T is for Tulips

Tulips are my favorite.
White tulips above all. Tulips in every color are gorgeous, but white ones are my favorite.

I don’t know when exactly tulips became my favorite, but I had tulip bedding in 1987. The comforter subsequently became my woobie, traveling everywhere with me, to college, on road trips, even to the hospital to have my babies, and I didn’t give it up until 2008. It was threadbare, and the batting so clumped, it was no longer comfortable.

I wanted tulips at my wedding, but I married in August, so I carried sweetheart roses instead. Sweetheart roses are spectacular, but they’re not tulips.

In 2003, we bought a house with a substantial yard and many established plants. I added tulips every year.
In 2004, I might have had 100, but by 2006, I know I had over 200 tulips in my yard.
And in 2006, while Sissy, Sassy and I deadheaded the begonias and snapdragons, Moo deadheaded every single tulip in the back yard. I cried. Poor Moo, she was only trying to help.

When I lived in Georgia, it was too warm for bulbs, so the only tulips I had were cut in vases.
Ground phlox blooms in January in Georgia. Pansies are a winter flower in the south. It pained me, I swear.
I would be unhappy to live anywhere where I would need to freeze the bulbs in the house before planting them. Along with deciduous trees, my landscape must include bulbs in the spring. This year I will add hyacinth and crocuses, but the tulips were an urgent requirement.

Since we moved here in August, and I had plenty of inside work to do, the only things I planted in my new yard last fall were tulips. Just started with 56, here and there, because I wasn’t too sure what was planted where. (Good thing, too, since spring is showing me!)

My mother joked with me about planting The Back Forty as a field of daffodils. Wouldn’t a field of tulips be better?

I’m not sure if it was the strange, brutal winter, or my eagerness for tulips, but I did experience Spring Fever this year. My theory is that one cannot possibly enjoy the glory of spring without having suffered through a winter. It’s nature’s reward.

The tulips are all at various stages, due to their varieties and the sunlight conditions. Those that have opened already are mostly closed this morning, because it’s cold, only about 40F. I enjoy watching the tulips open and close. I admire them. I marvel at them. I downright stare at them. They are beautiful. I love tulips.

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30 Responses to T is for Tulips

  1. meANXIETYme says:

    Love your pictures of the pretty tulips!


  2. Tulips are lovely I agree, and always reinforce my sense of Spring


  3. BeckyDue says:

    I Love Tulips! 🙂


  4. Jewels says:

    Lovely Joey! I can’t wait until the tulips start blooming here…


  5. Myas says:

    T is for tulips…. very nice post! It’s no longer cloudy today Thanks for the sunshine… . 🙂


  6. words4jp says:

    So precious;) I have always enjoyed tulips. They seem to want to invite your hand – holding them, cupping them gently. So beautiful in color, texture and shape. I am a calla lily person, but tulips run a very close second:)


  7. suzjones says:

    That sounds like my kind of garden. I love tulips also (but alas they aren’t my favourite flower). I have a few planted in our garden but we live in a sub-tropical climate so it wasn’t worth having more than a few. I look forward to spring when my irises come out thought. 😉


    • Are the irises your favorite then? I must admit, I’ve never had irises in any garden, although I have long admired the purple and yellow bearded fellows 🙂


      • suzjones says:

        No, my favourite are Arum Lilies but my lilies don’t want to flower here.
        I have many of the purple ones in my garden. Hidden somewhere. I’m sure they’ll make their appearance in a few months though.
        I’m looking forward to the photos of your tulips.


  8. Alice says:

    Tulips for me too!


  9. Pagadan says:

    I love your tulips! I miss them here in Florida, but I get to see them in the grocery store and as gifts; they’re one of my favorite gifts.


  10. spacurious says:

    ‘I deadheaded the begonias’. Please speak English for those of us who live on the 15th floor with no begonias or tulips for miles. From where I stand, this can only be frightening.


  11. Sherry says:

    I planted something like 200 daffodils in the meadow…I just threw them around and dug a hole where they landed…It’s nice to think that they will be there for years to come.


  12. Tulips are very pretty. My favorite flowers are carnations.


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