20 Things I Love Madly

I’m taking this prompt from Aussa Lorens, who took it from someone else, as part of some massive blog trend that I know nothing about because I live under a rock. I decided “madly” was better than “irrationally” for me, because by now, you really should know that irrationality is my friend. Also, I aimed for 21, but I failed.

1. Speaking like the small children who have changed my life. “How you are? What you do? You do fings? Kinda fings? S’at? Mmm, dat mell good. I’un some. I’un poon? Fanks. Dat you yip goss? You siss me? I yip goss too! We eat shushis morrow yesterday laters again? Mow kitty ccchhhkk at me! She say ‘ccchhhhkk’ like that. Why she do like that? She no like it when I pull her tayell?” Stuff like that.

2. Cool, blustery days. Specifically, wind in my hair. A light rain is always a bonus.


3.  When I begin to think something and my husband says or does exactly what I’m thinking.

4. Words. Duh. Reading words, writing words, saying words, learning new words, word games, crosswords.

5. Schadenfreude. Particularly when irony or karma are involved.

6. Walking through baby sections of stores while smiling and commenting loudly, “Ming-mings? Nope! Nursing pads? No thank you! Diapers? Hell to the no!”

7. Giraffes.


8. The smell of my husband when he needs a shower. Not after a day of air travel on a C-130 packed full like a sardine can, just on a regular day.

9. Being quiet and nodding along pleasantly right before launching into a crazy bitch tirade no one expected.

10. Playing and working outdoors, particularly in dirt, (while it’s windy and there’s a light rain?)

11. Novocaine shots. It’s the one pain killer the dentist will always give you. It always works.

12. Having philosophical, existential, esoteric conversations long into the night.

13. Regular Oreos. Classic Oreos. Not colored Oreos, not dipped in fudge, or white chocolate, or for a limited time only. Not double lard Oreos. No Oreos that taste like something else. Just regular Oreos. With milk. No milk? No plain ol’ Oreos? No thanks.

14. Sleeping after a hot bath, hot tea, opening the window and sliding into cold sheets.

15. Morning sex. “Is that for me?” I’m already mostly naked and completely relaxed, what else would I want?


16. Driving on ramps. Big, long, curvy ramps. My favorite ramp is the one from I-70E to 465N but I also like the new ramp in a tunnel from Shadeland to 465N.

17. Noticing some stranger in public wears the scent of my best friend, my grandmother, an old lover, a favorite teacher. Sometimes that woman who appears to be following you is just in it for the sniffing.

18. Stroking the faces and hair of my daughters, like my mother did with me.

19. Leaves in Fall. Wet leaves, burning leaves, colorful leaves, crunchy leaves, piles of leaves, leaves blowing in the wind.

20. Watching movies with subtitles on. Subtitles enhance my viewing pleasure.

Now, don’t you want to list things you love madly or irrationally? DO YOU LOVE LISTS?

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14 Responses to 20 Things I Love Madly

  1. #7 cool giraffe tattoo
    #13 regular oreos are THE only oreos
    #21 Look, I’m still here


  2. Stupid ass teen drama series such as Dawson’s Creek and Veronica Mars – my secret shame 😀


  3. Sherry says:

    hmmmm, if I wrote such a list, I don’t think it would have any of these…and yet I feel we connect….humans are wildly bizarre doncha think?


  4. Jewels says:

    These are great! I’m totally with you there on #19…


  5. Aussa Lorens says:

    There is a very VERY good chance that I will replicating that giraffe drawing on my hand tomorrow while I’m at work.


  6. I just love that you made this list. That’s all I would put on my own list. Like this: 1. Joeyfullystated just wrote a list that made me so happy!


  7. Kat's Den says:

    Talking like my children was just natural. I had to watch while out in public, though. I got over it when they got older, but now I find that I’m talking like my grandchildren. Pretty soon I’ll just be too old to tell the difference, and it’ll be me talking like that for real.


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