W is for Welcome Ethel

This is Ethel.

She’s a “rescue.” She’s only been used twice, so it’s my job to put her to work.

Friends of ours dropped her off today, because they were feeling guilty about neglecting Ethel and thought she’d be happier here with me.
I don’t know if Ethel will be happier, but I sure will.
I’m so delighted that they thought of me! What a lucky woman I am!

I had an old Sunbeam stand mixer, also given to me, but it eventually died during the holidays of 2007. While I always said I would buy a new one, and The Mister even offered to buy me one at some point, I never did get around to it. (I do that. It took me over a year to finally commit to buying a new set of knives.)
Right about now, I feel like I’m being rewarded for my purchase procrastination!

Isn’t she just magnificent?!?

Welcome, Ethel, welcome. I promise you will never want for attention in my kitchen.

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27 Responses to W is for Welcome Ethel

  1. Ethel will be happy to whip up lots of yummy cakes for you and the family. That is one magnificent machine. And Ethel is the best kind.
    Congratulations for procrastination. Sometimes that works really well, but the trick is, you can never know when…or the challenge…or fun of it, I should say.
    Stand mixers take me back to a happy part of my childhood when I would help my mother make cakes and I’d get to lick the beaters. I still do eat the batter, even though I shouldn’t since uncooked eggs are a no-no. Hasn’t killed me yet so why change now?


  2. à la Streisand: Hello gawgeous.
    What’s on the menu?


  3. meANXIETYme says:

    Wow, Ethel is a beaut! We have a companion to Ethel here (in boring white), as yet unnamed because, well, I’ve never actually named an appliance before. 😉 But I use mine (more often now than when I received it for a wedding gift fifteen years ago) and I love it…it’s quite a workhorse!
    You enjoy Ethel. As I’m sure your family will enjoy the fruits of Ethel’s (and your) labor.


  4. words4jp says:

    Ethel is beautiful. I have one – I actually bought it for Peyton his trifecta year – bar mitzvah, birthday and Hanukkah all within a few weeks of each other. He is my chef boy. It is his;). I joke with him and say he is going to be the only freshman in a dorm room with a kitchen aid!!!


    • It’s wonderful that you have one who cooks! I don’t know that any of my children have interest in cooking, although I do give/ have given them all tasks…Maybe it will come to them later…


  5. She’s beautiful! Congrats!


  6. LindaGHill says:

    She’s lovely! 🙂


  7. Myas says:

    She is a thing of beauty!


  8. suzjones says:

    Ethel is a beauty that’s for sure!


  9. Oh yes she is magnificent, and I can she will last as long as she is loved and used, and far beyond the days when her colour may no longer be in fashion: even then, as you move the dial she will start singing to you about her love of cooking. May you have many happy years together


  10. Sherry says:

    although wildly expensive there is really no substitute for these heavy duty babies who make kneading dough child’s play. I use mine all the time and love it…mine has survived “walking” off the counter and crashing to the floor…just broke her nose is all…would love a new one, but who can justify the expense when the old gal works just fine?


  11. it looks like it will be a great friend. 🙂


  12. spacurious says:

    I’ve always wanted one. In red! Not that I’d ever use it but she’s so damn pretty…
    Enjoy her. And don’t make her sleep in the wet spot.


  13. Kat's Den says:

    Oh how pretty! I’m a fan of breadmaking and am a little jealous of your Ethel. She looks like she could handle the dough really well. Congrats on the adoption!


    • Funny you should mention that. I’ve been reading about the batch load for dough and I’m not sure I’ll use her for Challah or naan, because I’d need to mix the dough and then divide it several times. Best to use small volumes of dough in the Kitchenaid mixer. 😦 *quite sad*

      BUT! It’s great for cookies and cakes!


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