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Togetherness, Ferrealiously*

Well you know, I thought after I wrapped up NaNo, I’d be super-blogg-y and there would still be plenty of time to experience all the wonders of yuletide. Of course, I would spend a quiet evening at the table, writing … Continue reading

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“Joey, why did they put the baby Jesus on the cross?”

In case you thought I’d ever run out of stories about how religious education is a tough grasp for children, I won’t. As I’ve said before, I took care of my nephew Simon when he was a smaller person. As … Continue reading

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I just read a comic strip about how offensive it is to ask people what they do, so I stopped to wonder whether or not it’s offensive, and I┬ácan only say it’s boring. It’s not nearly as polite, and seldom … Continue reading

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To What End?

Recently, someone from Twitter started following me on Instagram. My immediate reaction was, “So you’re hot.” Wowza! I had no idea he was hot, I just liked his tweets. But you know, I have no intention of offering him anything … Continue reading

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