#ThursdayDoors — Smoke in Your Eyes, Mud in Your Eye

Remember that one Friday in June when The Mister picked me up at work and swept me away from MommyWorld and took me downtown to be free? I DO. One of the things we did that night was go to a cigar bar. Well, martini-slash-cigar bar. We went for martinis within walking distance.

I had been there more than twenty years ago, but The Mister had never been. We had to pay a cover charge. The last time we paid a cover charge, I had a flat stomach and he had a head full of hair and we went to a club, to sweat to a dj, all glowsticky and strobed-out. That was a whole nother life, eh?
Anyway, because of the cover charge, I didn’t photograph the main door, but I got the actual entrance.


It’s exactly the same as I remember it. The major difference is that I am now more *achem* demographically suitable to this venue. And sitting. And enjoying speakeasy tunes at a reasonable volume.

The Mister and I sat on a leather loveseat and struggled to choose martinis. I mean, struggled. And then we chose and we drank and we talked and smiled and laughed. Five stars, would recommend. If you can handle the smoke.

We did not partake of the cigars. This time. There is always next time. Perhaps if we get there before midnight. They’re open til 3am. But see, next time, we could have excessive numbers more than a few many, many martinis, maybe a few bourbons, maybe then we’ll make time to cigar, and that big dude who took our cover charge? He can carry us back to the hotel.

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33 Responses to #ThursdayDoors — Smoke in Your Eyes, Mud in Your Eye

  1. loisajay says:

    Oh yes–that big dude carrying you back to your hotel while you slosh down martinis and the Mister strides along puffing on his cigar…..oh, yes! That door as me thinking disco, Joey…..

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  2. Dan Antion says:

    Great doors. Personal valet service would be a nice extra. As long as you’re being carried, you might as well have a puff or two. What martinis did you end up with?

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  3. That’s a different kind of date night. I like to mix things up once in a while, but Old What’s Her Face enjoys her rut.

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  4. Ally Bean says:

    We haven’t paid a cover charge in years– decades maybe. I’d kind of forgotten about them. I like your door photo. Makes me think of any number of stories that could go with it.

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  5. AmyRose🌹 says:

    LOVE those doors, Joey! Now we’re talking! Cigars …. my bet you have one puff and you’ll feel sick. Curious minds however enquire what kind of martinis did you and Mister decide upon? Glad you had non-Mom fun!!

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    • joey says:

      Thanks! We ordered Cuban Lights — Malibu rum, Midori, banana liqueur, orange juice, and pineapple juice. I have enjoyed a cigar from time to time, no sickness.

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  6. The doors look lovely.
    Oh, cigars! My dad would have one once in a while when I was growing up. They smelled good at first, but later when the room filled with smoke not so much. I am sitting here trying to remember if I’ve ever smoked or puffed on one, and I think not. I did puff on my Dad’s pipe once and got sick.

    What martini’s did you end up choosing?

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    • joey says:

      I have enjoyed cigars from time to time, never tried a pipe. Enjoy the smell of pipe tobacco, but never tried it.
      We had Cuban Lights — Malibu rum, Midori, banana liqueur, orange juice, and pineapple juice. Similar to the June Bug cocktail I’ve enjoyed this summer 🙂

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  7. eschudel says:

    The only way I’m staying someplace until 3am is if they can carry me home!!

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  8. Benson says:

    Dare to dream my young friend. A joint like that probably would help you back to your hotel. They wouldn’t carry you but they wouldn’t just toss you in the street either. Glad you had fun and Happy Door Day.

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  9. scr4pl80 says:

    Great doors! Not a martini fan but it would work with brandy manhattans. I like the smell of most cigars better than cigarettes but not going to try one myself, thanks anyway. Wonderful date night 🙂

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  10. JT Twissel says:

    Those are speak-easy doors for sure!

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  11. Perpetua says:

    Cloud 9 place

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  12. Bill says:

    Way too bad it’s just cigars, but we can dream. I gave up gin long ago and not sure vodka will work. Love the mysterious doors.

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  13. Rivergirl says:

    Lovely door. A martini bar with speakeasy tunes sounds wonderful but the cigar smoke would kill my mellow.

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  14. Luanne says:

    I just drove past a cigar bar the other day and wondered about it. I couldn’t tolerate the smoke, I’m sure, but the IDEA of it is cool, as are the martinis, the speakeasy doors, the music, etc.

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  15. markbialczak says:

    I think you guys adult very well, Joey!

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  16. Lovely door, Joey. It’s great to get away and rekindle old memories, isn’t it. I bet the martinis went down well, too.

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  17. Norm 2.0 says:

    Middle-aged brain wonders what is this strange term “cover charge” of which you speak…it sounds like an odd fee charged only to youths over-eager to get in 😉
    Nice doors though and even nicer to know you two had a fun evening out together.

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  18. larva225 says:

    That place is obviously FANCY.

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  19. Amy says:

    I can’t remember the last time I paid a cover charge! I do remember my last martini though. For my last birthday, we went to a fancy restaurant on the hill that overlooks this side of town. It seemed like the perfect place to give a martini another try. It was good but not great. I keep hoping they’ll grow on me because I want to love them with their classic retro vibe. I do like the smell of cigars but I don’t know if I’d love a room full. We used to smoke cigars back when we had poker nights many moons ago (pre-kids). The hubby enjoyed one in Paris…and probably in Aruba too.

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  20. Prior... says:

    I like the design in the door.
    and they have a cigar-bar feel…

    and I have been cigar bars in Tampa -= and was shocked at how I was able to handle the smoke – it did not seem to bother me very much –

    and glad you finally decided not he martinis
    oh and laughing at this:

    to sweat to a dj, all glowsticky and strobed-out

    yeah and now “diamond girl” song is in my mind


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