Stressed Baby is Stressed

When we moved here, the wee ones were so wee.  They were two and three, barely off the breast and out of diapers.  As I mentioned, they don’t remember the last house we lived in.  They have no memories there.  They have only pictures.

They’ve never known civilian life, either.  They’re not fully adjusted to the idea that their father won’t be gone to training, standing duty overnight, or deploying to a war zone.   Virtually everyone they know has a parent serving; every kid in our neighborhood, every kid at their school, and most of their Girl Scout friends are Army Brats.  That immersion has been a blessing.

This photo was taken a few months after we moved here.

This photo was taken a few months after we moved here.

We spent today clearing out their rooms.  While cleaning her closet, Moo asked me, “I wonder what it will be like when I’m the new person at school?”  I told her, “It’ll be great.  You know how you are when you get a new student.  You want to know all about them and get to know them better.  You’ll be that girl.  The new girl!”  I smiled. She smiled.

When we started on the dolls, Moo wanted to throw out her big LaLaLoopsy.  I stopped her.  I asked her to reconsider, since maybe when she got new friends, they might not have the little ones.  What if they only have big ones and want to play?  She seemed delighted at the idea, and even told her daddy why she was keeping it.

When Moo’s room was all done, nearly barren, I found her weeping behind her door.
“What’s the matter?”  I hugged her.
“I don’t know why.  I just started cryin like this.”
I wanted to welcome her to womanhood, cryin without knowin why, bless her heart.  Instead, I told her it’s just stress.  Moving is big.  Can be happy, can be sad, can be busy, excited, nervous.  I hugged her again.

To her, this is the first move she’s aware of.  She’s letting go of the only place she’s ever known as a home.  She’s had dozens of friends move away from her, but she’s never been the one to move away from friends.

“It’ll be great.”  I hugged her again.
“Wherever we go, I’ll make it a home.  All your things will be there, just like this house.  When we moved in here, it was just a stupid empty house with everything white, but I made it a home.  Where we live is home.  Where we are all together is home.”

I told The Mister about her weepy moment, so he went in there and talked to her, too.  He explained we’re about to embark on an adventure.  He told her how there would be some new and exciting things on the horizon.  He hugged her s’more.

I didn’t expect this from Moo.  If at all, I would expect it from Sassy, who is far more sentimental and often sensitive about goodbyes.
I anticipate Moo needing to sleep with her sister, or on our bedroom floor. I’m not sure she’ll be able to sleep in her rather empty room. No curtains or wall decals, no pictures on the walls — the room she built over the last seven years has been reduced to a rather joyless white space.

When the stress of moving and transition passes, I think she’ll be tickled to get a new space, nervous the first day of school, and thrilled to make new friends that maybe don’t all move every two to three years.
Until then, lotsa hugs. *nods*

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