Share Your World #5

If you had a shelf for your three most special possessions (not including photos, electronic devices and things stored on them, people or animals), what would you put on it?

Stuff on a shelf. Hmm. So not furniture or blankets, huh? My copy of Where the Sidewalk Ends, my cherished chicken from Drew and Beauty Queen, and of course, that painting from my grandmother’s house (bet you coulda guessed!)


If you had a box labelled ‘happiness’, what would you put in it?


If it has to be literal, then a box of puppies and kittens would be quite nice, thanks!


What do you want more of in your life?

Haha, that’s a slippery slope, wanting more. Being understood would be the top of my list. You’ll certainly never hear me say that I don’t want more energy, ice cream, time, sex, travel, or money, either.


Daily Life List: What do you do on an average day? Make a list of your usual activities you do each day.

Day begins with coffee and angst. Every day involves a lot of reading, daydreaming, and writing. Word games are daily. Much of the day involves maintaining relationships — the care of people and animals. There’s cooking and cleaning and laundry, running errands and watching television, walking and taking pictures. Sometimes there’s sewing, baking, gardening, DIY, or some other crafty thing. There’s no shortage of problem solving, that’s fer damn sure. Much of the evening is me trying to do things while also telling other people what to do. I always find time to worry, count my blessings, stretch, and stare at the sky. I aim for a nap most days, and usually get at least one a week. Day ends with affection and relief.



Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

Y’all will prolly get sick of me writing that I’m grateful for my husband, but that’s just how it is.
This week I get to be a dinner guest and I look forward to long talks with good friends.

Cee’s Share Your World is a weekly feature, and all are welcome to play along.

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What’s going on in your world this week?

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31 Responses to Share Your World #5

  1. Josh Wrenn says:

    Coffee and angst?

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  2. orbthefirst says:

    This week I am taking up pipe smoking. May or may not be full time. Dunno yet. I do know tho, that itll mean Ill smoke less.

    And I agree about the 3 special things on a shelf. Its such a tricky question. Like what am I supposed to say? My wheelchair, my mom and my cat? Or was it a tarp, my knife and some cord? Or oh! how about my hammock, some tunes and a breezy October evening…? So many choices…

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    • joey says:

      It IS tricky. Cause no people, no photos, no electronics….I don’t think breezy October evenings fit on the shelf any better than dining tables and blankets 😛

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  3. Cee Neuner says:

    Enjoy your dinner out this week. Thanks for sharing Joey.

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  4. “Day begins with coffee and angst.” I can relate. 😉 I loved this post. You always have the best perspective on life.

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  5. Carrie Rubin says:

    Those first three questions are intriguing. A person could get quite philosophical with them if they wanted. Would be great for those card games whose purpose is to stimulate discussion.

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  6. Judy Martin says:

    You have a lot going on in your day, Joey. I am glad it ends up with ‘affection and relief’ after the ‘coffee and angst’ start.

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  7. Benson says:

    Is it like teenager angst or more Kafka angst? Do you do this exercise every week? For the shelf are they things you have now or the things you used to have. Lord if I did this regularly I would probably become neurotic again;or something.

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    • joey says:

      I do this every week. She posts the questions on Monday.
      I think she means the things you own now, but if you read her directions you’ll see that she’s very open-minded about the questions, so really, they’re just prompts. Good for introverts 🙂
      I don’t think my angst is on the level of being Kafka-esque. Prolly a lot more Woody Allen than Kafka, but way more than teenage angst.

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  8. prior2001 says:

    Love thinking of a box of puppies and kittens – and never too much props for the hubs – at least in my opinion- 💜

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  9. jan says:

    This week I began a course in marketing. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up!

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  10. I’m sewing quilt blocks but just ran out of material which will require a trip to the fabric store to keep going. I know you do some DIY so here’s mine for the week.The granite guys are coming tomorrow to try and remove my granite island so it can be cut down. (It was created to have stools which we’ve never had and all we do is bump into the overhang.) What are the odds this thing will come off, be moved, get cut, and reinstalled without breaking? Keep your fingers crossed.

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  11. reocochran says:

    I like your having coffee with angst, Joey. I also try to solve problems and worry about a lot of things. Over the weekend, I went out for the first time in awhile since my artist brother was visiting. He has a “gig’ in Plain City, Ohio about 30 miles away and had received a deposit check, heading back to Cleveland on Sunday (yesterday.) We drank and enjoyed an older style band with great music, up until midnight. Then, I went to my oldest daughter’s house at 5:30 am. I was “cranky” I knew it when her boys, Skyler and Micah came in and tried to get me up. Their Mommy left at 6:00 and they were already “restless.” I had brought Tim Horton’s Timbits in a box, chocolate for Micah and apple fritters for Skyler. I told them to pour themselves a cup of milk and go for the Timbits. I was tired! Anyway, this morning I felt bad, since I had only played one game of Star Wars version of “Trouble.” I had put boys in the car and we had picked up Burger King 5 items for $4. Sky and I replace fries with their onion rings. Their Mommy had left them a nice meal that I could have easily prepared, ingredients all set out. Guilty this morning with a side order of my own angst, Joey. Love you so much! 🙂 Hope you won’t mind my spilling my guts here and thanks for saving me going to a therapist. Also, very glad you still are grateful for the Mister and everyone likes their friends to be happy. Smiles, Robin

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    • joey says:

      Haha! Oh Robin, thank you. You’re always welcome to spill here. I do that as well, a lil here, a lil there, where it applies. I hate to bleed on my own blog.
      I think you need to forgive yourself the cranky and the fast food. I mean, really, all mommies and ESPECIALLY grannies are entitled to be tired and lazy at times 😉 You’ve raised your own pile of kids — you have the right to live music and drinks and a sleep in after. A lil timbits never hurt anyone 😛


  12. Dan Antion says:

    A box of memories is perfect.

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  13. April says:

    I guessed your three shelf things. 🙂 Also, being grateful for your husband is perfect. I don’t know where I would be without mine.

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  14. kirizar says:

    While I identified with much of what you wrote, mostly I was distracted by the picture of the giraffe. I wondered, “Why did someone think of a Giraffe ironing a spotted suit? Who thinks of naked giraffes? How does the giraffe iron with no real ‘arms’?” This is what happens to my brain when I have too much caffeine and little sleep.

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  15. Day begins with coffee and angst – I agree with commenters above, this is a great comment/answere.

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