S is for So Many Things

I have so many things to do in my yard.

No, really, SO MANY.


Spring has arrived, and my yard is full of so many neglected plants that need division. So many hostas, for one. Ornamental grasses, daylilies, and lily-of-the-valley, too. I also have an abundance of plants that won’t tell me their names.
“Are you bellflower? I think you might be bellflower.”

I always miss my mother, but it’d be great to have her walk around my yard with me right about now. Would it be selfish to send her a plane ticket for Mother’s Day? I know my dad will miss her, but think of all the golf he can watch! Golf is on now, right? I know if she leaves the beach too early in the season, she freezes to death, but we do have all those quilts…

these are not my parents

these are not my parents

I want to make a walkway. I have pavers. They’re kinda heavy (kinda miss my wheelbarrow) and they’re all over the yard, but I have them. I just need to dig and level and add sand and lay the brick and oh yeah, I need new steps…

Gotta prune the shrubs.

Still pulling out dead organic matter every time I go out.

The grass needs to be mowed.
Hey! That’s not my job! But he doesn’t need to do The Back Forty yet, just the front…

Sadly, building raised beds for my garden is also not my job, so I’ll be nagging reminding The Mister about that.

found out i can't keep goats here *sigh*

found out i can’t keep goats here *sigh*

I’m not saying I have nightmares about a ruined garden, but I have nightmares about a ruined garden. Those nightmares may or may not involve laughing squirrels, snow in July, and White Walkers.


i’ve seen worse

The peonies are coming up, and I’m terrified they’ll have powdery mildew again this year.

So many things to do.

Tell me you have a lot of earth to tend, too?

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24 Responses to S is for So Many Things

  1. meANXIETYme says:

    Yes, and unlike you, I do not likey. I likey the end results, but not the digging and tending and planting and etc etc. I also need to do a walkway, but we have no pavers and no plans to do it. We just keep telling people to go to the side door directly off the driveway and ignore the front door. 😉
    Also, my energy is generally directed to other, less physically strenuous, jobs. Which is why my yard is pretty barren. But I’m just too likely to pull a muscle or throw out my back, so I don’t even attempt that shit anymore.


  2. Deborah says:

    One of the benefits of living in an apartment. I love the line about plants that won’t even tell you their names. 🙂


  3. Luanne says:

    Living in the desert, we don’t have the big change in seasons, so we’re sort of doing it all year round. Not so much in the spring, but then we don’t get a fricken break either.


  4. cardamone5 says:

    That’s the only reason I miss the Midwest (used to live in Wheaton, IL)…the early Spring and longer growing season. I have to wait until after Memorial Day to plant. It sucks.



    • I see. I do love being home 🙂 Couldn’t grow much in my yard on the Army base in Georgia. Had Mexican petunias, juniper, salvia, and zinnias…pretty, but sad, too.


  5. Carrie Rubin says:

    I don’t do any gardening or yard work. Isn’t that terrible? But I don’t like critters. Yeah, I’m a wuss.


  6. Patti Hall says:

    Love the garden, love the work. Um, sorry, but I do. Going in all directions, making a secret garden from plants and paraphernalia of gardens past. I have always always wanted to fill every pretty pot I have with flowers and I am close to it. Happy gardening.


    • I do too. (I realize you haven’t read me long enough to know, but I do too!)
      I’m just a little overwhelmed at the moment. We bought the house in August, so this is my first spring here, and my, my, my, she really let it go. Overcrowded.


  7. Aussa Lorens says:

    Yes! I have invasive bamboo to slaughter! And you don’t know how badly I want to get an adorable baby goat to trim the backyard for me. It’s very difficult to resist and I honestly can’t make any promises.


  8. Sherry says:

    make a list of priorities, and then start and do what you can when you can. You gotta leave some for next year…lol…try to keep the joy in it all, and avoid the “should” voice in your head…Just a corner at a time…I had 30 acres…lol…grand plans are sure to be ruined…start small…take great joy in that it will be better this fall than when it was last…:)


  9. Jewels says:

    I often miss living out on 6 acres, but then I remember how much work it was, and how limited my body has become, and then I read things like this… And then I am thankful for my tiny little garden. 😉 Honestly though… it all sounds really wonderful Joey, I sort of envy you. Just pace yourself, maybe make a list. 😀


  10. words4jp says:

    I live in a town house, so my outside gardening is one hanging basket and Peyton and i are going to do an herb garden – ala balcony boxes. I have lots of indoor plants. please post some pics of your beautiful gardens – when they are done – or – a work in progress works, too:)


  11. spacurious says:

    ‘We wet our plants…’ Heh.


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