Everyone Wants a Yellow Nursery

Moo was traumatized by the bees at soccer tonight.  They were the kinda bees that always seem to be busy and passive. They were huge. I suppose if I knew nothing about bees, and I was nine, I might be terrified by bees the size of marshmallows.


I was not traumatized by them, but, I wouldn’t walk around in the grass for fear of yellow jackets. I’m not normally like that, but I had a fairly large case of dumb tonight, wherein I decided to wear flip flops to soccer. *facepalms* I dunno.
I also don’t have any sunscreen, except some old crap that the Georgia heat had turned into some sorta buttered grits. *facepalms* I dunno.  The packers wouldn’t pack any liquids, and it was Mid-March. I packed the swimsuits and tossed the sunscreen.  I mean, I wear daily sunscreen, but I don’t carry it around in case Sassy plays soccer. I gave her a glob of sunscreen grits and hoped for the best. She’s fine, thank tacos.

I walked my dog around edges of the parking lot, allowing her to graze while maintaining my bee-free feet. Then, I sat in the shade, which made my dog mad. If she were a human, she woulda stomped her feet, told me she hated me, and stormed off to slam her bedroom door. Fortunately, she’s a dog, and so she just looked sad and pathetic. When people came over to pet her, she offered up her belly, instead of rolling her eyes at me.

Yet another day has passed, and me without my Outstanding Mother Award.

Back to Moo.


She couldn’t play at the park, because there were bees.
She couldn’t sit with me in the shade, because there were bees.

I tried to entertain her with some grass whistling. I am certain that I can still whistle through grass. It’s probably some GMO grass, and totally not an ability I’ve lost.

And then! I saw a ladybug! And another! Within seconds, I realized we were sitting amidst hundreds of dandelions, which were all hosting ladybugs, and assorted larvae. We stalked them and photographed them.  I held one, but Moo was content to watch it crawl around my hand.






and a spider 🙂

I had no idea lady bugs eat and nest in dandelions. Did you? Furthermore, I had no idea that ladybug larvae are yellow, and that’s why ladybugs use them as a nursery. Clever.

Moo forgot all about the bees.

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4 Responses to Everyone Wants a Yellow Nursery

  1. Sherry says:

    Do I take it you are in Georgia? Oh my…keep the hat on tight. People can be roaringly stupid in Georgia. Not as bad as Alabama though. They have warnings posted at their borders. You sound like life is settling down. Hope so.


  2. Matt Roberts says:

    I had no idea about the lady bugs, that’s pretty cool. But those big passive bees, I like them. They crack me up. They hover like helicopters spying on somebody running through your backyard at night, and chase birds. Big balls they got.


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