Spring Bound

I’m having a hard time adjusting here in the Palace of Rules. I’m often uncomfortable apart from the sleeping time. It’s always strange how other people live, therefore it’s certainly strange to live with them. But instead of focusing on that, I’d prefer to count my blessings, and this day was definitely one of them.

This morning, while we waited for the bus, I took my coffee to the porch. It was already warm at eight o’clock, but for the sharp, cool wind. While walking around the yard, I spotted a worm. I hadn’t seen a regular ol’ worm in seven years. I watched the worm wriggle and slide through the grass for quite a long time, simply enjoying his company and perhaps delaying his becoming breakfast to an eager robin across the street.



On the way to soccer practice, I said to The Mister, “I just love that farmland is everywhere we go. It’s comforting.”  He replied, “Feels like home.”  I nodded.
Moo said she likes it, too.


I hope you understand that what I’m talking about isn’t breathtaking photography material, but rather, the simple majesty of familiar surroundings.

I walked the dog all over the wide open spaces of the soccer fields tonight. That sharp, cool wind whipped my hair all over the place as I smiled into the warm setting sun. I saw all the familiar signs that a Midwestern Spring has sprung; Wild Violets, Daffodils, first blooms of the Dogwoood, bunches of Clover, Forsythia…



Soon it will be green and wet here, and I will torture you with post pictures of the many Bradford Pear Trees in this area.

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  1. I miss the spring and fall…special the fall


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