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Contrary to My Desires

I thought I’d tell you the bad news first, so the good news seems even better after. That’s how I do, so let’s plunge in, shall we? I’ve been puny this week. I got one of my infamous cold sores … Continue reading

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Peddle Your Fear & Guilt Elsewhere

We went to church yesterday. We didn’t go to Sunday School. We just went to the morning service. Of course, the service entailed the story of Christ’s resurrection, replete with a slide show, music, and a sermon wherein we were … Continue reading

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House Hunting Is Not for Sissies

I need a real estate agent.  No, I don’t want just any old real estate agent, just like I don’t want some cracker box house that looks like all of its neighbors.  Silly me, I’ve been browsing houses instead of … Continue reading

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JLW’s Geography Lesson

JLW’s Geography Lesson Following my post, here’s JLW’s.   Not in the path of the Nor’easter 😛

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Misery Loves Company

Back in August, you may remember there was a big, bad hurricane.  My mother, who lives west of me, was convinced I was in the path of the big, bad hurricane, even though the hurricane was west even of her. … Continue reading

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