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It is so cute how many people wished me a long, happy weekend. Thank you. However, we went to work Friday. (Four of us did. I saw no indication that Moo worked.)  Our boss gave us the choice of July 5 or December 23 and my mama ain’t raised no fool.

I walked out the door at 5:00 Friday though. And no one was in the city, let alone at work, so I pulled out of the lot and drove right over to the left lane and went through every light the first time and I got Sassy from work and was home by 5:27 and that is one for the record books.

Then I went to see Marian! Marian Allen, Author Lady! For the third year in a row!

unnamed (55)

We are blurry and happy!

Every year, I say I will go to the ATM, but there are no ATMS on the right side of the road on the way there so I don’t go to the ATM. Every year, I get into the left straight lane and then Sassy asks me if I should be over and every year, I start to tell her it’s up ahead on the left and then say, “Oh No! You’re right!” and move over a lane and then hustle to turn in and realize I’ve driven into the first entrance when I should go directly to the second entrance. Every year. I love traditions.

Marian was there to people (gross) and to sell books (sweet). Unfortunately I am a bad friend, having bought soap from The Soap Goddess, and not books from Marian. In my defense, I have several (tens of several) unread books, however, our last beloved honey soap is matchbook-sized.  (And soap does not come in a Kindle version as many of Marian’s books do.)


marian’s latest book

Click this link to go to Marian’s author page on Amazon

In truth, I would love to buy out all of Marian’s books, then announce, “No more books must be sold today!” I’d kidnap her and take her someplace quiet where we can make the nice uninterrupted chitchat. I suspect even if all of you purchase all her books, she’ll just write more books, because that’s what writers do.

At Marian’s event, Moo got a new rock, which is shaped like a rawrosaur. On the way home, I heard Sassy tell her daddy about the dino. Initially he was upset that we had rescued another animal and then he grew concerned about how we would care for a dinosaur.
“It came with its own box.”
“Moo says it’s a herbivore. It can feed on the back 40.”

Much to The Mister’s dismay, the man who sold Moo the rawrosaur accidentally charged me $107.60 instead of $10.60.
I knew something was wrong when The Mister sent Moo from the room, saying, “Mama and Daddy need to talk about grown-up things.”
“What in God’s name did you spend one hundred dollars on?”
“I didn’t.”
A little more scrolling revealed the vendor had credited it back, but Oh.My.Word.

Me: I’m going to go see Marian at the con. I won’t be gone too long or spend too much.
The Mister: Good.

So not a long weekend, but so far, a happy one. Today’s the kind of day one can bookend with bowls of cherry pie a la mode. And I shall.

unnamed (57)

Tomorrow I have big plans with laundry and Agatha Christie, and well, more pie. I hope your weekends are going splendidly as well.

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32 Responses to Pie Bookends

  1. You get to SEE Marian? You lucky duck! When you do, give her a hug for me.

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  2. Rivergirl says:

    Is it wrong I’m strangely disappointed you don’t actually have a dinosaur grazing your back 40?

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  3. Dan Antion says:

    Whenever plans include more pie, it’s going to be a good day. I like the comment “talk about grown up things.” I don’t know why, but it made me smile and it’s before 8:00sm, so that’s good. Im glad you got to see Marian, thanks for the pic.

    I hope you have a great Sunday!

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  4. Benson says:

    Tradition is good Cherry Pie is better. Talking about grown up things. That’s cute. If I worked in an office I would prefer it be as empty as possible. Happy Sunday.

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  5. I love me a good tradition, especially if it involves pie. A la mode, no less.

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  6. John Holton says:

    Cherry pie a la mode! Not once, but twice in one day! Mmmmmmmmmmm…..

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  7. Bill says:

    Me: tryna be good.
    You: look at the yummy pie and ice cream.
    I may try the frozen custard place tomorrow, since I have an appointment near there. I forget the name, but I’ll figure it out.

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  8. ghostmmnc says:

    Sounds like an awesome weekend with the get-together with Marian, yummy pie, and a dino rock! So you get the 23rd of Dec. off of work? Good to get that planned already. And hey, that’s our anniversary day = # 50 this year!
    Hope you got to enjoy some fireworks and all things 4th of July! 🙂

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  9. JT Twissel says:

    I always volunteered for those four day weekend days because they were so quiet I could get a lot done and there was no traffic!

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  10. marianallen says:

    Thanks for the shout-out and the book plug! We had a good weekend, with Shapiro’s bookends. Mmmm, matzoh ball soup. Mmmm, DR. BROWN’S CEL-RAY TONIC!!! The high point of the weekend is always Joey, though. 🙂

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  11. So cool that you showed up for your friend. Pie is always the right answer to weekends.

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  12. Amy says:

    My husband had to work on Friday as well. He said more people had the day off than were working that day so it was very quiet. Sometimes we work his vacation time around holidays too, but we will be heading to the beach in two weeks and using up his time for that. Pie sounds like the perfect bookends to a day,

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  13. Prior... says:

    This author is new to me – and put here on (much too large) list of authors to check out – but I look forward to it.
    and our weekend was nice as we had family here –
    oh and the rock sounds fun – not for 100 dollars – but for ten… ha
    and wishing you a nice Thursday amiga

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  14. bikerchick57 says:

    Oops, guess I missed this Joey. One of these days, I will get to Indiana and meet both you and Marian and we can “people.” I’m not that far away, so hard could it be? Well, maybe several hours through Chicago traffic, but what the heck. Any excuse for pie and people…

    PS: I haven’t read any of Marian’s books either (my bad), but I also have a stack and a long list. Sorry Marian!

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  15. Ally Bean says:

    Pie and books and a dinosaur rock. These are the topics that make for a good blog post. I’m happy that you got to hang out with another blogger. Hoping this weekend is as much fun for you as the last one was.

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  16. Books and Cherry pie a la mode, yummy.

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  17. markbialczak says:

    It was a great weekend, Joey, and now I’m ready to start the next one. Yay, Saturday morning.


  18. JoAnna says:

    Now I don’t feel so bad about my several (tens of several) unread books or not selling as many of mine as I imagined (yet.) That is the best looking pie I’ve ever seen. (I like pie a little doughy.)

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  19. Laura says:

    So much good stuff comes with pie bookends. It’s hard to imagine a world where pie bookends don’t bring amazingness every single time.

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