She said WHAT?!?

Not too long ago, one of my online friends, friend of a friend, asked me if I would mention her friend’s friend’s kid’s fundraiser on my blog.
My immediate thought was “Hell no!” I mean, did she not even read the post about FundingEveryfuckingThing?
I didn’t shout obscenities at her or anything, I simply said I didn’t think my blog was the right platform for that, and then I said I would post the link in a tweet. In turn, she said she thought my blog was the right place, because it’s a mommy blog.

A what now?
A mommy blog?!?
Why? Cause I have kids?
What the fuck did she mean, mommy blog?
Silly woman, this blog is about me! Me, me, me, and more me. Me, Neurotic Bitch me, Mother me, Wife me, Writer me, Word Whore me, Foodie me, and General Go-To-Girl, ME!

Sometimes I blog mommy-like things, but if you look at the tags on my blogs, the number one inclusion is The Mister, so I’m much closer to running a wife blog than a mommy blog, thank you very much.

The tags on my blog also indicate that I spend more time parenting than having panic attacks, so I think that’s good. Phew!

I shared her friend’s friend’s kid’s link on Twitter and then scoured things while thinkin about why being called a mommy blogger bothered me.
I read mommy blogs.
I like mommy blogs.
I don’t only read and like mommy blogs. I read and like daddy blogs, too. Let’s face it, parenting is one of my interests, because it’s part of my life, but I read about not parenting, because I’m a well-rounded person. In fact, motherhood made me more well-rounded. Well, motherhood and ice cream…

art credit

Being called a mommy blogger is far from an insult.
She probably read one of my mommy posts, and since she’s not a mommy, she was bored to tears, but stored this mommy blog label for a later, more useful time.
Really not any different from people who think I write a nice lady blog because I use words like gratitude, happiness, and joy.
…Or those people who think of me as the cat lady who blogs about giant, fearless squirrels.
…Or those people who think of me as the screaming liberal bitch of blasphemy.
It’s true, I am all these things.

I am a mom.
I love being a mom.
I’m really good at it.


Even half of my kids say I’m their favorite mom!
But I’m not a mommy blogger, and the fact that anyone thinks I am is where the sting lies — cause if you think this is a mommy blog, then you don’t read me very often, now do you, Friend?

Are you ever surprised at how your blog, or you, are labeled?

This post is part of Just Jot It January — Jot with us!

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Neurotic Bitch, Mother, Wife, Writer, Word Whore, Foodie and General Go-To-Girl
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45 Responses to She said WHAT?!?

  1. Dan Antion says:

    Wow! I never thought this was a mommy blog. I follow some mommy blogs (I really do) but this ain’t one of them. Those other things? Yes, you are all of those.

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  2. jetgirlcos says:

    How funny! (bizarre funny, not haha funny) I never thought of this as a “mommy blog.” Not that there’s anything wrong with being that, it’s just that as a “not mommy” I tend to not read the ones dedicated solely to that platform. I would have classified yours as a “witty and fun everyday life blog with well-written and thought-provoking posts”…but then, I guess that doesn’t fit real well on a filing cabinet 🙂

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  3. Jewels says:

    A mommy blog? Hmm I’ve never thought of your blog as a mommy blog. Funny.
    I have an aversion to labels of any kind, people are multifaceted. One of the reasons I titled my blog “ramblings” was because I wanted the freedom to write and share about whatever I felt like on any given day. I would be interested to know what my followers think my blog is, seeing as I haven’t quite figured it out myself… 😉

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    • Yes, thank you, Ramblings is apt. I have enjoyed your assorted posts, and find that much more interesting than always one subject, not that mommy blogs and food blogs aren’t great, but I do get to know you better, seeing more sides of your personality. I must admit, I’d follow you just for your nature pics, but you’ve shown us much more than nature pics!

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  4. Boeta says:

    Newish, but not really thinking mommy blog, looking at intro statement. I sometimes think blog is like having real friends, some get to know and read/listen, others look at pictures and like , others just like to be there/called a friend, not really giving a hoot about your life.

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  5. Sammy D. says:

    “Joey blog” equals a whole shitload of things, but Mommy wouldn’t be the first to come to mind. Or the second. Or the ….

    Besides, if you ARE a Mommy, why the hell would you want to be promoting another kid’s fundraiser. It’s a Cold, Cruel, Kid-Crushing Competition in the kid fundraising arena and if nothing else, it’s Every Mommy funding HER kids, not YOURS 🙂

    Oooh look at that. I almost ranted as well as my ranting mentor, that Mommy-bloggin’-ranter-Joey 🙂

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  6. danicapiche says:

    Haha definitely not a Mommy Blog! Joey Blog, yes, absolutely. I read and read some more for the Joey.

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  7. cardamone5 says:

    This is a funny blog, not a mommy blog. Shame on her.

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  8. I never would have pegged this as a Mommy Blog. There’s a lot more depth here.

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  9. Well you know I love your Blog, and you soon had me chuckling with this post 🙂

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  10. Its odd how people chuck labels everywhere normally because they dont take the time to sit and listen so a labels quicker. Your reaction did make me laugh. I presume she still reads your posts? A bit? X


  11. menomama3 says:

    I love it when you rant. I have no idea what my blog would be labelled. Meh? Ya, Meh.

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  12. words4jp says:

    I never thought if your blog as a mommy blog. To me you are this really cool chick who happens to have those things which qualify you ad a wife and mommy. I think i told you once, you remind me if Erma Bombeck. 😉

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  13. hollie says:

    I think in general when people use the term “mommy blogger” they are meaning it as an underhanded insult. That could just be my perception, though. I find it irritating that when you are a mother people assume that it is your end-all, be-all identity. That MOM covers it. That’s all you need to know about Joey, she’s a mom… Frankly, that is horseshit. Direct her to your Go Fund Me post and tell her to stick it up her ass.

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  14. LindaGHill says:

    Ugh. If I had to categorize your blog… I can’t. No wait… I categorize your blog as a somewhat disfunctional home-away-from-home blog. “A place to go where I don’t feel quite as crazy because I’m not the only crazy one” blog. Am I just a mommy? No. And neither are you.
    Okay, I thought of another label for you.
    It’s a giraffe blog.
    Yes. That’s it.
    To answer your question, I’m not sure anyone has labeled my blog.

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  15. Thanks for the giggle, and I love that sketch. You are far from a Mommy Blogger….I don’t have kids and I would NEVER label you that way.

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  16. Sherry says:

    You’re not a mommy blog…Trust me. If you were I wouldn’t be here. You are eclectic to say the least which is exactly why I’m addicted. I know you will always surprise me, and your writing is fabulous and so it’s a plus plus.

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  17. LOL! I definitely don’t think of this as a mommy blog. Being childless myself, I wouldn’t hang out if it were too mommyish. The people I know—fam, friends, and acquaintances—who say they follow my blog usually see it once in a while. That’s when misleading labels happen from a post or two.

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  18. in response to your last question: big time 🙂 but that’s the fun of it all. lol. I do shake my head at times.

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  19. My blog hasn’t been read enough to be labeled. In my head I had yours down as a “witty blog” (which is a good thing).

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  20. lbeth1950 says:

    My age is often mentioned!


  21. JunkChuck says:

    So this isn’t a mommy blog? I’ve been wondering why there aren’t any goddamn cupcake recipes.

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