Thank You for Thinking I’m Leibster Enough

LindaGHill from Get on my plate! has nominated me for The Leibster Award, woot! Thank you Ma’am!









The Rules for The Liebster Blog Award are as follows:

List 11 random facts about you.

Answer the questions that were asked of you.

Nominate 11 other blogs for the Liebster Blog Award and link to their blogs.

Notify the bloggers of their award.

Ask the award winners 11 questions to answer once they accept the award.

My Eleven Things About Myself Are:

1. I’m tired of listing things about myself. I feel like I’m stuck between bragging and confession.

2. When making a sandwich, or dressing a burger, the mayonnaise cannot touch the cheese. That mayonnaise will do nothing but adhere the cheese to the roof of my mouth and I will NOT enjoy that.  This is a very good reason to ask for things on the side.

3. I’m a person who needs between nine and ten hours of sleep a night to feel good.

4. I am very good at obsessing.

5. Although some people think I’m a food snob, or a gourmet, I rather enjoy peanut butter and jelly sammiches, Fig Newtons, and the occasional McDonald’s cheeseburger in a yellow wrapper, so I know they’re wrong.

6. I can’t pull off short hair. I look like a boy. With a really bad chin.

7. I’ve come to believe that the Ayurvedic way of eating is the most beneficial diet for me. I try to cram in a ton of uncooked, cooling foods, and when I do, I feel better. Sadly, coffee is on my list of what not to consume, because the foods I love most are the ones that make me feel like crap.

8. Although most of the men in my family have served, and I married a Marine, nothing prepared me for the life I lived as an Army wife. I am forever changed by it.

9. I’m one of the less than 3% of the world’s population that got Chickenpox twice. I guess I should look forward to Shingles…

10. I like to go for car rides with the windows down. Like a dog. I don’t hang my head out and pant, but still.

11. I sort laundry. I can’t throw towels in with jeans and undies. I cannot. I know people do this, but I cannot.


LindaGHill’s questions for me are:

1. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I think I would live in the Pacific Northwest, if I could afford to fly home whenever I wanted.

2. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
Some of them are in storage, but I’d say 15-20.

3. Where were you born? (city and/or country – whatever you’re comfortable revealing)
Indianapolis, Indiana

4. Are you superstitious?

5. What’s your favourite fruit?
Bing cherries

6. If you could collect anything, what would it be? Anything at all.
Yet-uninvented lap giraffes

7. Name the members of what would make up the ultimate band, dead or alive.
I have no idea. I really don’t.

8. What song can you not help tapping your foot to?
All of them?

9. If you could paint the walls of your living room in any colour, what would it be?
Some shade of pale blue.

10. Are you or have you ever been addicted to a game?
Oh yes. Tetris and Animal Crossing top the list.

11. Are butterflies pretty or creepy?
Pretty, pretty, pretty!

My Nominees Are:

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My Questions for the Nominees:

1. What did you want to be when you grew up?

2. Cats or dogs?

3. What smell is it that everyone seems to love, but you don’t like it at all?

4. If you didn’t write, would you explode or implode?

5. When you play games, what piece do you choose to represent you? Are you always the car for Monopoly, or the orange man in CandyLand?

6. What is your dream vacation?

7. Which celebrity makes you close the browser, change the channel, or turn the page?

8. Early bird or night owl?

9. Do you prefer French toast, pancakes, or waffles?

10. What section of the bookstore do you browse most often?

11. Would you rather be stuck high in the top of a tree or at the bottom of a well?

Whew! I’m done!
Congratulations on your nominations and here’s to finding new bloggers to read! *raises coffee cup*


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10 Responses to Thank You for Thinking I’m Leibster Enough

  1. LindaGHill says:

    Lap-giraffes? lol


  2. Thank you very much for nominating me. Really appreciated


  3. wvtallchic says:

    Both of my comments/questions were stolen by LindaG and Counting. Only they were both going to be wrapped up in one comment. So, ditto what they said.


  4. Tracey Neil says:

    wow…that’s a lot to do for a nomination…congratulations and don’t take offense, but I don’t want a nomination 😉


  5. keladelaide says:

    Thanks for thinking of me.
    I have already received this award but will add you to the list of nominators on my awards page and acknowledge you in a thank you post soon.
    Kelly ♥


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