Waiting for Maturity to Strike

Writing online is really helping me learn to take criticism. And by take criticism, I mean I’m getting much better at using the pain of criticism to make a witty comeback while thinking suck a dick instead of crying unabashedly. Instead of shouting oh for fuck’s sake, it’s a joke! at my computer I am able to pity those who do not share my humor.

I reckon this is good, because one day I really will finish my books and maybe more than ten people will read them, and prolly not all those eleven people will have understood the writing. Inevitably, we will fail one another that way.


I can remember in college, studying En Attendant Godot. The prof asked why Beckett mentioned the characters using the bathroom, rejected all the ideas given, and then said something about God. My thought, although I held my tongue, was did beckett tell you that himself? did you read that he said it? because honestly, Beckett himself said something along the lines of how he’d grown bored of other people’s complicated interpretations of simple things. By the time I read that play, I’d already figured out that the best of the written word has what can be a seemingly endless variety of interpretations and applications.

So I sit here, with my little blog and my little stories, without even having been translated into six different languages, and I think well who am i to determine the reader responses? 

Have you had any similar experiences? Do you suffer from a similar condition? Do you think some people put the anal in analyze?

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  1. I don’t even remember the circumstances, but on two occasions someone mentioned how brilliant I was then discussed something I never intended. I learned that readers will see things differently, and as long as they enjoy it I’m golden.

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  2. Oh yes, it happens quite a lot. You can even tag it “fiction,” and people will assume it’s real. Or when you mean something to be humorous, and they come at you angry and upset. Or vice versa. I’ve found it quite interesting, and it makes me go back and read my own writing and go…huh, I guess I could see how he/she interpreted it that way.

    As you said, though, there’s a relationship between writer and reader, and we aren’t always going to agree on the words shared. And sometimes it really makes me wanna shout, “suck a dick!” 😀

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  3. Ha…your 11 people. ☺ We all bring so much to everything we read. I like that, I think. Even when they don’t get the joke.

    And about Godot…it reminds me of when Lennon wrote “I am the Walrus” with the most nonsensical lyrics he could think of…in response to a teacher who had his students studying Beatles lyrics. Theatre of the absurd.

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  4. Dan Antion says:

    Some people certainly do “…put the anal in analyze” but I don’t really care. I’ve received a few complaints or indications of what I consider misinterpretations, but they don’t bother me. I write. People are free to read, agree, disagree, understand, misunderstand and whatever else they might do. Sometimes, I like what people suggest, like I stumbled onto something without realizing it. Other times, I wonder what I missed. For example, one reader promised to explain why The Wizard of OZ _is_ a Christmas movie (ahem, hint, hint). I’m still looking forward to that post.

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    • joey says:

      That is soooo funny, Dan, because I’d thought of that while I was reading, but I must say, I won’t write that for a long, long time. Sorry.
      I want to be not bothered by misinterpretations. This is my goal.

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  5. kirizar says:

    This must stem from some situation. I will have to go back to read what prompted the introspection. Meanwhile, bear up under the pettiness of small minds. No doubt, that is all the thinking of which they are capable.

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  6. jan says:

    Not everyone is going to get your writing – that’s just a fact every writer has to come to grips with. Sounds like your prof was not very open minded.

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  7. I’ve come across this, too. Blogging really is a good way to get used to criticism early on. People seem to be a lot harsher online compared to the people standing in front of you. I’ve had complaints about my sense of humor. People who take it too seriously. People who think I’m too inappropriate. Whatever. I still like yelling ‘suck a dick’. It’s fun for me lol. Definitely cathartic.

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  8. LindaGHill says:

    Yes. Some people put the anal in analyse. They’re the ones who tend to overdo it.
    I don’t have a problem with constructive criticism, in fact I relish it (as you know). It’s criticism for the sake of the critic listening to the sound of his/her own voice that makes me want to tell him/her to choke on a dick.

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  9. Laura says:

    Anal in analyze…snigger!! I’ve never been able to put that into words before…

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  10. Ally Bean says:

    I make a distinction between criticism and trolling. I’ve had both. Anyone who disagrees politely with what I’ve said is okay because they might have a good point– and at least, they’ve given me something to think about. I can accept that kind of analysis.

    However, individuals who are out to get me just because I exist are a completely different experience. It’s from these people that I’ve learned to ignore the haters & never give them a second chance, because I’ve learned some people just aren’t worth it. [Hard words coming from a kind heart.]

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  11. Susanne says:

    Readers bring their own life experiences, reading experiences, biases, blah, blah, blah, to everything. I get a huge kick out of how others interpret things I’ve written. Often, I think they enrich the writing. Given the lively nature of your writing and your unique voice and your bawdy sense of humour I’m not surprised there have been “polarities”. I agree with Ally Bean. Trolls are nasty and they don’t deserve you. Flush them out and flush them away.

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  12. orbthefirst says:

    I recall a time when I someone thought I had misspelled “angel” just about every time I used the word “angle” which totally changed the tone of just about every single thing I ever wrote.

    At first I was mad, like, “Is my writing that vague that someone could screw that up?”
    And then I thought, “Maybe shes just having an off day.”

    I still dont take criticism well, but I do value opinions. 😛

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  13. orbthefirst says:

    Its been a while. Youve seen all I got so far. Ill get back to it when I can.

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  14. I think every second time I talk to a woman I am interpreted in a way I never intended. Mostly, because I’m a bit of a dick and fairly dense.

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  15. dalecooper57 says:

    I like Waiting For Godot, I remember doing a production of it at school. I prefer Krapp’s Last Tape though.

    I couldn’t give a toss about criticism; the more the merrier as far as I’m concerned. It gives me something to argue about and I usually ignore it anyway.
    I write to entertain myself, if other people don’t enjoy it, why should I care, I didn’t write it for them?

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  16. puppy1952 says:

    I believe that it doesn’t matter what people think of your writing. I write because I like to. And I believe that no matter what rubbish I write somebody is going to read it and like it or not!

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  17. I am hoping to some day get 11 readers!

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  18. Sherry says:

    Here’s a secret: The reason I never majored in literature in college (being an avid reader since I was a kid, you’d a thought it was a given), was because I learned early on that they wanted you to dissect a good story and find all these hidden meanings…Since they apparently didn’t want me to enjoy the story, I figured, that I’d read without their help and major in something else…So it was probably a tad naive, but I think it’s still fairly true eh?

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  19. Anxious Mom says:

    “Instead of shouting oh for fuck’s sake, it’s a joke!”

    Story of my life! People and their shitty sense of humor.

    I’ve had a few people on my blog do the whole overanalysis thing. It annoyed me, so I ignored them since I’d only get pissed off having to go back and forth with them.

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  20. Hahhah, lovely approach. I remember the Godot, and the wait. Books like this one are great because you realise you can get away with ANYTHING. And I’ll translate you, promise. ❤

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  21. April says:

    I swear, my blog is *hidden* or it isn’t read by many. Which is fine because I mostly write to remind myself of something or to communicate with all my relatives on the west coast. I only have to say things once and be done with it. If I get someone who likes to troll, I use passive aggressive tactics, or I just delete them.

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  22. garym6059 says:

    Wait a minute your telling me to tell someone to “Go Suck a Dick” isn’t an appropriate response to people that don’t “get” my humor. I’ll be away for a while Joey I’ve got a lot of apologizing to do like months worth. For fucks sake why do you point these life hacks out to me?????

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  23. Humor is a tricky thing. My husband loves slapstick, I think its the stupidest (I know its not a word) thing every. Not funny AT ALL in my humble opinion. But I get that people do think it’s funny and to each his own. I enjoy your writing and humor, and I appreciate your occasional snark and sarcasm. That’s funny to me because it’s smart humor, and it’s not hurting anyone. Ignore the haters. They like slapstick (no offense if you like it, too!)

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  24. I suppose my years in writing workshops broke me of the habit of thinking I was meaning one thing. Moreover, I’ve come to acknowledge my subconscious has as much to say as my conscious mind. I look forward to seeing how others respond to my pieces, giving me more insight into what I might have trying to say.

    I do find it incredibly irritating when someone acts as if there is one interpretation or they know the author’s intent when even the author may not have know his or her intent (the subconscious up to its old trick). Even they say this was their intent, they just might be clueless to the wounds and garbage they carry around deep within in them where language cannot go.

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