person with shiny, wavy black hair, very angelic I thought – might have seen a halo — turned out to be an earthbound spirit same as me. I saw her again when they wheeled me out to the car. With a pointed finger, I gasped, “You’re real!” Other people saw her, too, so I know. It’s only been a week since I was told she helped The Mister take me potty. Do I know how to have meaningful spiritual encounters or what?

For a good time, ask Moo to do her impression of me when I came home later that day.

I am always surprised and grateful not to have died in surgery. No matter how many surgeries I’ve undergone, I remain wildly excited to have been rewarded with more life. I woke up from the surgery with less pain than I had going in. No bocce ball in my pelvis. No low back pain. Similar to after c-sections, I felt light, like freakin Tinkerbell.

Unfortunately, I didn’t recover as quickly as I expected. It was difficult to be inactive (and a little helpless at times.) I still have some limitations, but I am 100% glad I did it.

At 20 days post-op, Moo, Kiki, and I went to the Covered Bridge Festival.

Soon after, I watched Moo compete at Bands of America.

I schlepped my enhanced professional development hither and yon and I landed a new position in a new office – a thriving, growing business chockablock full of people.

Watched Moo compete at Bands of America again.

Celebrated Thanksgiving with the fam, including the boy one and his roommate.

Turned 48.

As is traditional, I show you my aging face and with candor, I tell you, we are all aging and I’m here for it. My nose is growing, my eyes are fading. My face is fuzzy and dry. Don’t hate on your aging self. Old isn’t a bad word, neither is ma’am. Take your old face out and do things that make you smile, which will make other people smile.

I put the tree up.

Moo will be an adult this week, and then The Mister will be 51.

Right now, my Chinese food is on its way.

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66 Responses to This Year Has Been About Change. Apparently.

  1. lois says:

    I have missed you! Glad all is well. Glad you said good-bye to ‘you can work at home.’ Mostly just glad to see you again!!

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  2. You appeared just often enough for me not to worry TOO much, but I’m glad you’re past the tough parts of that – and had the fun trip, too. I’m smiling – we always loved aquaria, too.

    Getting kicked upstairs sounds interesting. I always had to push for mine – doesn’t matter. You will eventually feel as comfortable as you used to, God willing and the…

    BTW, you are enviably glowy and smiley and beautiful in a natural way (compliment). Cool your kid went to your alma mater.

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  3. ~M says:

    You’re so cute… this entire post made me smile. 🙂

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  4. JT Twissel says:

    You are a gifted writer and story teller … I hope this next year provides many moments of joy and please, try to keep on writing. Love Jan

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  5. Joey is postinggggg!! Yipiiiie! I’m really happy that you’re here again, sounding yourself, holding up your corner of the world as you have always done. Greetings and hugs from Tuscany!

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  6. Maggie says:

    Seeing your post pop up just made my day – heck it came close to making my year. I am glad you practiced all that self care and are here on your way to being healed. Glad the family is well, too. I HAVE REALLY MISSED YOU AND I LOVE YOUR WONDERFUL FACE!!!

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  7. Dan Antion says:

    Very happy to hear from you. This brightened my day. Congratulations on the new job. It seems like hugs are due all around. Take good care and I hope you all have wonderful holidays ( in case we don’t hear from you before then ).

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    • joey says:

      You were spot-on about not getting back to this before the holidays, hah! Well done! Thank you! It’s been quite an adjustment — ALL GOOD 😀


  8. I’ll echo the “great to hear from you/see you back” sentiments and you’re looking good. So much for which to be thankful, that’s for sure. I’m happy your pill is making you feel so much better and that the fam, as “they” say, is also doing well. Welcome to December! ❤


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  9. I really have missed your posts, and I worried about you. Seems like you came through okay. This has been one strange year, and I’m considering taking a break myself for a month or so.

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  10. P.S. Glad to read you didn’t get divorced. 🙂

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  11. scr4pl80 says:

    Oh yes, so nice to hear about all your adventures this year. I have seen you on Insta occasionally so there was that but this is so much nicer. Congrats on the new job, and on the new college student. It is most hard for us to rest, but sometimes you just need to. Hope this means we’ll see more of you!

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  12. Can you see me smiling at your catch-up post? I am. 🙂 It sounds like things have fallen into nice sectors and all is going well. Enjoy the holiday sparkly lights, and may all your good vibes carry you right into 2022.

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  13. markbialczak says:

    So appreciative of this catch-up, Joey, it’s hard to piece things together from Insta posts, though I’d never complain of seeing something from you somewhere. Yes, best to you on all the good things of 2021, new health, new job, healing, growing, great family, feeling good. Happy slide into 2022!

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  14. Rivergirl says:

    Well hello stranger! There’s so much to unpack here…
    Atlanta aquarium? The best!
    No more uterus? Even better!
    Reaching the grand old age of 48 and still looking like you’re 20?
    Witchcraft. What’s your secret…

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  15. Welcome back. The world is a better place when you are posting.

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  16. Swinged Cat says:

    Hey, a new post. Nice!

    The one time I had a surgery, I was so afraid I’d never wake up I gave Tara the password to my blog and instructed her to write a farewell post on my behalf. Ha…I’ve always been a tad overdramatic.

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  17. eschudel says:

    SO glad you are back among us, and doing so much better. I look forward to reading your posts once again 🙂

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  18. marianallen says:

    So glad to see your beautiful self AND many joey words. Instagram just isn’t enough joey to suit me. HUGS

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  19. ghostmmnc says:

    So good to hear from you! Sounds like you’ve been keeping busy with fun things, and some not so fun things, but it sure is good to catch up with everything you’ve been up to. I’ll bet that aquarium was amazing! Take care, and good luck on your new job! ❤

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  20. I’m so happy to hear from you. Your posts always make me smile.

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  21. Oh, how I’ve missed you!!! You are the verbal me!! I haven’t shared a picture of me with my pixie grown out almost as long as your hair because I’m silly vain woman who doesn’t like selfies. I’m ugly not a picturesque woman. DM me I’ll show you!!

    I’m so, so happy to hear you’re alright, survived this surgery, and have been enjoying your life of surgical recovery with your kids and man! I am the Mom and Grandma who has code names for the whole family even my beloved dog got a code name! You can show me photos of the kids in 11 years and I’ll get it and smile with happiness.

    Your trip to the aquarium reminds me of our EPIC ROAD TRIP in 1983 when we went to Shedd Aquarium when Big Baby Boy was 2.5 years old. He doesn’t remember a thing but, he LOVED it!
    I carry the tote bag I bought for a souvenir for my mailbox run. It’s a mile walk from my house now.
    I love that bag!

    I hope this post is the restart of your regular posting. I’ve really missed you! You write what I feel but, never have words to say! ❤🥰

    Liked by 1 person

    • joey says:

      I do not know when I will return to regular posting. I appreciate all your kind words and it’s people like you that keep me coming back!
      I haven’t been to the Shedd Aquarium since I was maybe 20! I did love it and I would like to go back, AND for me, it’s much closer. Apparently there’s an awesome aquarium in Monterrey, literally at the seaside and I suppose I’d like to see it someday too.
      I’ve DM’d you for the selfie! xo

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  22. baldjake70 says:

    This year has been a series of reflection for so many. They are reevaluating so much. There are so many that have decided to take their life in a different direction based on soul searching decisions brought on by this weird experience that we are all experiencing at the exact same moment in time. Hopefully we all take this moment to reacquaint themselves with the path that they were supposed to be on, and find meaning and purpose again.

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  23. Laura says:

    What a lovely catch up on what you’ve been up to. I must say, you do a whole lot more than I tend to while resting/relaxing/recuperating. All of your leaving-the-house tales sound delightful, though, and I’m so very glad you’re feeling better post-surgery. Yay you!

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  24. Yay happy to hear you are good. 🙂 I like seeing the post.

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  25. Glad ya didn’t die 🙂 To 2022…cuz it’s happening

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  26. Marie T says:

    Oh, I have missed so much.
    Around (I am too old to keep track) years ago I started taking a pill I didn’t realize was for an autoimmune disorder. Dang, it made all the difference.
    I later started taking prescription vitamin D.
    Not a medical professional, but it helps me.

    Liked by 2 people

    • joey says:

      Hello, Hello! Nice to see you! I take 4000 units of D as well — I got hiked up to twice as much this summer and it, too, made a great difference – muscle spams stopped almost instantly.

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  27. Happy new year, my dear. ❤ Good to see you've come out better for the changes.

    Liked by 1 person

  28. bikerchick57 says:

    Oh Joey, I’m so sorry I missed your post! I thought you had given up the blogging stuff, but glad you are back! I miss your totally honest and funny posts about life.

    I’m so happy you said “fin” to last job and found a better one. Work is not fun when it’s not fun and you’re still young enough to enjoy the rest of your career. Us old people don’t need that kind of stress, although mine is very lacking since I retired. The most stress I felt the last few months was flying for the first time after Covid hit, having a flight cancelled (I think I belong to a club now), trying to bake cookies for tons of people and ship a Christmas box to the brother in time, and putting cat Gibbs on a diet (he likes to yell at me a lot about how hungry he is) (fatty).

    I hope you had a lovely December and Christmas with the family and that you’re back to blogging on occasion for all of your admirers! 🙂


  29. Prior... says:

    Hi Joey – thanks for the update and quite a year it was for you- and sounds like you were resilient 🙂
    You look awesome for 48 and I really liked your message about embracing age.
    wishing you a Happy New Year and many blessings in 2022

    Liked by 1 person

  30. Ally Bean says:

    I’m glad to read this and know what’s up with you and yours. I’m glad you’re healthy and baking banana bread and able to go visit Sassy. Seems like good things. Thanks for stopping by to comment so that I’d know to look for you. Happy New Year, my friend. 🥂

    Liked by 1 person

  31. JoAnna says:

    I always enjoy your posts, and this is no exception. Thanks for your good humor and encouragement on aging with a smile. Good riddance to that old job! They better appreciate you at the new one. Keep on taking good care of yourself in all of 2022 and forever!

    Liked by 1 person

  32. Luanne says:

    This is quite the update. Months and months of stuff all in one post! I hope you are starting to feel better from the surgery by now. Health issues are such as downer. But the thyroid pill solution is wonderful news. I’m glad I finally found this post. Let’s go get 2022 ;)!

    Liked by 1 person

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