One-Liner Wednesday — Envy

“If you fucking nap, I swear to fucking God, I will get up and fucking rack you,” I said sweetly to The Mister.

This One-Liner Wednesday is brought to you by LindaGHill and the three hours of sleep I’d had on Monday night.


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31 Responses to One-Liner Wednesday — Envy

  1. Dan Antion says:

    OOOOO-kay, no nap today.

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  2. Some day, you’ll be able to nap, and it will be glorious. ☺

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    • baldjake70 says:

      Like she did the day before that picture. Like she got to sleep in this morning. Don’t let her kid you. It just so happened that we had been up late the previous evening, and she got next to no sleep, we were going to a friends in the evening, and was not about to let me indulge in a innocent little catnap.

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  3. dalecooper57 says:

    There are many definitions of this word, but none of them fit my understanding of what I can only guess is a punishment of some kind. (unless having a large pair of fake breasts strapped to you is considered suitably punishing over there).

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  4. Very descriptive. I think I will stay away from you when you don’t get enough sleep!

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  5. bikerchick57 says:

    Remind me never to get on your bad side…

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  6. meANXIETYme says:

    OMG I know the feeling. Hub can crash any time of the day without consequence (and he can drop off at the snap of your fingers), but I can’t nap during the day. I feel your pain, Joey!


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  7. Benson says:

    Tough lady. The mister may want to try being a bit sneaky about his naps. That is akin to eating an eclair while your partner is on a diet. Bad form and possibly dangerous. I hope you all sleep well tonight.

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  8. La Sabrosona says:

    I just figured out baldjake is The Mister. I feel so behind on the times. I blame it on the fact that my craving for unhealthy munchies yesterday still haven’t been satisfied. Sleep, however, is a smidgen more important than chocolate.

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  9. LindaGHill says:

    He’s lucky you’re so sweet. 😀

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  10. Oh, so softly spoken!

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  11. Anxious Mom says:

    Have you ever considered prison inmate as a future career choice?

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  12. Annette says:

    Hahaha love it! Did he fucking nap?

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