Monday Morning Meh

I’m okay. I’ve just been busy and stuff.

I have problems like everyone else. I mean, I don’t have the same problems, like we’re all sharing the problems, although I suppose some of us share some of the same problems, but I’ve got my own unique set of troubles and worries. Much as possible, I don’t focus on that stuff.

Life can change in an instant. We seem to forget that now could be the moment before it changes. Those big memory markers in life, the ones that make you remember the date? They’re out there. You could wake up tomorrow and some shit could go down and then BLAMMO! Memory marker. These are the good ol days.

Sassy and I got pedicures and we were dumb and went in the middle of the afternoon on a Saturday, so we had quite a long wait. Some time passed and the tech told us she would finish up and we’d be next.
In came another mother and daughter who were not dumb and had made an appointment. At 1:35 the mom one asked, “Are you on schedule for my 1:30 appointment?”
The tech began to answer, but the mom one cut her off, “We have a wedding. We have to be back to the hotel by 3:15.”
Sassy and I were none too impressed because 1) rude 2) we were next 3) we didn’t believe they had a wedding because 4) what kind of people get their nails done the day of the wedding? We called bullshit on that. Also, to match her insides, the mom one had been beaten by an ugly stick and then blown-dry on a tilt-a-whirl, no ions, no serum, and I personally feel that even the tidiest, shiniest nails could not distract anyone from that mess.
Sorry, I don’t usually do catty, but this sort of entitlement never brings out the best in me. You don’t see me takin my mornin hair out, makin demands, scarin people.
I clutched my bottle of Cajun Shrimp, ready to walk out.
Fortunately, the tech seated us all at the same time and we were out before them, because it’s hard work to make pretty the feet of those who walk all over others. Tsk.

At the bookstore, I lost my husband. I could not believe how many bald men in black coats were in there. I mean, you would have thought there was a convention! I finally plopped down in a chair to read and soon enough he plopped down beside me.
You can bet I’m easy to find in my orange coat.

I bought a shiny new book. I almost never do that and I’ve done it twice this month. Remember when you were a kid and you actually laughed out loud at the comics? This:

Surely you have seen a few of these online, but to have a whole book of them? I cackled and snorted and hooted, I laughed so hard I cried and my sides hurt when I was done.

Because Laura, we installed the Cozi app on our phones. You maybe should try it. Share your grocery list and calendar with parties of your choosing. Genius. I recommended it to Mentor, who subsequently tried a few of the recipes from the app, none of which were good. Highly recommend app, do not recommend the recipes. Thank you, Laura, for making mom life a little bit easier.

Sassy’s addition to the list:

I bought so many sweets, I felt self-conscious at the checkout.

The weather certainly makes me want to cook soups and hibernate. Teens and not much snow, but it seems always to be wet and the wind is rippin!

I have to leave my family today. I can has good day anyway? I hope my work day goes by quickly and smoothly. If you’re at your leisure today, I hope your day ticks by slowly and happily.

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59 Responses to Monday Morning Meh

  1. Ally Bean says:

    I think you’re so right that we all have problems, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we have to focus on them exclusively. As for the sneaky mother and daughter getting their nails done on the day of the wedding, not buying it either. But there you go, no matter where you go there’ll be someone making trouble, causing problems for other people. I use Remember the Milk app for lists, but will check out Cozi. I might need it, too/instead of.

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  2. markbialczak says:

    Happy work week as much as possible, Joey. And for sure, boo to rude people.

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  3. Dan Antion says:

    Talk about laughing til my sides hurt. You may not get catty often, but when you do, hell hath no fury like Joey about to be cut in front of. On top of everything else wrong with that woman, if you have a 1:30 appointment, you show up at 1:25, not 1:35, and if you show up at 1:35, you check you attitude at the door. I hope your day cruises by without a hiccup, and I hope Tuesday has learned its lesson.

    I really like the picture at the bottom. We had a little snow this weekend. Not much but enough to make it white and pretty again.

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  4. marianallen says:

    Today, they lay the cable for our shiny new high-speed, fiber-optic interwebs! The DSL we have now is sometimes as slow as fast dial-up. Remember dial-up? No, of course you don’t, because you’re a sweet young child. Well, it was sssslllllowwwwwwwww. Hope your away day goes quickly and productively, and you come home to hot food and warm snuggles.

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    • joey says:

      WOW! That’s a veritable holiday within a holiday! I am so glad you’re getting new interwebz! Yay!
      I DO remember dial up — most notably when my mother still had it circa 2007. I’d turn it on, go smoke, sign in, go smoke, open mail, go smoke… there was a lot of smoking during that visit.

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  5. You are right about being rude – not necessary. We all have our bag of rocks to carry. Get in line, take your turn. πŸ™‚ Thank you for the reminder about ‘memory markers’ because sometimes we forget, and we shouldn’t. Hope this Monday is a great Monday – happy coworkers, work that makes sense, delicious lunch, and light traffic on the way home. πŸ™‚

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  6. loisajay says:

    “At 1:35 the mom one asked, β€œAre you on schedule for my 1:30 appointment?” Oh, yeah. I am, lady, but you most certainly are not. Wedding in a couple hours. Puh-lease. No. Shiny new book–aren’t those the best. It’s been a while. You got me wanting one, now. Off to work. Way too cold. Frost on the ground. Frost. In Florida!

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  7. Maggie says:

    I was seated by a rude, entitled person for three days at my workshop. She did not share or play nice, but it was probably okay because she was her and I was just me. I am on a positive kick and it makes the negativity glow like neon! I am glad to be me even with my me problems. I do hope that everyone else’s problems are not insurmountable because You know, the positive thing.

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  8. If something has marked your memory (some”thing” other than the rude client at the mani-pedi place) I wish everything anyone needs to get through it.

    But I have to ask – they bottle Cajun shrimp?

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  9. Laura says:

    I am so very happy Cozi has made your life a bit easier too. Little do my kids know if they would only USE the shopping list – just put it on the list! for the love! – I, too, would buy a mountain of sweets or whatever. Someday they’ll stumble upon that surprise but not any of the yesterdays so far.

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    • joey says:

      Yes, we’re so happy you turned us onto it πŸ™‚ Thanks again!
      Sassy said, “No lemonade?”
      I said, “Was it on the list?”
      I am a mother, not a magic genie πŸ˜‰


  10. Benson says:

    Like the song says “You’ve got your troubles I’ve got mine.”. When the troubles are the same does that make for empathy? A wedding in 2 hours.HA. Who would invite her to a wedding? I have not been in a book store in years. I intend on staying inside today. Whenever the temp is below drinking age I stay at home. Hope you have a wonderful week,

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    • joey says:

      Yes, I do think empathy comes with shared troubles. Understanding on the same level can be very comforting. I’m so happy to see you here again πŸ˜€ I think you’re right to stay indoors. Had I not worked, I would’ve stayed home as well.

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  11. eschudel says:

    Cozi might be dangerous to give to Kevin, but who am I kidding…he would have to remember to use it. Anyway, happy back to work, and I hope rude people do not come your way!

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    • joey says:

      Yes, not everyone can be relied upon to comply.
      I didn’t deal with rude people today, but there was quite a bit of suckage. And now I am home and I get to read these comments and smile a lot πŸ˜€

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  12. I love this. Your descriptions inspire me to do better in my fiction. Entitled mom har, the convention of bald guys, all of it.

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  13. I am cautious about adding apps to the phone, but I now have one that tunes my guitar and FINALLY learned how to add the Kindle app – and actually read a book on my phone!

    I’m rarely anywhere else that I NEED to read on the phone, tiny little letters and all, but there were steps – and I figured them out. Ha!

    Re: 1:30 appointment – who makes an appointment in the middle of a Saturday afternoon and expects to just pop in and out? Don’t people with weddings make elaborate plans which include the manicurist coming to them? I would be expecting all kinds of things to go wrong on the DAY of.

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    • joey says:

      I know, right? Easy breezy Saturdays only happen when you don’t leave the house!
      Kindle’s a nice alternative, especially when the books are heavy. I am happy you figured it out how to get it to your phone. I just carry Moo’s Kindle as needed. Figuring out tech things is such a modern trouble, every one is a small victory!

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  14. John Holton says:

    Look up “hideous” in the dictionary, there’s that woman’s picture…

    Sorry no one bothered to tell you they were having a “bald men in black coats” convention at that bookstore. Did you ever see the movie “The Thomas Crown Affair” (either the one with Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway or the one with Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo), with the scene with all the identically-dressed men (they all looked like the Magritte painting with the man with an apple for a head) milling around? Must have felt like that…

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  15. JT Twissel says:

    I was feeling a bit mehy over the weekend as well – no rude mani-pedi people or lost hubbys. Just dark grey days and then I saw the pictures from Newfoundland! Holy cow. At least I can open the front door of the house! No such thing as too many sweets! I’ve recently discovered cup-a-brownies. In sixty seconds hot brownies in a cup. And the smell will cheer the grimmest day!

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  16. scr4pl80 says:

    L.O.L. “It’s hard work to make pretty the feet of those who walk all over others.” Genius. I’ll be pedicurists the world over would hang that sign in their shop. You could be a millionaire. Thanks for the chuckles today, Joey. Hope you have a decent day at work. It’s not Tuesday yet. πŸ™‚

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  17. ghostmmnc says:

    hee hee Love your description of the rude lady with her morning hair! I’ve not heard of Cozi, or that book that was so funny. Going to look them up. Happy Monday, and Tuesday better watch out. πŸ™‚

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  18. Anxious Mom says:

    “sweets. please. for the love of god.”

    I love your family. Also, gonna have to download that app.

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  19. Swinged Cat says:

    “Bottle of Cajun Shrimp” threw me off until I realized that must be referring to the color of your pedicure. But then that threw me off even more, because I have no idea what toenails that have been painted Cajun Shrimp look like!

    I like you catty. It might not be becoming, but it’s damn funny, lol.

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  20. Rivergirl says:

    Glad you bought sweets. That begging was heartfelt….

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  21. Joanne Sisco says:

    I love Sassy even if just for her grocery list addition. Someone true to my heart ❀️

    β€œit’s hard work to make pretty the feet of those who walk all over others” … true.

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  22. Bill says:

    It’s early Tuesday now. Yesterday was good, but it was like that cuz I got stuff done. Yes, there is lots to worry about. I try to balance it all, but who knows when the next whatever will hit the fan? I just read a piece about 100 things to do to be healthy. They said to laugh more. Glad you did that. I need some of that.

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  23. Yeah, I love this comic! Well done!

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  24. Kat says:

    I guess I’m lucky. I have a naturally low tolerance for rude and a very loud voice. πŸ˜‰ I’m glad providence prevailed and you had a happy day. Hope your week goes the same way.

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  25. Oh my woman, you do catty so well! I was laughing out loud and nodding in agreement.

    We had snow and the rippin wind. I love the snow…the wind; not so much. It knocked over our big heavy grill twice! Thankfully, it didn’t break, and we now think we have found the right place for it to live without being knocked over during winter winds.

    New books! I bought one and can’t wait for it to arrive. I bought one for #1 Grandson too. He had a bad day last week and called me up and I said he day couldn’t have been that bad, surely. Not as bad as Alexander’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day! I read him the book. He called every day for 5 days after that saying his day was awful would I please read the no good very bad day book and cheer him up? I read it. πŸ˜€ I hope he likes getting a shiny new book too.

    It’s Wednesday! I hope Monday wasn’t awful, and Tuesday was surprisingly pleasant and the rest of the week goes smoothly for ya! I saw the pic of your pedicure on IG. It looks good!

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    • joey says:

      Oh my goodness, Deborah, I love that you read him that book five days in a row!!! How precious is that? Gah! Grandparents are awesome!
      May I recommend Bad Kitty? I bet he’d like that, too, since he likes Alexander. Bad Kitty has a whole series, but Bad Kitty is the best one.
      I hope the grill is safe now. The winds must be fierce out in the middle of nowhere. Where the wind is bad here, we do have a lot of suburban hubbub to interfere with its might! But, you know, you have THE VIEWS!!!

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      • I love, love, love being a Grandma! Thank you for the recommendation of the book! I’m going to check it out.

        So, far, so good with the grill standing in its new spot, but we haven’t had 65 mph winds since last week to test it so…we’ll see. 😁
        The views! I’m still pinching myself to make sure it’s real and I do live here!

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  26. bikerchick57 says:

    Hey Joey! It’s now Wednesday and I hope your week is going by fast so you can spend another two days with the family. I had Monday off, but it was busy because Saturday was a sit-in-pajamas-and-read-a-good-book snow day. So Monday was catch-up.

    I laughed about your cattiness over the mom’s appearance. The other day the roommate asked me what I was doing and I said, “Fixing my hair so that small children don’t run away from me…screaming.” Yeah, it’s important to go out in public and not scare others with crazy hair or a bad temperament.

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  27. Amy says:

    Nobody would push it that close to a wedding. Especially for nails. You can tell I don’t get my nails done often since it took me a few minutes to register the meaning of the bottle of cajun shrimp. I was wondering if it was hot sauce you’d bought before going in. lol. Books that make you laugh are great! I think I need to add the Cozi app to my life. πŸ™‚

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