2.7.2020 FRIDAY!

I feel a twinge of guilt posting before I’ve read y’all, but I’ve had a week and it’s time to turn the page!

After seven years, I know what keeps my readers coming back. Smiles and laughter — and a bit of the bizarre, non?

Let’s start with obvious humor, my morning hair.

Mentor has nice thick smooth lie-down hair like a shampoo model, so I’m always trying to explain to her THE WRANGLING. I think this photo helps.

You know who else has nice thick smooth lie-down hair like a shampoo model? Moo.

She got it from her daddy, obviously. I mean, he’s bald now, but when he had hairs…

You guys! When I went to work Monday it had become February! February! Wow, I didn’t see that comin! Monday wasn’t too bad. I got a lot done on Monday. I worked late. I left when I was satisfied. I love to feel accomplished and satisfied.

My Tuesday began with a woman rolling down a car window to publicly shame me. I was in the middle lane and she was behind me, but she wanted to get way up ahead of me so she could catch the green arrow to turn left. I know, because she honked at length. I was the one car too many in her way. I feel that. Happens to us all, yeah? Unfortunately, even if I got right up on the ass of the car in front of me and even if she drove a tiny car, there was no way she could get through. So she just had to honk and be mad about it until our light turned green. As punishment for this crime of safety I committed, she cruised alongside me and her passenger leaned out to shout at me in passing, “SHAME ON YOUUU, WHITE BIIIIIIITCH!” I know I’m a bitch, a white bitch at that, but alas I do not feel shame. Aye, it was a Tuesday.

It was a wet and dark morning, one that never lightened up. Tuesday was made of gloom and funk. Wednesday, the gloom lingered, and the snow and ice began. The sleeting.

Our family had a bit of “Who’s on first?” comedy.

For the love of puppies! That’s my line, and he used it ever so cleverly! Ahaha! Oh the LOLZ!

I’m making bruschetta tonight. I’m hyped!

This weekend I have plenty of time to enjoy my pajamas and read blogs. Let’s knock this Friday out!

Happy Friday Everyone!

About joey

Neurotic Bitch, Mother, Wife, Writer, Word Whore, Foodie and General Go-To-Girl
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70 Responses to 2.7.2020 FRIDAY!

  1. Ally Bean says:

    Congrats on your blogging anniversary and taming your hair on a daily basis. I’m with you about this Friday, let’s get it over with and let the weekend begin.

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  2. loisajay says:

    Whoa, Joey..! You must sleep well. Your hair says, “Ah, that was a good night sleep.” Wear it well. Congrats on your anniversary!! I love milestones–birthdays, anniversaries….good things. Keep on making my laugh, Joey. I so enjoy your posts.

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  3. Dan Antion says:

    Happy Friday. Don’t worry about writing before reading – don’t underestimate the value of seeing your blog in my inbox. Here’s hoping Friday wraps up the week the way Monday started. Then, everything in between can be forgotten. I hope you have a great weekend.

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  4. Maggie says:

    I always do a little happy dance when I see your blog. Congratulations on your blogaversary! I hope you make yourself a Bundt (are you too young for that lame attempt at a joke?) Lovely to see your family and your exchanges with each other. Sorry you were traffic shamed – boo on her. Everybody is trying to get to the weekend.

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  5. ghostmmnc says:

    Hey, cool for the 7 years blogging!
    Too early in the morning for rude road ragers – glad it didn’t get more serious.
    Have a fun Friday and great weekend with the family. πŸ™‚

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  6. markbialczak says:

    Here’s the thing about the driver/passenger who felt the need to scream/shame you, Joey. Soon enough they’ll weave their way into another situation that stirs them into enough anger to let loose again. Tough way to go through life when the world is always against you. Nice hair by the way. I am like the Mister on the top of my head (though the sides are hanging in pretty good). Therefore I admire lay-down hair and tangled hair and all sorts of hair.

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  7. eschudel says:

    Congrats on your blogiversary, and for making it to Friday! I am also glad to have made it again….

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  8. Sounds like a bizarre week. Mine was full of phlegm, snot, and fever, but I’m down to a heavy cough now. Hope you have a nice relaxing weekend.

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  9. John Holton says:

    With your hair like that, youi kind of look like Janis Joplin. I always thought she was kind of cute…

    Congratulations on seven big ones, and many more!

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  10. Benson says:

    Whoa- that hair. When you get older you can just slp on a stocking cap. When you are old ,people don’t really question your attire. As long as you’re wearing pants. That was not very nice of that person. I hope they get a heart shaped box of nothing for V day. Enjoy your weekend.

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  11. I feel your pain with morning bed head…I have it too.

    Congratulations on the Blogiversary!! I’m looking forward to many more years of your blog posts full of laughter, and life stuff.

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  12. Swinged Cat says:

    I’m beginning to better understand your hatred of Tuesdays. I mean, who publicly shames like that for such a minor infraction??

    For the love of puppies, TGIF to you!

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  13. Congratulations with the first 7 years in here, Joey πŸ˜€
    Enjoy your weekend!

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  14. Norm 2.0 says:

    Congrats on the blogaversary, time sure flies.
    I haven’t had to worry about taming my hair for close to 20 years now πŸ˜‰
    Bruschetta? Mmmmm – we’ll have to compare recipes. We’re in the midst of our biggest snow storm of the season so tonight we’re gonna hunker down with some homemade pizza to start the weekend. Enjoy!

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    • joey says:

      Thank you!
      I bet your homemade pizza was perfectly suited to a warm night at home!
      The fam likes goat cheese and tomato bruschetta, and I add kalamatas to mine and The Mister’s. Personally, I’ve never met a bruschetta I didn’t like — my favorite was one with cannellini beans, red pepper, and basil ❀ How do you do yours?


  15. JT Twissel says:

    Oh boy, some people shouldn’t be allowed behind the wheel of a car! Enjoy your weekend!

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  16. Susanne says:

    Joey, have you read “Infinite Tuesday” by Mike Nesmith? The title refers to a cartoon from the 1930’s which features two nearly submerged hippos and one of them says “”I keep thinking it’s Tuesday.” I thought of you, natch.

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    • joey says:

      No! I just saw you posted that book and will have to check it out, even if it sounds like a nightmare πŸ˜‰ I’ll do that when I get through the 500+ emails I have avoided for the better part of two weeks.

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  17. Jewels says:

    Happy Blogversary Joey! I’m so happy to have crossed paths with you here! ❀ Man, that lady has road rage issues. Maybe she had to poop? I always say that about people who are in a hurry on the road – makes it funny instead of aggravating teehee! Enjoy your leisure time this weekend! I'm having my granddaughter here for a few days, yay! πŸ™‚

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    • joey says:

      Me too, Jewels, thank you! ❀
      I actually think the same thing about crazy speeding people — they must need a poop! Can you believe how like-minded we are about the most bizarre tidbits?!? I don't think they needed to poop tho, I think they were poopy-heads! LOL
      I'm sure you enjoyed granddaughter time last weekend, and hope you're having a great weekend this round πŸ™‚

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  18. Rivergirl says:

    And I thought my morning hair was wild. Kudos to making me look like an amateur.
    And here’s to 7 more fun filled blogging years!

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  19. Joanne Sisco says:

    What the hell? All the crazies must have been on the road this week.

    I too was β€˜shamed’ for merely existing on the road. I was honked at in anger by a guy in a big truck behind me for refusing to turn right into 3 lanes of fast moving rush hour traffic. He pulled around me to cut me off, waving and screaming at me while he attempted to wedge himself into the oncoming traffic.
    Bless her heart, a woman in the oncoming traffic must have seen what happened, and stopped her car directly in front of him, effectively preventing him from moving forward. She glared at him shaking her finger and there was basically nothing he could do because she made it clear she wasn’t planning to move.

    She finally smiled at me and moved on when the traffic light behind her changed and he could merge safely.

    My heart cheered. There are good people out there.

    Happy blogging anniversary!!

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    • joey says:

      Good grief! My shaming lady and your big truck man must have gone to the same driving school! I am so glad the nice lady kindly and safely witnessed and assisted you! There ARE good people out there πŸ™‚

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  20. scr4pl80 says:

    Happy blogaversary. Wish I had enough hair to look like that in the morning. Other people on the road be crazy. Not us.

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  21. Bill says:

    It seems not to matter exactly what you say (or write), reading your blog is like therapy.
    I’ve done two poetry readings at this book store here. Cool, right?
    And two days ago Yo (that’s my bride) gets up and asks if I’d looked outside. It had snowed. It was little more than a courtesy dusting, but it was snow. And a record. It has never snowed here on that day ever (since records been kept).
    Oh the book store, I wanted to tell ya, they have a big bistro and lots of chat space. And lots of youngsters prowling around. They cover the adult stuff with signs that say “Just a little sweary.” I love that! I got one of their stickers that says that and put it on my lap top. I am, after all, just a little sweary myself. Have a fantastic weekend y’all. One more thing, your hair looks fine to this bald head.

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  22. Amy says:

    Happy Blogiversary, Joey! Wow! 7 Years!! My hair is rarely smooth. Uggghhh…road rage. You seemed to handle it remarkably well. For the love of puppies! Love that one. πŸ™‚ I always love some LL Cool J. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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    • joey says:

      Thank you!
      Even when you pull your hair back, I can see its desire to roam and curl, Amy, so I know you have your hair challenges as well.
      I was too stunned to think more than Get a Grip with the shaming lady.

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  23. Happy anniversary, Joey!! I can’t believe anyone would be rude enough to do that; well, I guess I do, but really. As for the hair, I understand that Moo got the Mister’s hair, but how did that happen?? Must be some sort of scientific phenomenon.


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  24. Oh man. 😦 This is not fun driving. Chances are I’d be listening to some black music, as I am to LL Cool J now, and yell something back. Or just crank it up. When amore heard this song right now, he asked if it was Snoop. (I told him what he said to that woman a few days ago on Twitter. Not that it matters, but she was even black.)

    But all cred for using for the love of puppies just in time. πŸ˜€

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  25. Happy blogging anniversary! I think dealing with drivers is the worst outside job every! lol

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  26. marianallen says:

    I do not come here for the laffs and the odds; I come here for the joey.

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  27. You bring out the best in us. Here’s to 7 more years!

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  28. JoAnna says:

    Happy blogging anniversary! My how the time flies. That mad lady needs to find other ways to let off steam. God help her and keep her away from us. How do we respond to people like that? Pray, wave a peace sign, deep breath? She’s gone now though. Your hair is exciting! Go Janis/Joey!

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  29. Anxious Mom says:

    I feel like “Shame on you, white bitch!” should become a thing. What an asshole, what a line.

    I feel your pain on the hair wrangling. I tried to get my husband to help me with tangles the other day after trying what seemed like forever, but then he almost scalped me, so I went back to it on my own. Short hair nice must be nice (but not flattering enough on me to go for it).

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  30. bikerchick57 says:

    Sorry for being a week late and for blogging and not reading the Joey first.
    That lady that honked and the passenger that called you a white bitch? I think they both need anger management and patience counseling. And a sedative.

    It’s Valentine’s Day and I hope you and the Mister have big plans for a dinner out, chocolate something and lovebird stuff. No weird hair stuff.

    Liked by 1 person

    • joey says:

      Ah, thank you! We stayed in and watched crime dramas with a sick Moo between us. But we slept in and we’re grateful. We don’t do VDay, it’s crowded and we buy each other things whenever πŸ™‚
      Those women need anger management YES, defensive driving disasters — can you imagine how they act on foot?!?

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  31. Hey, Joey! I’m still going through following you not following you so I thank you for the show up at my blog today. That and I haven’t been here as much lately. Life or something like that.
    Congratulations on the blog anniversary. Take a bubbly bath … you’ve earned it!
    As for that hair …. sorry but I did laugh.
    And for that “shameful” woman yelling at you …. What good does it do anyone to get angry over nothing? Traffic. We’ve all been there. Some people, honestly.

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  32. Prior... says:

    this Was perfect Joey style.
    When I played true video just now my hubs asked if that was on my playlist and I said something like – nah – from blogger Joey – which shows the chem I have to even follow bloggers who would toss in an LL cool J comb.
    He then rambled about when that song was on Twitter with UFC fighter – Rhonda Rousey – and fight with Holmes or something like that- but I guess that song was used and so now my hubs is sorting house singing β€œmomma knock you out” – hahah – so thx for adding to the flavor of this morning –
    And need to add you did not just toss in the song
    – it smoothly ending the post with a nice dazzle and fit the vibe with the hair shot – profile pic and content


  33. Laura says:

    I am in awe of the smooth lie-down hair. Never had it, never will. Sigh.


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