Don’t Like It Like That

You know how people keep sayin there needs to be a Dislike button on the Facebook?  Yeah, no, I don’t think so.  People can’t even manage to use the Like button appropriately.

Tell me I’m wrong.

So you’re scrollin, and you see Orb posted a video.  Groovy, you like it.
You see a picture of Julie’s toddler with a mop.  Aww, you like it.
Tracey has posted a 93-point bingo on Scrabble.  You like it and then check to make sure it wasn’t your game.
All appropriate uses of the Like button.

If these posts had a Dislike button, some asshat would dislike the song, dislike the cute kid, and dislike the bingo.
I know this, because I have seen asshats liking posts that are clearly not likable.

Bob’s puppy has Parvo.
Lily overslept and missed her final exam.
Steph’s furnace is broken.
Nathan lost his job.
Sue’s got a migraine.
Jack’s funeral will be held Friday.
Grace’s cancer is back.
Megan had another miscarriage.
Beth’s mom was mean to her at church.
Tom’s car was vandalized.


What the hell is wrong with people?!?aa1

If your friend stood in front of you and said, “My brother has been in an accident and he’s in the critical care unit,” would you smile and cheer?  Then don’t like that shit on the Facebook, and keep your smiley face to yourself.

Do you really think it’s funny that your friend has had his toe amputated due to frostbite?  If you were there when they sawed that bone off, would you be chuckling?  Would you actually say, “hahahaha?”

It is just my opinion, and of course, I think my opinion is better than yours, because it’s my opinion — but don’t we have enough drama, negativity, and cruelty in our lives without having to be subjected to it voluntarily on the Facebook?

We all have friends who are hypocrites, who brag, who had it comin. We all have friends who listen to crap music that gives us a headache.We all have friends who post about their first world problems with suicidal lamentation.  We all have friends who have not yet figured out the Facebook.  Just grin and bear that shit. Post that shit on your Facebook.  Be a friend.


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