EvDaDaDec Featuring Chubby Squirrel

The snow sure is slushy today.
If I owned skis, I would put them on and let the dog drag me around the yard.

Chubby Squirrel came to the door today, and I’m pretty sure he was asking for more corn. Previously, I didn’t believe Moo when she said he had come to the door. I do now. Saw him. Saw him taunting the dog with his tiny fluffiness.


Since the weather turned, the squirrels now consume their cobs in less than a day, whereas before it took about a day and a half.

Yesterday, Chubby Squirrel also sat on the fence outside my bedroom window, where I believe once again, he was asking me for more corn.

I’m out of corncobs now, so if I had skis, I’d put them on and let the dog drag me to the store.

Blogging Every Damn Day December is hard, y’all.

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11 Responses to EvDaDaDec Featuring Chubby Squirrel

  1. Well you’re doing a good job – I’ve read em all πŸ™‚


  2. Sherry says:

    Only half the month to go! Doin’ good!


  3. Matt Roberts says:

    My grandmother used to feed the squirrels. We got this huge tree in our front yard (what type I don’t know, I’m horrible with trees) and it’s always full of squirrels. Her feeding them got to the point that they would come to the door and scratch at it if she missed a feeding. And when she would open the door and go out, they wouldn’t run. They would sit and patiently wait for her to feed them. They’re so cute. I love squirrels.


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