Romance Is What You Make It

I wanted to write yesterday, but our internet went down in the afternoon.  Ironically, it went out as I was explaining to my father that virtually everything is online now.  I tried to explain that I love my internet like he loves his television.   Strangely, while the internet was out, we watched four hours of television.  It was kinda weird, and I kinda liked it.  *giggles*

Despite my Valentine’s Day post, I did leave The Mister a card to find when he woke up yesterday.  But, honest-to-goodness, I do that on Not Valentine’s Day as well.   Now and again, I’ll make the girls a lunch and tuck in a note, too.  I got them traditional chocolates in heart-shaped red cellophane boxes, because I thought valentines that would be consumed would mean less to pack next month.  *winks*
They were positively delighted, because they couldn’t possibly get enough candy, even though they had already come home with blue tongues, red fingers and chocolate mustaches.

Later in the day, The Mister, probably due to societal pressure, texted me to say he was en route, and told me to have everyone dressed to go out.
Well, I just had to put my father on hold and text back, “What? Why? It’s a holiday!”
You never know with The Mister, because although he is a lot like Grumpy Cat, he does experience rare moments of holiday cheer.


He replied with an okay, which was good, because the girls were into some serious outdoor play, what with the sugar and all, and I was far from presentable.
“I’m sure he was tryin to do me a favor with that bit, but I’d rather cook than deal with  my hair,” I told my father.

Instead of dressing up and fighting the crowds for a meal out, the girls continued outdoor play, The Mister took a big, fat nap, and I cooked us up some vittles while chatting to my father.

Today, however, I woke the girls, helped Moo choose what to wear and promptly went back to sleep.  The Mister drove the girls to school, ran a few errands, and brought me home a Starbucks.
This afternoon, we ran more errands.  He carried my parcels into the post office.  We had a lovely lunch, just us two.  There were no crowds.  We held hands across the table.   I had two Long Island iced teas.  He agreed to drive me to the grocery later.  He shared his fries.

Romance is what you make it, y’all.

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3 Responses to Romance Is What You Make It

  1. baldjake70 says:

    Romance saved for one day a year is not romance. It is the little things done throughout the year that are special. I love you Baby!


  2. Matt Roberts says:

    Man, this is great! I already told you that you two are one of my favorite couples, and this is why! Thanks for sharing! And baldjake, you couldn’t be more right. I actually lost a friend because of that very opinion. She apparently didn’t think the same way.


  3. meg68 says:

    I agree, it’s the everyday things that make a relationship, and not the big display of wankiness you can come up with on V day.
    I also slipped Fitty a card that read something like this, “To the man who gave me nearly everything….” lol


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