Know Your Audience

I’ve got a small suggestion.
It’s one I practice myself.


I had a neighbor who was a sincere bigot. Since she complained to me about how the African-American culture “had done took over Febberary.” and how “them Mexicans was takin over the country,” and how “icky” she found the idea that my father and his partner were coming to visit, I did not ask her how she felt about Sassy’s crush on the biracial boy, or if she enjoyed pressing one for English…

I never agreed with her opinions, and initially, I tried to enlighten her ignorant ass, but ultimately, I couldn’t change the way she felt about any of it, so I had to agree to disagree and leave it at that.
Tolerance isn’t just prescribed for bigots, but also applies to those who must be tolerant of the intolerant.

When you’re talkin to an old white woman from The Deep South, maybe you stick to conversation about her cornbread fryin techniques. 

When you’re talkin to a old bearded fella from the country, maybe you ask him about his musket collection.

I do not agree with the statements made by the celebrities I’m alluding to, nor do I or did I watch their shows, but I do think too much is made over the bigoted opinions of a few minor celebrities.
Granted, I’d rather be pleasantly surprised by people who transcend their stereotypes, but I’m a realist.

Maybe it’s a writer thing: I just think it’s good to know your audience.

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11 Responses to Know Your Audience

  1. I’m always semi-shocked at blatant, nonchalant bigotry. I bought something from a feed store a few months back and had some shorts on so all my crap, including my badge case, was in my hand. When I put it on the counter to count out some bills, it opened and my badge became displayed. Long story short, the guy, who I didn’t know from Adam started asking me how I could do my job where I do it. He said he could never deal with all them “N words” etc. etc… I suck for not saying anything, but I did write a letter indicating that I expected a reply, if they ever wanted my business again, but it never came. They have the cheapest propane, so I guess they called my bluff because I do go there still, lol. Damnit. Some people just ain’t going to change.


    • I know it.
      Damn, that’s awful. I don’t know what the hell you’re supposed to say in that situation.


    • Aussa Lorens says:

      Ugh. That’s just… ugh. It’s almost too shocking when it happens, to know how to respond. I had to ask someone to leave the AT&T store I worked at in college because he wouldn’t stop saying it. I’m sure you can imagine what he called me after that.


  2. Aussa Lorens says:

    I feel like the internet is blowing up with all this DD stuff… I don’t watch the show or know much of anything about it but the response has been insane… I guess he is the new Paula Dean or something.


  3. ? says:

    I loved this, and I loved that you said it.


  4. Sherry says:

    I have found after long and hard work, that trying to change a bigot’s mind is like trying to soften concrete. You can bust it up but you can’t melt it. (then again, concrete probably does melt at sufficiently high temperatures…I’m not trained in that area frankly…hahaha).


  5. Matt Roberts says:

    My dad raised me to not be racist, and he constantly claims to not be racist, but he throws around the N word without pause. And I hate it. But you’re right, there’s no changing their minds, ever. Nothing will do it, so why bother? If they want to be ignorant pieces of trash, let them be.


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