A-Z through April — V


Some of you may remember earlier this month when Little Guy Gus discovered he was the slowest kid on his little league team?

Geraint Isitt commented, “You don’t have to be fast if you hit it out of the park” …

Well, at his very first game ever, Little Guy Gus hit the ball out into left field, and as a result, he was awarded THE GAME BALL for THE BIGGEST HIT! 


I know! Total Aww and Atta Boy!

Feel free to leave Gus a comment his mother can read to him.


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30 Responses to Victory!

  1. puppy1952 says:

    Well done, Gus. You rock 👏👏👏

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  2. Awesome!! May it be the first of many great hits, and game balls!

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  3. orbthefirst says:

    Go get em, dude!

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  4. Way to go, Gus! Keep working and practicing. It makes a big difference. And work on your fielding, because a player who can make the plays in the field will always be valuable. Most of all, remember to have fun. Of course being good makes it more fun, as I well know, but enjoy what you do well, rather than focus on what you did poorly. Then work on the areas you aren’t so good at and life will get even better. I played fast pitch and then slow pitch softball for many, many years, so I know whereof I speak. 🙂



  5. Wow! What a way to motivate your kid – good job. He believed you. Use your power wisely.


  6. Prajakta says:

    Way to go !! 🙂 He must have felt so good after that!

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  7. marianallen says:

    Way to go, Gus! You’re my hero!

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  8. Geraint Isitt says:

    Way to go, Gus. This is awesome

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  9. Yay Gus! I bet you were only warming up, too eh? They should wait to see what else you got!

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  10. John Holton says:

    Great job, Gus! Keep it up!

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  11. Erika says:

    That’s great, good for him!

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  12. Wow!! That’s so great! Congratulations, Gus! 🙂

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  13. Benson says:

    Atta’ Boy Gus!

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  14. Chez Shea says:

    Great work, Gus!!

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  15. JT Twissel says:

    Congrats! Baseball is like that – you never know when you’ll get a hit!

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  16. lorriedeck says:

    Great job, Gus!!

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  17. loisajay says:

    You go, Gus!! Way to show ’em how it’s done!

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  18. bikerchick57 says:

    Go Gus, go! Excellent work on the ball field!,

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  19. Outstanding news. I love baseball, and it’s fun to see a new generation take the field.

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  20. Awesome! Way to show ’em Gus!

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  21. Well done Gus, you are a star! 🙂

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  22. Congrats on a stellar game. 🙂

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  23. reocochran says:

    Gus, you are a remarkable young ball player! Great hit and keep up the practicing so you will keep the good hits going! Go, Gus! 🙂 ⚾

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