We Do It Like Bunnies

For the better part of our marriage, our mornings have been spent in silence. Now and then, morning starts with screaming and cursing before coffee.

But, sometimes, after alarms, before first light, The Mister and I, with languid bodies and barely lucid minds, find one another in bed. I slide my bottom toward his hips and he scoops me in until I am burrowed in the heat of his body. We mesh easily. I skim my feet across his calves and against the soft, warm sheets. He clutches me in intervals with heavy sighs, breathing me in.

Kids are waken, trips to the bathroom are made, cats cry for food, the dog beats her tail against the floor until someone opens the door.

We return to bed. “Ahh.”
I rest my head in the crook of his arm, he kisses my hair. We nuzzle and stroke one another, finding familiar textures in each reach. We lie there as long as we can, coaxing our bodies into rising.

Yes, like bunnies.

bunniesCuddling, that is.

It’s a kind of intimacy that fills the gaps between sex. It’s a demonstration of devotion and belonging. On a lazy day, those tender moments might turn into more, but today it was a happenstance that turned random Tuesday into special Tuesday.
“Would you like me to make coffee?” I asked on special Tuesday.

Cuddles so good, your wife volunteers brewing coffee? Yes, it’s possible.

bunnies3                          “Have a good day, Baby!”

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10 Responses to We Do It Like Bunnies

  1. mithriluna says:

    Love this post! Intimacy is so important in marriage especially when you have kids – those sneaked in kisses, the hugs that are a few seconds longer than normal, looking into each other’s eyes while no one is paying attention. Those are the things that keep the fire burning. I love your descriptive words. And I love the bunny memes! They are perfect. 🙂


  2. words4jp says:



  3. Beautiful, and those moments you describe are the treasures of your relationship. That you value them so highly speaks volumes about you and the love you share.. Lovely stuff


  4. Sherry says:

    Delightful and sweet..


  5. Miss Lou says:

    Awwwwww Love this… I really think I might add #BunnySnuggles to the One Word Wonder post, just so I can make sure it gets included in the graphic.. lol.. Just wouldn’t be the same without it!… lol I might link this post in a response comment to you, if that is okay?


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