Friday Fun Three

I stole this from Barb-Weena — she does the fun! It was originally called 33 Questions, but they’re not all numbered and I’m not counting.

1. If you lived in a house made of jello, what flavor would it be? Any particular reason?
Blue, because my husband and I could agree to look at that much blue day in, day out. However, I could not be trusted to live in a jello house, for I would eat it.

2. What is your first reaction when someone knocks on your door?
Who the fuck is that?


3. Does a blue sky or blue ocean make you happier? Why?
Blue oceans. While I enjoy a blue sky now and again, blue skies are not my favorite skies because they frequently suggest that I will sweat, whereas the sea has yet to boil me and even when warm,  it is refreshing as well as being soothing to my skin and joints.


4. If you were out enjoying a beautiful day and suddenly it started raining, what would you do?
Smile and continue enjoying a beautiful day — Now without crowds!


5. Whose name makes you smile as soon as you hear it? Care to share why?
Um, I don’t have one? Maybe Cletus, because it’s like saying cheese, sorta smiley while you do the “eeeeee” ing.

6. Dog, cat, fish, or rabbit?
For what?

7. What’s your favorite mode of travel?
Pedzing. Ped xing.


8. If you had to stay up all night by yourself in a deserted building, what would you spend the time doing?
Had to? Had to? Am I locked in? Have I no phone? Crying and praying and writing goodbye letters to everyone I love.

9. Running in the rain or running in the gym? (Even if you don’t run! ha!)
Running in the rain.

10. To stand alone on a mountain peak or dance in a crowded club?
Dance in a crowded club. I will assume there’s techno, air-conditioning, and alcohol.

11. Who do you write for?
Me. It’s all about me.

12. Do you judge a book by its cover?
Literally, yes.  Figuratively, no.

13. What’s your favorite color? (Specific shade would be awesome…just saying.)
Clear bright white, but it’s not a color, so yellow, like butter yellow.

14. Which animal is smarter: chimpanzees or dolphins?
I have no idea. I haven’t conversed with either.

15. What’s your least favorite part about writing: editing, revising, or proofreading?
Revising. I like to think my vis is perfect the first time around. It is not. I must re.

16. Are there any mythological creatures you believe are real? (Or wish they were?)
I wish they were all real, because life would be so much more interesting.

17. Which ridiculously popular book did you not enjoy?
Usually, if I don’t like it, I don’t keep going — Harry Potter, Anna Karenina — but I read The Goldfinch front to back and I hated the whole thing. Liked the cover, though, tsk.


Do You Prefer / Which Would You Rather questions

Pen or pencil?

Wine or beer?
Can I not get a cocktail? Wine.

Bean bags or straight-back chairs?
Bean bags

A pile of proofreading or a stack of math worksheets?
I would rather do a pile of proofreading than do one math worksheet. No one cares: I must do both.

Monty Python or Three Stooges?
Monty Python


Barb’s Questions:

  1. If you were an animal, which one would you like to be?
    Giraffe – Oh I would run and kick things and eat figs and lick all the best people!
  2. If you could keep only one home appliance, which one would you keep?
    Lordamercy! What a nightmare! The washing machine.
  3. If you were given a racehorse, what would you name it?
  4. As a child, what job did you want when you grew up? Did it happen?
    Teacher. Yes.
  5. What’s your favorite holiday?
    Fourth of July
  6. What book are you reading?
    The Devil in White City
  7. If you could ask your pet 3 questions, what would you ask them?
    If? If?!? I ask my pets questions all the time. Mostly, “Who’s a pretty ____?” I have tried to ask deeper, more meaningful questions, but they seem to like “Who’s a pretty ____?”
  8. What is a funny sounding word?
    physiatry — Spellcheck doesn’t even know it, but it’s real.
  9. If you could live in any TV house, which one would you choose?
    Little House on the Prairie — but I’m takin the washing machine
  10. Do you have a favorite number? What does it mean to you?
    Four. I dunno why. Maybe because it’s yellow. Don’t ask, it just is.
  11. What is the last thing you Googled?
    DVM vs VMD


I’m not adding any questions, but play along if you like, and HAVE A HAPPY FRIDAY!

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55 Responses to Friday Fun Three

  1. Ally Bean says:

    Nice answers. I have the same reaction when someone comes to the door. “Pooh Bear” makes me smile whenever I hear it. My favorite color is teal– because it’s pretty and fun to say. Teal. Teal. Teal. And on that note I’ll stop goofing off here and wish you a Happy Friday.

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  2. Dan Antion says:

    Have a happy Friday and a great weekend. By the way, I am now picturing you, a chimpanzee and a dolphin on Jeopardy. You’ve just taken “Long Necks” for $600.

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  3. You would make a happy giraffe, and they don’t need washing machines.

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  4. Joanne Sisco says:

    Always entertaining, Joey, even when answering random questions.

    Four, because it’s yellow? I think numbers have a personality but I’ve never noticed a colour before. Now I’m going to have to pay closer attention.

    Just a little bit of trivia, but did you know that in Chinese culture, the 4 is considered a very unlucky number? The sound of 4 is similar to the word death. Anything 4-related like addresses, are avoided.

    Happy Friday!

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  5. Bill says:

    Happy Friday, y’all. Have a wonderful weekend.

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  6. Benson says:

    Great post. Both entertaining and informative. My response to door knocks is about the same as yours, and running in the rain is awesome. Have a Happy Friday.

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  7. I’m in the same category for knocks on the door, but I’d take a mountain top every single time!! 🙂


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  8. orbthefirst says:

    And here I thought 4 was red, and six was yellow. I stand corrected. 😉

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  9. Happy Friday, Joey! I enjoyed reading all of your answers. I agree with you on the washing machine, dance club, and especially The Goldfinch—read it for book club and thought it was awful.

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  10. I’m with you for who’s knocking on the door, but my “Who the fuck is that?” is immediately followed by my grabbing the dog, dropping down out of sight, and keeping us both totally silent until the threat passes. People I know understand they must call ahead, even if they only live next door.

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  11. Happy Friday Joey! I loved your answers which were funny, entertaining, and informative. I didn’t know exactly what “physiatry” was or if I was saying correctly so looked up both. I was right with the pronunciation, but wrong on the definition.

    I never thought about numbers having a color, but I stopped there and thought about my favorite number 14 and yep…it has a color to me…it’s green.

    Alone on a mountain top for me, and there are a several names that bring an immediate smile to my face. My very first knee jerk response to only being able to take one home appliance was my toaster oven! Eating is very big in my world, but loved your washing machine answer! That’s a good one.

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    • joey says:

      I don’t own a toaster oven. (or a microwave) — I’d bet you like hot food a lot more than me. Probably one of those people who says things like, “Get it while it’s hot!” or “The soup’s gone cold.”
      I love a mountain top, but alone would be overwhelming to me.
      Green fourteen — is green also your favorite color?


  12. I have the same *WTF* response to phone calls.

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  13. ghostmmnc says:

    Yay! Glad you had fun answering the questions! It was fun to read your answers.
    Yay for giraffes, washing machines on the prairie, and yellow numbers! 🙂

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  14. Amy says:

    My reaction to knocks on the door is probably similar, followed by “can they see me?”. I’m intrigued by number colors. I’m really going to have to ponder that one. I do have favorite numbers and then the number in my address must flow and the street name must flow and can’t be something like “dead man’s rd”. If I had to run, I’d rather it be in the rain. Yesterday it was all through the yard and the “field” across the street…chasing Maverick when he escaped out the front door. Happy Friday!

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    • joey says:

      I once lived on Hurricane Street, and since then, all street names pale in comparison. I also once had an address that matches my license number, just happened that way.
      Chasing four-legged animals is a real run! 😀

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  15. Pistachios says:

    You have some excellent answers here, but I particularly liked the ones for #4 and #14.
    I recently learnt that giraffes sleep the least of any known mammal (30mins – 4.6hrs per day). Hope this doesn’t change your answer about what animal you’d like to be!

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  16. JoAnna says:

    I did a research paper in college on dolphins. Dolphins are smarter than chimpanzees. There. I finally got to use that piece of info I learned, unlike algebra. Chimps are pretty smart too. They all deserve compassion.

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  17. scr4pl80 says:

    I’m with you on the wine or beer – cocktail please, brandy manhattan specifically. Also with you on the one appliance. I can’t imagine washing clothes by hand. TV house? Beverly Hillbillies mansion please but gotta have servants cos I’m not cleaning it. Happy Friday!

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  18. AmyRose🌹 says:

    No way! My eyes popped out of my head. YOU read Goldfinch and hated it? I am reading that very book NOW! I can only take it in small doses but I couldn’t say I hate it. Why did you? Other then it is as long if not longer then War and Peace.

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  19. bikerchick57 says:

    I’m a little late here (where to the weekends go?), but I have responses to four questions above.
    #16 – Unicorns. Unicorns and rainbows.
    Ummm…I also want to know why cocktail is not a selection. Brandy old fashioned, please.
    No mathing for me either. I hate it when Dan does the mathing. No.
    I just Googled the score of the Milwaukee Brewer game. Go Brewers!
    PS: I would have asked the hard questions of Gibbs and Ziva, but I’m afraid of their answers, so…

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  20. Prior... says:

    so fun…
    and the racehorse- Regifted


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  21. Anxious Mom says:

    #2 and #3 yessss.

    Popular book I didn’t enjoy (or finish): The Road. I fucking hate Cormac McCarthy’s writing style.

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  22. larva225 says:

    Every time I read one of your posts, I so wish we could hang out.

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  23. Laura says:

    So much fun!! I’m away from my laptop and totally want to do this. Screenshot saved – now I just have to remember! 😆
    ps – I also adore my washing machine beyond all reason.

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