This is not a Christmas Post

While buying new sneakers for the girls the other night, I was subjected to Christmas carols.
On the way home, when I had escaped the carols, MIL called to tell me she’d spent the week decorating her house for Christmas, and to ask if I would help her put up her Christmas tree. That’s disturbing on several levels, but mostly because her Christmas tree is the size of my minivan, whereas I am the size of me. Also?
It is not Christmastime.

This is Pre-Thanksgivingtime. You’re supposed to be thinking about turkey, pumpkin pie, and how to avoid conflict with family. Surely you’re allowed to think about football, and maybe even get excited about the Macy’s parade, but it’s definitely not time for carols yet.

I should not yet be placed in one of those Christmas Party status scenarios on Facebook. I should not yet be receiving Christmas cards. It is, at present, suitable to be thinking about Hanukkah, but not fucking Christmas. Not yet.

Um, I actually like Christmas stuff at Christmas.
And technically, I don’t like Christmas. I like pagan stuff during Yuletide. And so do you, if you like the tree, baking, candles, and Holly, but whatever, People Who Worship New Gods.

I am not at war with Christmas, I just don’t want to be all-Christmased-up until I’ve put the leftover pie in the fridge.
One holiday at a time, thank you very much.

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12 Responses to This is not a Christmas Post

  1. Yeah, what the fuck people?


  2. Carrie Rubin says:

    I couldn’t believe it when I heard the first Christmas song on Sirius satellite radio the other day. It’s already started. Nothing but Christmas tunes on one of their stations. No one needs to hear Jingle Bells that early…


  3. wvtallchic says:

    Imagine that…a government re-shaping our traditions. And by government I mean corporations of course.


  4. Jewels says:

    I couldn’t agree more! I love Christmas… but not until AFTER Thanksgiving, and definitely NOT at the same time as Halloween ~ I saw Christmas decorations going up in the stores at the SAME TIME as the Halloween decorations this year! What is the retail world coming to? *Shakes head in disgust*


  5. Sherry says:

    I so agree. I love thanksgiving, and it’s getting all smushed in the race to trample each other to buy x-boxes. I am deeply offended at holiday crap up in every store already. But of course it doesn’t matter what I think does it?


  6. Matt Roberts says:

    Yeah, it’s out of control and totally all about money. I was in Walmart one day in early November last year and saw they had all of their Christmas stuff out and ready for sale. I saw it before I saw Thanksgiving stuff. That’s just too much and too early. No thanks, I’m done.


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