Smoke and Mirrors

Pursuant to my recent discovery of the antique mirror behind my furnace, I grew more curious about the other old mirror that came with the house. There’s an ornate oval mirror in the main bath, and its antiquing is much more pronounced than the rectangular one I retrieved from behind the furnace.

As I ran my bath, I decided to see how it was attached to the wall, and also, to see if it had any indication of a date on it.

What happened to me was slightly traumatic, and it’s okay if I peed my pants in horror just a lil bit, because, naked for bath.

I pulled the mirror away from the wall, and I distinctly heard the interstate.
*squeeze eyes tightly*
I immediately returned the mirror to the wall, horrified.

Minor panic attack. I’m okay, I’m okay, I’m okay.

No, I did not find the face of a dead girl staring back at me, thank you, Stir of Echoes, but I would not like to look too carefully!

What the WHAT?!? Crazy ass shit FTW!

I was rather shaken up about it. I kinda am, still. I just..what the..WHO DOES THAT?!? Okay, so you took the medicine cabinet out, and then NOTHING?!?

Now I know why I’m always finding so many baby spiders on the sink! At least once a week, I’m all, “Where do you come from, Baby Spiders?!?” I take them outside, where they all probably laugh at me in their squeaky baby spider voices.

I lay in my bath, talking to staring at the overhead light, asking it wondering, “If I take you down, will I see the sky?”
It did not respond to my query.
Bastard fixture. Prolly in cahoots with all the other fixtures.

It’s one (tacky, lazy) thing to paint around a mirror, but to not have drywall behind one? Totally not okay. Now I’ve got to drywall patch! I just wanted to paint the walls and buy some new rugs…Ugh!

I truly am thankful there wasn’t a plastic-wrapped girl in there, so that’s somethin.


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22 Responses to Smoke and Mirrors

  1. I like your glass half full attitude! Those old houses are something, aren’t they? The first house I bought when I was a single guy was from a retired fireman. You’ve never seen creative house rigging until you’ve seen the work of a fireman. Especially a retired one who knows he’s going to sell the house soon anyway…lol.


  2. meANXIETYme says:

    Hey, you have a hole there so why not put in a medicine cabinet? Easier than patching the drywall! πŸ™‚


    • I’ve never been a fan of medicine cabinets, since THEY LEAVE A HOLE IN THE WALL! lol!
      Also, I dunno how big they make medicine cabinets, but the bathroom is big and a little mirror would look weird in there…


      • meANXIETYme says:

        Probably why they took it out and put up a bigger mirror! LOL Good luck patching that hole. One thing I hating doing with home reno is drywall repair. Stupid drywall tape.


  3. meANXIETYme says:

    Also, more storage, which I feel every bathroom could use no matter how big it is! LOL


  4. Carrie Rubin says:

    “I lay in my bath, talking to staring at the overhead light, asking it wondering, β€œIf I take you down, will I see the sky?””—Ha! Made me laugh out loud. Let’s hope there’s more above your light than that.

    Maybe the dead girl leaped from the hole into the mirror, and that’s why you can’t see her. But she might still make her appearance. Beware. Mwahahahaahhaha…


  5. Sherry says:

    that will teach you to go sneaking around looking behind stuff! lol…IT’s always something with a new house…


  6. Stopped breathing here with ya for a sec. Brrrrrr spiders..
    And shut that creepy hole already!!!


  7. p.s – that red thing in the hole looks like a river of demons to me so pls be careful πŸ˜‰


  8. lisajsmi says:

    Way to look on the bright side…”No plastic-wrapped girl” hahahahaa I have one of those mirrors in front of a hole. Our old medicine cabinet was so disgusting we took it out. Turns out the house is so old that they no longer make that size medicine cabinet in the new and improved versions. Gratefully, ours doesn’t have anything creepy behind it…thank God…just some recessed plaster board and a couple of 2×6’s. I am still waiting for my honey to build some shelves back there or somethin’, anything.

    This really made me laugh. Never know what you will find in an older home when you start to pull things apart. Maybe you could build a box to put in there and make it your secret hiding place?


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