Lure Me Into Spring

Just two days ago, the gray sky spit out snow, and we wore long underwear to soccer.  Today, however, it was warm and sunny.  Before dinner, we took a long and winding stroll around the .. quite a ways.

I wanted to take pictures of the Bradford Pear trees, as threatened promised.

april13 003Well, I’m no photographer.
But I tried.

april13 012Because you aren’t walking through them, under a bright blue sky, on a sunny Spring day, with wind blowin in your hair and the smell of fresh-cut grass underfoot, you can’t really grasp their beauty. To me, “Ooooh!” To you, “Yes, yes, pretty trees.”

Here are two professional pictures I Googled in the hopes that they’ve captured beauty I could not:



I wanted to walk my dog, who hasn’t been on many walks since she arrived at the Palace of Rules, and has since gained a little cheek fat from all the Milanos she’s been.. No,wait,that’s me…Yes, long walks for the dog, mmhm.

I marvel at the length of Spring. Spring should be a process. Every day of Spring should toy with you just a little more than the last.  A bit more green, coupla snowfalls, a few more buds, open the windows, big thunderstorms, suddenly green grass, a hail storm, turn the heat back on, a surprise bulb blooming — that’s the Spring I love. In the South, one day you get up and the azaleas have bloomed. That’s it. A few weeks later, it feels like summer. I am truly a Yankee. I actually want to be taunted and teased into Spring. (And every other season, for that matter.)

On our walk, the girls delighted in the abundance of soft, green grass.  They climbed up a hill, covered with thick mounds of it, still uncut, and rolled down, woo-hooing all the way. After that, Moo announced, “I love Indiana!”

I wanted to fashion a dandelion crown for Moo.

You know, people loathe dandelions in their yards, but I think they’re simply gorgeous in a field.

Moo was more than happy to help me pick the longest, thinnest dandelions she could find, but once the crown was assembled, she didn’t seem as pleased as I was at her age. (Or maybe even as pleased as I am now.)

april13 018

Moo wore it, I wore it, the dog wore it, and yes, even The Mister wore it.








dandelion king

He’s a good sport. I think he looks rather imperial. I realize I’m biased.

Twas a lovely evening.

Sposta rain tomorrow. I love the rain. Ah, It’s so good to be home!

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11 Responses to Lure Me Into Spring

  1. meg68 says:

    I know I’m entering the hugely emotional mess that is menopause, but I actually have a tear in my eye, because I love the passion with which you love your home.
    I too am in love with my home. It’s such a simple thing, being in the right place.


  2. Sherry says:

    This is our first spring in New Mexico. Since we live so far south and in the desert, spring is weird. April is the month of winds. I can’t remember the last time it rained. It was sometime in January I think, maybe February, but rain here often is for 15 minutes. I’m becoming more and more intrigued with your stories. No I’m not a stalker. I’ll have to read back and see where you came from and so forth. Best to ya! Joey? is that your name?


  3. Alice says:

    Oh, the trees are beautiful. My trees are white too–with snow. I love dandelions. And your first lines are a true poem.


  4. meANXIETYme says:

    We have lovely looking springs here, too, but our trees are pink! I think you did a great job taking photographs of your white pear trees.


  5. Wow! Lovely post and amazing photos! Love the 4th and dandelions photos! 🙂


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