Random Monday Sure was Dandy

Confession: I am so happy not to be in Georgia to be “home,” that every day, when I go outside, I’m overcome with beauty and gratitude. I often find myself humming to the tune of my earworm, “This is the day that the Lord hath made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.”
And that says a lot for me and my attitude about life, cause I’m not a Christian, and I am living with my in-laws…
But every day, there’s a breeze. I watch the breeze beat and dance its way through the Maple trees. Every day, there is green grass to walk in. Every day, I see birds eating and bathing. I hear them chirping and squawking, and I delight in it.  The rosy finches are building a nest on the front porch. It’s precious.


All that being said, yesterday was more fantastic than a usual day!
I know it was only Random Monday, but sometimes life is like that.

First, after nearly three months of living here, The Mister finally installed our shower heads in the tubs. I can rinse my hair thoroughly in under five minutes again. It’s the small things, People!

Second, The Mister finally faxed some important paperwork. This means I have one less thing to worry about, and I appreciate not worrying.

Third, our bank now allows for depositing checks via the phone camera. Sweet!

And finally, we had a date. Granted, we had a date with three other guys, so it wasn’t THAT kinda date…but I know it was a date, because we had a babysitter, we met at a pub, and I wore red lips and kick-ass shoes.
Downtown dinner with four men? Yes, please! (Okay, so my husband is the only straight one, so it maybe wasn’t as exciting as I’ve led you to think, but it was exciting to me!)
They’ve known us since we were children, Mr. Hill most notably, having previously been our Youth Leader, and we hadn’t seen them in about eight years, so we had quite a bit of catching up to do.

You know what I love about seeing old friends after long stretches of time? The hugs, of course, and the part where they, perhaps accidentally, pay you mind-blowing compliments. Okay, okay, I look the same as I did eight years ago. What can I say? I’ve got good genes. I really can’t much take credit for that. But I’ll take the personal stuff, like how it’s a good thing that I will take The Mister head-on and tell him how it is, kick in the pants and all that.
“Thank you,” I said sincerely, and wanted another hug. “I don’t know how else to be.”
“Well, you were like that at fifteen.”

Yes. Yes, I was. And it frightened many adults, as it still does, but it’s who I am, and I like that part of myself, and it is treated like a fault, when really all of our faults are also our strengths, and I could be wrong, but it seems like it’s only a fault in women, being opinionated and vocal…
That makes Mr. Hill a wonderful feminist, doesn’t it?
I think so.
Additionally, having The Mister agree that I challenge him, and he needs that — that was phenomenal.

guinnessIt did not hurt that since The Mister drove, I got to drink, after three long months of abstention. Scotch eggs, fish n’ chips, and two pints of Guinness, thank you very much! I also sampled some sorta local dark brew, which I liked, but after three months of suffering, pretty much nothin could keep me from what I wanted!


Also? This.

This is Dancing Ann. She dances while you wait for the Walk signal. She is fabulous, and I love her.

And Also? This.
















Kurt Vonnegut mural. Awesome.

What a joyful day Random Monday was. *grins*

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3 Responses to Random Monday Sure was Dandy

  1. Sherry says:

    there can be great satisfaction at the end of a day well lived. I stop and remind myself as often as possible how incredibly blessed I am, usually while driving home after a walk in the desert and a bunch of laps in the pool. I don’t really love doing these things, but gosh I feel blessed that I can and that I’m healthy and married to the right man, and living where I want to. Take every bit of wonder as a gift. I guess you do. Good for you.


  2. ” And that says a lot for me and my attitude about life, cause I’m not a Christian, and I am living with my in-laws”, Well that just made me laugh out loud. I’m glad you got to have a good day, and enjoy a tide of compliments


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