The Back Forty

Good gravy! Didn’t I just blog?!?
Nine more posts will complete blogging for Every Damn Day December.
(I may take January off!)

Our property here extends beyond what’s within the yard. Beyond our fence, we own another acre, which we refer to quaintly as, “The Back Forty.” Apparently not everyone understands this phrase, but it’s an old expression for the least productive area of land on a farm, but it’s used to describe a far off place on a property, even sometimes, parking lots.

Our back forty really is undeveloped. I have visions of goats and garden patches, not together of course, but for now, it’s just lawn and a few other oddities; scraps of wood and branches for bonfires, a horseshoe set-up, and the burial place of one unfortunate run-over squirrel.

Right now, it’s “The Back Floody!” I’d bet it’s knee-deep in some places. Yes, my knee. Yes, I’m short — but still! Shows me where I won’t be planting…

Kinda hopin some ducks will show up.

Last night, my phone sent off an extremely loud and scary alarm, to let me know that there was a flash flood warning.

This gave me a serious fit of anxiety. I’m not afraid of flash floods, but I’m easily startled by sudden loud noises.
(You’re so glad you don’t have anxiety disorder.)
I made a cuppa herbal tea and waited for my heart rate to return to normal, while my friends led me to the settings that would make it impossible for my phone to scare the shit out of me ever again.

Our house is not in the flood plain, our ground is a bit higher on this side of the street, and our house is on a crawlspace, so floods aren’t really anything to worry about.

The people on the other side of the street are living on houseboats, it seems. No damages, but certainly inconvenience. Someone joked about building the ark, but I thought it was raining far too hard to do any sort of outdoor woodwork…


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10 Responses to The Back Forty

  1. meANXIETYme says:

    So glad you’re safe, but damn those noisy alerts! It’d freak me out, too.
    We have a back forty, too! And it gets all muddy and sloppy when it rains, but we never go back there so I guess it’s okay. On the other hand, don’t wish for ducks or geese, because they’re SO DIRTY! And dogs LOVE rolling in their poop. Bleh.


  2. Sherry says:

    hear some places got ice, others mounds of snow. And I too hate the weather alerts from the phone…both my husband and I get them and we always jump…but we also get a lot of sonic booms due to the air force flying overhead way up almost to far to see…they shake our house..the first few times we thought we were being bombed. Flash floods are a problem here too but they are way different than what you all experience…It doesn’t take much rain to start them and that’s why we have arroyos everywhere.


    • I understand the sonic booms, as I have lived on an Army base with live ammo training, including tanks and paladins.
      Yes, I know it’s different for floods there, and I hope you never suffer that damage!
      I can’t take the weather alerts! lol


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  6. Matt Roberts says:

    I just started reading the fifth Dark Tower book and they called their back 40 “Son Of A Bitch.” Also, I FINALLY figured out how to take off my severe weather alerts from my phone. HA! Take that “smart” phone!


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