All Aboard for an Arbitrary Adventure

I had a very busy, productive day, during most of which, I was out and about in the world, among other people.


A man whooped and hollered from across a parking lot, and when I turned to see what all the noise was about, it was about me.
“What’s your name, Sugar?”

I saw a woman nearly drive over a homeless man in the middle of an intersection, because she couldn’t possibly wait the ten seconds it took for him and his cart to pass. I encountered him a bit later and we discussed how incredibly rude and reckless she had been. He wasn’t quite right, but he knows wrong when it happens to him.


Today, I shopped and haggled more than I had in months. I still don’t like shopping. I especially hate shopping in stores that are overheated. I think I may be dehydrated.

I drove all over the city, in the rain. Worse than that, it was that rain-a-little-rain-a-lot-rain-not-kinda-rain that makes your wipers screech.


I saw a man bend over, and he wore no belt, because he’s too cool for a belt, I guess, so his pants fell down and his drawers were all holey. He had rather large furry ginger ass, the memory of which I cannot eradicate from my brain. Please send brain bleach, stat!

I had dinner at MIL’s house, where as we began to eat, a story about people starving in Damascus aired, beginning with a sickly child screaming in pain, just from being touched.


I tried mint M&M’s tonight, and they’re very tasty.

I would probably write a less miscellaneous and more interesting blog if I had caught more than a few hours sleep before such a busy, productive day. Sometimes The Mister and I stay up chatting into the wee hours, because we’re too stupid to shut up and go to bed. Then when we do go to bed, sometimes there’s touching. And sometimes, I have insomnia. And sometimes? I’m not even sure I got past lucid dreaming long enough to do any actual sleeping!

What you’re reading now is a word purge from my head, because I am going to bed soon, and I cannot be bothered to write something charming and clever, but I will not miss a day of blogging Every Damn Day December, no matter how random a post may be!


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19 Responses to All Aboard for an Arbitrary Adventure

  1. darsword says:

    Oh, this was such a deep, profound and FUN blog! Thanks for the ramble! I needed it!


  2. Random is fun, in my opinion.


  3. LindaGHill says:

    I especially like the giraffe. πŸ˜‰


  4. Jewels says:

    Mmm mint M & M’s!


  5. words4jp says:

    I will take your rambles any day. And mint M&M’s – to die for;)


  6. Sherry says:

    the best stuff usually comes when you just let your fingers run over the keys not paying especial attention to where they land…It’s my favorite blog to write…haven’t done one in a while…you inspire. rest. enjoy..peace out.


  7. Kat's Den says:

    I don’t think I’d like my M&Ms to taste like my chewing gum. It’s the same aversion I have to my ice cream. Is it so bad that I want ice cream to taste like ice cream and not like chewing gum?


  8. Matt Roberts says:

    The lady with the gas pump… I was driving past a BP the other day when I happened to look over at an older man standing at the pump. He was holding the pump in his hand and pointing it at his face. I almost wrecked as I drove by, because I couldn’t stop staring at him. I wanted to see if he was going to spray his face, or take a drink, or what. I never saw what he did with the pump.


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