Oh the Happy!

Pardon me, while I wrestle with my happiness. So sorry, beg pardon.


Let’s begin with the fact that I sleep well. Granted, my in-laws are older people, so while it’s 72 or so downstairs it’s 108 upstairs. I’m more of a 62-68 kinda gal. We have a fan going full blast. I do love the whir of a fan. I wake up every morning with re-curled hair and a puddle of sweat between my breasts, but I wake up rested.

I have a greater appetite here. I eat three times a day most days. My mother-in-law served us some peas the other night, and you have never heard two people happier about some freakin peas.  We probably ate a pound of peas between us. They were so green and tender.


And do you know how red tomatoes are in the Midwest?
When we were in Georgia, I’d slice into a good tomato and say to The Mister, “Oh my God! Look at this tomato! It’s so red and pretty! We’re not letting the children eat this one!”  That happened about once a year. Mostly the tomatoes were coral and mealy on the inside, no matter how red and ripe they seemed from the outside.

I honestly do not remember the last time I felt this good.  Anxiety is low. Energy is high. Day after day! It might be on account of all the good sleep and food, but I think it’s a lot more to do with not hating everything about where I live.

I’ve got plenty of nit-picking complaints, but it’s hard to focus on them, because I’m positively charged.

When we got here, it was in the low 30’s. We’ve been between 14 degrees and 45 degrees in the last week.  I can’t say I’ve missed the cold winter wind, but I do prefer it to constant glaring sunlight. When the wind’s not blowin, I’m perfectly comfortable, thank you very much.  In fact, I’m downright giddy of cold at times.


People say the novelty will wear off.  People say wait til it’s ten below, a foot of snow on the ground, and blowin a gale.

PEOPLE, this is my home!  I lived here most of my life. Apart from the seven years I spent in the ninth ring of Hell, I’ve lived only here. When it’s ten below, a foot of snow on the ground, and blowin a gale, I won’t be charmed, but I’ll still like it better than Summer.

Tomorrow, we’re supposed to receive anywhere from 6-9 inches of snow. Yeehaw Y’all! Snow! Maybe it’ll be good heavy wet snow so we can play in it.  My wee ones don’t remember snow, so I’m really hopeful.

They’re acclimating well.
At 35 degrees, Moo ran around outside with her cousin, for hours.  Sassy isn’t too concerned about her coat, let alone her hat and mittens.
I’m so proud!


And can you imagine, not once since we’ve been here has anyone asked me what unit my husband’s in? Nope, not once. In case you didn’t know, it was Echo Company 3rd BSB (FSC 3/69.) Yeah. Quite a mouthful.  Try writin that shit on EVERYTHING.


*holds on to happiness*

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4 Responses to Oh the Happy!

  1. Tracey Neil says:

    the world is yours for the taking, enjoy all the moments along the way!


  2. Jennifer says:

    So happy for you! So glad you are getting your “cold” on…next time maybe wish the ENTIRE world wasn’t also cold? 😉


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