Why Time Change is Stupid, and Other Eloquent Crap

Do you know what happens when you get caught up in life and neglect your blog?
What happens to me is that I have four unfinished drafts and a lack of focus.

BUT! That doesn’t mean I can’t blog to you eloquently and extensively about a very important topic.
Like, time change.
Are you ready for my first eloquent, extensive statement about time change?

Time change is stupid.


Daylight savings time was sprung on me in my early thirties. We didn’t usta have it here in Indiana, which I like to think means we had more intelligent people living here, and they died off or moved to Illinois and we had to conform.

I’ve never understood it. I don’t seek to understand it. I’m very grateful that my devices are on top of it, because in previous years, I had to call my dad and ask him what to do. I think it’s just the numbers I find so intimidating. It’s too much like math. Maybe it is math.
And what the fuck does this mean? (UTC-05:00)
How the hell am I supposed to know what my number is? These are not rhetorical questions, please feel free to educate me in the comments section.


Flight tickets are also on my shit list.

I don’t even like time in general.  Time seems moody and unreliable. It moves too fast when you’re having fun, and it drags on when things suck. I don’t think it’s all about perception. I’m pretty sure it gets warped during deployments and slows down considerably while I wait in the pediatrician’s office.  And rate times time equals distance is just a suggestion. I’m sure it’s not real, because no one counts stop signs or runway traffic, or how hard it is to maintain speed while beating the children into submission trying to explain to the children how toll booths work.

Time is all about appointments, meetings, deadlines, and alarm clocks. I hate to be late, but I really wish I could do things, everything really, on my own time. It’s a deeply psychological problem, which may be genetically transmuted to me by my Seminole great-grandmother.

I channel her sometimes.
Somethin in nature calls to me in the “night,” waking me from sleep, when I don’t know what it is…We’re supposed to be diurnal, ya know.

Like this morning, while I could have gotten another hour of sleep, I surely channeled Great-Grandmother. I woke at 4:40am, presumably to hunt gators, kill invading Spaniards, or to make myself a mug of the black drink…
But since I am now too White, too far removed from Earth’s cycles, too far from the Tamiami Trail, and not at all worried about Spanish invaders, I didn’t know what natural phenomenon woke me, and I was therefore compelled to curse my lost sleep and then just to get up, make my creamed-out coffee, and work on my NaNoWriMo.
I gained nothing.
Because this sleep I borrowed from myself will not be returned to me later.

I’m absolutely certain that my great-grandmother would not understand time change, and furthermore, she’d wonder why we’re all borrowing the future with interest. We’ll take an hour now and we’ll give it back later.

I think I need a nap.

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11 Responses to Why Time Change is Stupid, and Other Eloquent Crap

  1. Jewels says:

    Haha I was just ranting to my daughter about daylight savings time yesterday. She neither cared nor understood my frustration. And this hour of extra sleep we were supposed to gain… my body clock woke me up the same time as always this morning and so now I feel like I lost an hour of sleep. Go figure. 😉 Time change IS stupid….


  2. Sherry says:

    I too hate it. I have been walking the dog for a week now with a flashlight since stumbling down a rutted road is a recipe for disaster. I’m so glad to be back in the light. It serves zero purpose at all…saves no money on energy, distresses cows and other animals, and just depresses the hell out of me when it will now be dark at 3 in the afternoon or close. A body was not meant to be jerked around like this. Politicians! a pox on all their chicken coops.


  3. Carrie Rubin says:

    I love the fall-back part. I look forward to that extra hour on a Saturday night (even though it doesn’t technically happen until 2 am Sunday) as if I have no other excitement in my life. Which is probably true. I’m not so pleased with the spring-forward part though. Don’t like that hour taken from me!


  4. wvtallchic says:

    You should hear the cows bawling when food’s an hour later than they’re used to. Nobody ever taught them to tell time. Nor warned them that twice a year we were going to mess up their food schedule.


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  7. LindaGHill says:

    Having lived with it my whole life it never really bothered me until I had kids. Then it was like, “you already wake me up at 5am, now it’s 4? UGH!!” Nothing like time change to mess with the routine.
    I never really thought much about people not understanding what “UTC” or “GMT – Greenwich Mean Time” means since I have an Aunt who lives so close to Greenwich that I’ve walked there from her place.
    I guess that’s just me. 😛

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