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The Wrath of the Negative

It’s often said that you can tell who your real friends are when you’re down. I’ll agree to that, to a certain extent, but there are other truths in there as well. Like, misery loves company, everyone loves a sad … Continue reading

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Drew Days Approach

Gonna take another trip. Off to see Drew and our nephews. *smiles* I haven’t stayed at Drew’s house since Moo was still in diapers. We usually see her here, at the Palace of Rules, or I have her to my … Continue reading

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How to Drive Me Crazy

I am not directionally challenged. Okay, maybe sometimes, if there are too many doors in a bathroom, I have trouble reconciling which door was my entrance. And maybe I back out of our driveway and hit the television that was … Continue reading

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What I Did Last Night

Yesterday was a tremendously emotional day. Roller coaster. Because, bidding on house:┬áThere is a small child in me that pulls all the toys into her lap, where she clutches them, saying, “Maybe I don’t want your stupid house! Stop tryin … Continue reading

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How to Shoot your House

I can’t keep up with my blog. Or my laundry. Or my nails…Because, house hunting. So, at the risk of being totally lame, I decided I could rant blog about house hunting, even if my nails are now deadly weapons … Continue reading

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You Probably Missed Me

Y’all prolly thought I went to Chicago and never came back. I admit that would’ve been ideal, and we did stay until late Monday, but I’ve been negligent in posting since. It was a phenomenal visit. It always is. Worth … Continue reading

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