Welcome, Snow

Our first real snow of the season came with a Winter Storm Advisory last night. Until now, not much of the snow had “stuck,” and what had stuck melted too quickly. Apparently, in the wee hours, an icy mixture fell from the sky, but from standing on the porch this morning, I only see a beautiful blanket of snow. I’m relieved I don’t need to drive anywhere.

We’re on a two-hour delay from school.
Personally, I’d rather have a foot of snow and a snow day, and I’m sure the girls would, too.
Maybe another time, when it’s not quite as cold. It’s 24 feels like 16: I think that windchill will bite when we’re playing outside this afternoon.
But some homemade hot cocoa will only taste that much more delicious after that, won’t it?

In the meantime, it’s a perfect day to light some candles and write some more cards.

I hope all of you are staying cozy today, too.

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6 Responses to Welcome, Snow

  1. meANXIETYme says:

    Looks so lovely outside, even though I’m sure it’s cold and slippery. Maybe I’ll have a similar picture to post after you send that weather OUR way in the next couple of days. Unfortunately, it’ll probably leave us with slippery roads for Monday morning commutes… *sigh*


  2. Jewels says:

    We had our first real snow here too the other day, it’s gorgeous and makes me feel all cozy and festive for the holidays. A bit more frigid temps than I’d prefer though, it was 20 below windchill when I went out to start my car this morning {{{BRRR}}} and it didn’t warm up much more than that throughout the day. Some of that homemade hot chocolate sounds delicious right about now..


  3. Sherry says:

    Well, I sorta miss the concept of a snowy view, but I don’t miss the cold at all. I will however have to through on a hoodie when I go out to add on another string of lights to the my Christmas outdoor tree and then add the bulbs. But I do feel for you folks…lol..And getting stuck is something I spent a lifetime doing in the meadow, snow and mud…I don’t miss it one tiny smidgen of a bit. 🙂


    • I think it’s really important to live where you’re happy — cause I was totally miserable living in southeast Georgia, with the HOT! All the time HOT! lol
      I hope your hoodie will do its job! 🙂


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