December Fifth

Today is The Mister’s birthday.

I will always remember this day, but not just for his birthday.

It’s strange the things that stay in our minds.

Fifteen years ago today, I was standing on Viv’s porch, in Urbana, Illinois, having a cigarette and talking to The Mister on the phone. It was hours before HME’s bridal shower, and it was a record high temperature.
It was in the low 60’s and I stood, barefoot on concrete, in a tank top and khakis.

The sun was warm on my skin, the ground was damp, melted snow dotted the landscape, and I was, in that moment, for so many reasons, incredibly happy.


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3 Responses to December Fifth

  1. words4jp says:

    not strange at all – they are your memories – special to you. what can be strange about that?


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